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Found 4 results

  1. Please. please get rid of the mercy rule in Co-op games. It's hard enough to grind through co-op as it is, and when the game ends with three red ships still on the map, it makes it very frustrating. Put this on top of the current PR grind, and the game gets very frustrating!
  2. I'm just sooooooo OUTRAGED! Why does everybody else get sooooo LUCKY? Where are MY MERCY RULE SHORTENED BATTLES? Yeah. Ran 6 in the Smolensk and 3 in the Enterprise and completed 4 of the missions and about 80 % of two others that will allow me to get the six required for the Token dump. I had a mix of teammates, one match where I was the only human, to two matches where it was all humans on my team. There was some extreme salt from a Fletcher on a team that had 4 human DD's, claiming that his match was "ruined" by MM and that his first win 50% was "wasted" because he only got 13k damage. Entitlement is an attitude, not a racial prerogative, something the world might see if they ever spent some time on introspection instead of reactive venting. Also, YES I am aware that 9 battles are a small sample size for all the statistics Nazis out there. This isn't a serious thread in case your penchant for corrective math analysis starts kicking in.
  3. I suggest that for co op teams should be 12 v 12 and there be only 1 victory condition and only 1. The winner is the team that eliminates all of the opponents before time expires. For the human team if any enemy ship is surviving when time expires the human team loses. There will be no points for ships nor any capture objectives. Sink them all is the only way to win. That gives every human player the opportunity to maximize their damage done XP and eliminates the battle ending quickly due to any so called 'Mercy Rule'! This could also be an addition to Random Mode Standard and Domination battles. After all this is what the No Mercy Rule proponents want. A situation where the battle will not end early with XP to be gained still available and to always win barring the exceptionally IDIOTIC play we witness regularly on the part of some humans. With this method the only ways for the Bot opponents to win is to destroy all of the human team ships (quite possible) or for the human team to fail in destroying all of the Bot opponents in 20 minutes. Should anyone object to this then they obviously do not care about whether the so called 'Mercy Rule' is removed or not. I seriously doubt that any No Mercy Rule proponent would be among those objecting. In closing this is not intended to replace the current co op battle format, but rather to provide a format for those who only want to destroy targets with impunity.
  4. With the anticipated influx of everyone into PvE this weekend for Naval Battles, perhaps we can collectively plead with WoWs to get rid of the mercy rule in Co-Op so we can kill every ship in every battle and get as much damage as possible. Battles ending with one or two enemy ships left when their score drops to zero is unnecessary, frustrating, and TOXIC TO FUN.