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Found 1 result

  1. My First Tier 10

    Well, looks like I finally made it! Snuck it in just hours before I hit my 1 year anniversary of playing the game for real, I finally got the tier 10 cruiser, Des Moines! And to emphasize this occasion, instead of a long drawn out brag and life story, I decided a song would be better. Because what the hell is the point of a brag thread if your brag is the same as everyone else? That is just uneventful. So, to the tune of Cecilia and the Satellite (because that is a good song and you know it): (custom lyrics are below) And no brag thread is complete without the pictures, so in the order they appear in the song which is the order of acquisition I ended up taking, here we go: Ok, rest of the stuff I think my threat should include since I got one shot at this: Best Moment: Pensacola in ranked. I really don't get still to this day why people hated tier 7 ranked, but to each there own. Worst Moment: Every game in Omaha. Please wargaming in the name of god fix this ship! And throw a bone to Emerald as well these 2 both need help badly. Highest Damage: 130k in New Orleans. I had a 139k game in Atago but I discredit it as legit cause the damage number came from someone insisting on ramming me, and in my book ramming is not legitimate unless it is bow on to bow on, so meh. Highest Number of Kills: Kraken in St. Louis. Yes, we all seal club a little here and there, mine just happened to come with a trophy one time. If I had to do something differently: Had a better tutorial to teach me actual USN cruiser mechanics. Would have been nice to know about auto-bounce before I started on Pensacola. Most Underestimated Thing About The Line: Pensacola. For real, it is not a ship that you can run around in and flank the enemy in with continuous kiting, it requires more bow-on tanking. And yes, I hope you get hit in the cit every time you go broadside in her, I think it was clear at tier 2 that if you go broadside you eat dirt. If you could change one thing: Give the USN cruisers some more respectable secondaries that have more damage-per-shell and a faster reload. The USN is the only line without torpedoes, and if you find your flank collapsed and you have to retreat, a little tool to help keep the DD's away would be nice. If you had to nerf one thing: Knock the AA down just a really small smidge. Like, maybe 2-3 dps per gun. IDK I felt like this was an important thing to reflect on and so I did. What, some days you got to be a mirror! Thoughts on the new line split: I am going to miss these guys at the tiers they are at, I really am. In some way, I feel like I have to say goodbye to them, because when I wake up the next day, they are not going to play the same. What are my current plans? Get Missouri - I am saving up every single bit of free Xp for it, so yeah, I am going to get it the hard way. Finish the other cruiser lines - Cruiser for life man, but USN first. Now that it is out of the way, got to cross some more finish lines Mid-Ship crisis - Right now I am just taking a bit of a break, cause why not? I just crossed the finish line dude, I need to rest. Anyway, this has been my un-eventful brag thread. Feel free to speak your mind on it. Edit: Cause I want to show the world that I am a USN cruiser player: Yes, they are all in my port. And I plan on getting Marblehead and going through ranked for Flint, and crossing any other bridge that I must to obtain every single USN cruiser that I can.