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Found 2 results

  1. Back in late 2015 when I first started stories of the legendary Torpedo Alley came to my attention as I worked my way up from Tier 1 through to 4 at the time I was focusing on Coop. Reading the chat in game and the posts on the website forum about knife fights with your DD's and the famous Big Race map, sure there were other maps that had there fare share of notoriety for knife fights, but heading into The Alley was a Test of Character and Trial of Strength. My early experience was in Coop but the BOTS were not really the adversaries up to the challenge. When I finally went into Random mode and landed in Big Race the moment had arrived and it could be brutal at times players in Tier 3, 4 and 5's depending on Tier match immediately charge the channel in a frontal attack in there DD's against there opposite numbers like a fixed bayonet charge while some would move into ambush position behind islands sweep out and fire and if you were lucky strike hard if not you then the ensuing circling battle would happen. Many a newbie perished time and time again including me as our ships were smashed to pieces remorselessly. The carnage and bloodbaths that sometimes ensued as players had there metal tested, GLORIOUS !!!!!! True even in the higher tiers back then the knife fight was king of destroyers battle sailing around firing guns waiting for your tubes to load hoping to dodge your enemies spread and get the kill shot. Nowadays Destroyer game play is stealth attack with " torpedo reload booster " radar, RDF , fire from 20 k because of flame throwing cruisers, hide in smoke and hydro. The knife fight is around but its a dying art we never used this modern crap like hydro just your eyes to save you, it was cold steel, kill or be killed GLORY DAYS LONG LIVE TORPEDO ALLEY
  2. Yes remembering the time when I first came to the forums and some one would ask a question or put in a suggestion about ships being in the game and boy were some of these people given a roast on occasion, I even posted a meme / GIF or two myself as time went by. But how times have changed when I think back on it. From this People would post this and say " How would underwater battles work and what would they look like in the game to those who dared ask the question. And now we have this Yep times have changed.