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Found 1 result

  1. Before the CV rework, the T10 torpedo bombers had a different model or skin, not sure which - they had a yellow ring painted on the leading edge of the cowl, and a few other different markings. Then the T8 TBs were added to the Midway, and after the CV rework, the BTDs returned as not only the torpedo bombers but the dive bombers as well, the dive bombers having a different skin or model in which they had a red ring painted around the cowl or engine radial. Awesome model, but I immediately noticed and was lowkey bothered by the fact that the torpedo planes now look identical to the dive bombers on deck, and when I look at her in port now I cant help but to think how nice it would be to do a skin or model switch to get the old yellownosed torpedo bombers back. They would look awesome, especially behind the rednosed BTDs. Below are photos, after rework and before. I appreciate your time!