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Found 12 results

  1. Buff_Fire_DMG


    I've been tired and sick recently, so this video is rather short and not my best. Nevertheless, I hope you can get some enjoyment out of it :)
  2. I hope you all enjoy this little thing I made.
  3. Buff_Fire_DMG


    It's been quite a while...but I'd like to present what is probably my best video to date.
  4. Buff_Fire_DMG

    The Tashkent Experience

    Hope you enjoy this video I made as much as I enjoy the Blue Cruiser.
  5. Buff_Fire_DMG

    The Lenin

    Here's the first video I've done completely with gameplay from my NA account, I hope you enjoy:
  6. Speedran this in 2 days, but still probably my best work. Hope you all enjoy!
  7. Buff_Fire_DMG

    The Hyuga Experience

    I have been meaning to finish this for a while now. I hope you enjoy.
  8. BaronNaro


    Looking for Shokaku memes or want to see what it's capable of? Feel free to watch the video below!
  9. WG has made the Worcester a trash by nurfing her radar to pethetic 9km. Then the CV rework made her renown AA completely garbage. Now that we had range & spotter Des Moines from Yuro, it is the time to apply the same meme to Worcester as well. Let's light everything on FIRE from 18km away.
  10. so after reading the patch notes for the upcoming patch i have noticed that the moskva is receiving a buff i mean what was wargaming thinking on this one