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Found 3 results

  1. BaronNaro


    Secondary duels are one of the best things in this game.. if you'd like to see a Tier 2 Japanese BB duel feel free to watch below :) WG can.. you like make this a gamemode? no? darn
  2. The Mikasa is one of the few ships in game that is nearly unbeatable! (Kinda). Let me explain. No the Mikasa does not have the best stats and infact most consider it pretty lackluster. However what makes it so much better than the rest is the current state of the game and lack of players knowledge in low tiers. 1. In low tiers everyone rushes. The Mikasa has amazing secondaries, when you get close your essentially dead. The best way to avoid the Mikasa is stay 3.5km or further away. Her main guns are bad, but her secondaries are amazing. 2. The actual good players who play low tiers are more interested in getting kills on the bots that are easy rather then waisting shells slowly hurting the Mikasa. Allowing you to focus on them and save the bots for last. 3. The lack of Mikasa's in game and just the general lack of player knowledge at this tier makes the mikasa a rare site. Many people don't know her advantages and disadvantages. Is the Mikasa for seal clubbers? Absolutely! But even in world of tanks there is no seal clubbers that can achieve these stats.
  3. I recently took a trip to Japan and thanks to time zones I had the opportunity to visit both the first and last preserved battleships on the "same" day. So here are some pics (Mikasa first, then Iowa): The weather was very poor in Yokosuka... I was almost not going to go, but I came here specifically to see the ship, so I'll be damned if I let some water stop me. Hard to actually get a good shot from the front, just stuff in the way... probably why all the usual pics are from the back But muh secondaries I enjoyed seeing the juxtaposition of the old secondary battery to the modern ships in port. Looking back from the forward superstructure... it was so windy at times it felt almost dangerous to go up onto the open decks. Looking forward from the same place... too bad you couldn't go inside the turrets. One of the lower secondary guns. Part of the admiral's quarters at the back of the ship... the door goes to the little deck at the rear. Just so you can compare with the Iowa later... Love the contrast between this secondary battery and the carpet. Unfortunate that you could only tour one deck. I wish I had taken a photo of the equivalent diagram on the Iowa, but it was very big and digital and hard to get a picture of. Oh hai, what's this? Yes. Yesssssssssssss. YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! Weebgasm aside, this was actually my favorite display. They had models of pretty much every IJN class (and almost every individual ship) up to WWII. All the weird flavors of Kuma too. And a B65! Now for the Iowa. Also very hard to get a single short of the whole ship, though more so from the back on this one. Trying to show pictures from the outside in, though this is not how the guided path goes The very back. One thing I noticed is that the deck planking is in much worse shape than that of the Mikasa Bow "This is where a 6" shell made a tiny dent in the turret". 5" battery This was my other favorite part of the display... looking at the mechanism inside the 5" turret. Ammo hoists directly below the turret. On the right is where it comes out of the magazine. Sadly we couldn't see the inside of the main turrets again. 5" battery director Looking up at the superstructure A CIWS mount, but it's fake! A Tomahawk launcher... I don't think it's fake. Harpoon launchers Chaff launchers... these were a lot smaller than I'd have thought. View of the stern from the back of the superstructure View of the bow from the front of the superstructure Command bridge One floor of the conning tower (which is actually very tall in this ship) Galley (one of several though!) A period vending machine! A not-so-period officer cabin. Bathroom More officer quarters... all the doors that look like wood actually appear to be metal with wood paint. Crew bunks I really enjoy looking down the long hallways like this. Some shells I did not know that the powder bags were full of pellets like that This was one of my favorite graphics showing all of the places the Iowa went during all three of her services. Another display I really liked: scale models of the Iowa and Yamato side by side. WoWS has great models of the ships, but makes it difficult for us to view them next to one another. Bonus: I drove by the Queen Mary as well, but did not have time to tour it. Hope y'all enjoy, peace out.