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Found 1 result

  1. Premium ships have some good qualities when you compare them to the tech tree ships that we are forever grinding (and apparently complaining about or praising). They come in their final builds. Some of them have alternate modules (e.g. planes and torps). You can earn extra credits and XP. You can use any same nation captain to train them faster, and there's no retraining cost to move them TO the premium ship, or back to their original ship. The Premium Cammo has an additional 50%-100% XP gain. (Additional premium cammos can also have an economic bonus, but are purchased separately). They have their quirks - whether labeled as "Le Garbage" or "Super Awesome OP," each of them have a place, and now a history, in the game. For the most part, when released, they don't receive a nerf to any part of their stats or consumables over their entire life, but that could change (we got the option to "sell back" three premiums that had their smoke dialed back, for instance). I bought my first premium because I wanted a captain trainer. I bought my second premium because it had a nice history. I bought my third premium because I wanted to play a tier higher than I had actually leveled to. I bought the one after that because it was super fast. I bought the one after the fast boat because it was silly. I imagine that there are a lot of reasons why one would "buy," some pixels, but two of them for me are: I like what is being offered, and I intend to play it; and it supports the game that I love. Having said all that, there are a lot of botes that I haven't purchased, for various reasons - the main one being "Is it fun to play, or will I just be irritated." I need someone else's opinion on how it played for them, to figure out where I might fit in. First - how good am I at the ship class, and the tier that it plays in? I can be a very good at Tier V, but at Tier VIII? Maybe I'm just a potato that needs to work out the boat and the kinks of the maps and the play at that tier. Maybe I don't have any problems at all, but I won't know that until after I buy the ship. This is where the community contributors come in. They get to test drive the boat in the pre-release state, figure out how they have to get the best out of it, and then sort of figure out, how good they are, versus how good the rest of the players are (which is pretty iffy, if you ask me). After the CC's comes the actual players who go "all-in." We call them whales with the deep pockets, but practically speaking, these first adopters show up in games and we get to see how well their new ships perform. We ask in chat. We shoot at them, or ask to Div. Some of these normal players also produce replays that we can watch (which is a nice touch). Eventually, everyone who is interested will grab the ship and that includes me.