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Found 2 results

  1. JFSOC is a community oriented team of veterans focused on teamwork and communication. We are currently seeking active players to join our ranks. Visit our Discord server at https://discord.gg/akm7PX4 and message @recruiter for an interview. To be considered for membership: 1. Have T5 or higher ships. This shows us you are putting in work and will likely be around awhile. New players considered on a referral basis only. 2. Live in North America and play on the NA server. Time zones are important to consider when trying to work as a team. 3. Be a military veteran or at least a big fan of veterans. Couldn't enlist due to medical reasons? We have a waiver for that. (Non-veterans will require a larger voting pool to gain membership) 4. Participate in an initial interview with recruiters and command staff on Discord before your application is approved or an offer is extended to you. (Come play a few games in division with voice com.) Clan Rules 1. Understand that communication is key! (maintain your Discord account and connect regularly) (be on Discord when in game, Quiet Room is for angry or tired solo grinding) 2. Be active and participate! (get that oil and show up for scheduled battles) 3. Be an adult, not a Nazi! (racism and sociopathy have no place here) (we all like a joke, but nobody likes an ice hole) 4. Use Battle Channels appropriately. (Clan Battle channel is for members in Clan Battles, Battle Groups for division play, etc.) 5. NO Political or Religious Discussion!!! NONE!!! Save your angry twits for FaceSpace, this is a gaming server. How we can help! Training for new and experienced players alike. Division play in Random, Scenario Operations, and Clan Battles. Community of (mostly) military veterans active on Discord. Current Clan Benefits: -12% to the post-battle service for ships of all tiers -15% to the cost of researchable ships of all tiers +4% to XP per battle on ships of all tiers +20% to Free XP per battle on ships of all tiers +10% to Commander XP per battle +7% to Coal received
  2. WE ARE ACTIVELY RECRUITING! Come join us for Battle! Please join us on TeamSpeak at saltyroguepirates.teamspeak3.com You can also submit your application on our website at https://saltyroguepirates.enjin.com/ The Salty Rogue Pirates is a community of both casual and serious warship Captains from all Branches of the Armed Services (from Active Duty, Veteran, and Retired). Our clan prides itself on being friendly and accepting, and we are always ready to accept new recruits to [SRP]. So if you are looking for a community to form Divisions, battle in Clan Skirmishes, Clan Wars, attend Training Sessions, and enter Clan Contest & Giveaways to win Doubloons, Premium Time, Flags & Camo, or even Premium Ships, look no further! The following are the General requirements for [SRP] : Mature, Active Players, and a Team Player US Military Any Branch of Service (Retired, Veteran, or Active Duty) OR First Responder (Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, EMS) Retired, Former, or Active), Preferred, but not necessary. Have a working Mic (Headset preferred) and TeamSpeak3 for coms. At least 800 Random Battles A willingness to contribute to the Team. What Salty Rogue Pirates offers: Dedicated TeamSpeak3 Server for Our main communications. Dedicated Website to keep members informed on all Clan activity. A Rank structure that all Members can Advance through. Leadership roles in both Enlisted and Officer ranks. Distinctive Awards, for game play, Clan Achievements and contributions, Special Skill Identifiers for Groups and Skills. Special In-Game Prizes and Awards for Random and Monthly Contest. And much more. Premium Ships also awarded. How to Join Salty Rogue Pirates: Visit our clan website, register an account using your in-game name by clicking on the "Recruitment" tab on the top Menu Bar. THIS IS NOT AN INTERVIEW OR FORMAL APPLICATION. Salty Rogue Pirates Official Website (Recruitment): https://saltyroguepirates.enjin.com/recruitment Join Us on our TeamSpeak3 Server and get to know us. Salty Rogue Pirates TeamSpeak3 Server: saltyroguepirates.teamspeak3.com Once your Game Tags are on, you will be set up on TS3 and the Website. Salty Rogue Pirates encourages all of its members to have fun and engage themselves in an atmosphere of Friendship. We accept all players, as long as they meet the requirements as set forth above. Clan Recruiting Officer(s): CPT_Calico_Jack, gunny_spert If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, contact CPT_Calico_Jack by message In-Game. Thank you for your consideration and hope to meet you all soon.