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Found 6 results

  1. Hassan_T

    Midway jets :(

    This is the first line I ever grinded and the only reason i started playing WoWS in the first place. So first they remove the tier X dive bombers, and nerf them to [edited] tier 8 levels. And then they got rid of the f8f bearcats and now theyve gotten rid of the f7f Starfires too. This practically isnt even a tier 10 carrier anymore like wth. Why? Why this overnerf. Im still at the ranger and I like it. I rarely fight hiryus or kagas but when I do they dont give me much trouble except for saipan which is much harder to deal with. Is this line even worth grinding anymore?
  2. Avenge_December_7

    Midway AP or HE Dive Bombers?

    As I'm currently grinding through the Midway modules in co-op (I may be that one guy that likes Pensacola and Emerald, but even I'm not crazy enough to grind a stock tier 10 CV in randoms or ranked), I'm wondering exactly what type of dive bomber should I use? I realize that HE dive bombers are more versatile and can do things like break modules (especially AA modules) and stack DOT, but AP dive bombers can are less affected by AA and can nuke certain AA-heavy ships like Des Moines and Worcester, which HE dive bombers cannot do, not to mention you can sometimes force opponents to choose between using defensive fire on torpedo bombers or AP bombers. Which one is more worthwhile?
  3. Granted CVs are a dying class in the upper tiers and I have been more then vocal advocate for change in the class. After a recent game in the US DM, I can not express my frustration to way people despise the current balance of CV to surface game interaction. Here are the carnage in the pics. Man after this game I hope that Midway driver took a shower sheesh. Again I am not mad at the guy, he did what ever WOWS allows him to do. Wiping out close to 42k in one pass is not only brutal but I think unrealistic even for arcade standards of WOWS. But here is my evidence to the Developers to get a kick laugh at untill the CV rework is done. Later everyone EDIT* We lost the game.
  4. A quote from the WOW post: However, in this historical period, "fire" could be bracketed out because the armaments carried by fighters of the opposing sides were comparable. So, only altitude, speed, and maneuvering remain. Interestingly, "speed" is mentioned in the other two parameters of Pokryshkin's formula. Altitude is the opposite side of speed. By exchanging the kinetic energy of an aircraft for potential energy, we can gain altitude as our speed increases, and vice versa. This "energy exchange" is where the lion's share of combat maneuvering—the third element of the formula— comes from. 1) A6M fighter had no decent weapon for shooting through the armor on a Wildcat, Hellcat, or Corsair armor. They had a light gun and a 20mm cannon with low ROF, velocity, and range. The Us planes carried .50 caliber guns that could rip through armor, pilot, and engine block. You've got to be kidding or fooling yourself about guns. 2) Early on is was found that the US fighters were all faster than the Japanese planes, especially in a climb, so we shot the Japanese planes down on one pass and sped away for altitude if we missed, then came back. US fighters did not get into "dogfights" with Japanese fighters. They also used the scissors maneuver to take advantage of the Zekes.. Hellcats had a 13:1 kill ratio on Zeroes. 3) USA was flying Bearcats and Mustangs from carriers by the end of the war (real airplanes). Not even the alleged A8M could keep up with that. To see 14 Corsairs go up against 15 Japanese fighters with no ships around, and the Corsairs shoot down 1 or 2 while losing all 14 Corsairs is beyond belief. On the wikipedia page for the wildcat: The Japanese ace Saburō Sakai described the Wildcat's capacity to absorb damage:
  5. So I finally achieved my dream of getting USS Midway and its... getting bullied by Hakuryu. Badly. I would probably attribute most of it to a disparity in skill, but I still don't feel equipped to fight 3x Tier X fighter squads in the first place. It feels like they're everywhere in one pack at all times. Spot them on left flank, shift to right, they're there too, waiting for me. And I'm not even stock. I waited to get enough Ship & Free EXP to get all the upgrades I needed (Tier IX F4U-4 and Tier X AP DB), plus the money and gold to retrain my commander and purchase upgrades (Air Group Mod. 1, 2, and 3, plus Concealment Mod) Also Worchester seems a little broken to me. This thing vaporizes full squads from what seems like 6-7 km out. Like erases them. Instantly. I'll keep at the grind, but during the meantime, what's the best way of going at it vs a Hakuryu? What's my strategy? Because what I'm trying now clearly isn't working.
  6. There are many CV players regard their planes as their weapons and their lives. Without Planes, CVs are useless. So maybe planes HP should be counted towards CV total HP? For e.g. if a CV is deplaned, his HP should be lower compared to a CV that is full of planes and each plane kill is also counted towards the DMG number one received when shooting down the planes. There are too many matches where one side lost just because they can't kill the CV in time. This fix will both rewards more for shooting down planes, plus, make CV survivablity more on-par with other ships in the game. Thought?