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Found 26 results

  1. KAG_DubFarmerNo_69

    Smolensk Remastered

    Last video before my exams, I hope you all enjoy.
  2. Was playing scenarios this morning with some clan-mates and one of my friends declared, quite seriously, that the bots are cheating. The bots, he claims, are using aim bots. I for one appreciate the higher difficulty but we all had a laugh at ourselves complaining: "it's too easy, it's too hard. why can't wg just give us what we wahnt!!??"
  3. Yamato class ships burn so nicely…
  4. KAG_DubFarmerNo_69

    The Plymouth Experience

    Haven't posted in a while, hopefully this makes up for it.
  5. KAG_DubFarmerNo_69

    A Saipan Guide

    Meant as a meme, but if you are looking to learn about or play Saipan will be worth a watch :)
  6. KAG_DubFarmerNo_69

    The Gascogne Experience

    AL's best girl ladies and gentlemen
  7. KAG_DubFarmerNo_69

    The Forrest Sherman Experience

    I haven't made a video in ages, hopefully this can redeem that.
  8. KAG_DubFarmerNo_69

    The Vanguard Experience

    Don't think this ship gets enough love or recognition, so I made a video about it.
  9. KAG_DubFarmerNo_69

    The Viribus Unitis

    Tried the 'How To' style of video, hope you all enjoy.
  10. KAG_DubFarmerNo_69


    Probably my best work yet, I hope you all enjoy.
  11. KAG_DubFarmerNo_69

    Well, the Chkalov

    I haven't uploaded in ages and I apologise for that, I've gotten busy quite recently and as a result the video is a bit below my quality threshold. Hope you enjoy, nevertheless
  12. KAG_DubFarmerNo_69

    Graf Zeppelin- Underrated

    My take on Graf Zeppelin.
  13. KAG_DubFarmerNo_69

    The Alexander Nevsky Experience

    I hope you all enjoy this little thing I made.
  14. KAG_DubFarmerNo_69


    It's been quite a while...but I'd like to present what is probably my best video to date.
  15. KAG_DubFarmerNo_69

    The Tashkent Experience

    Hope you enjoy this video I made as much as I enjoy the Blue Cruiser.
  16. KAG_DubFarmerNo_69

    The Lenin

    Here's the first video I've done completely with gameplay from my NA account, I hope you enjoy:
  17. KAG_DubFarmerNo_69

    The Only Way to Play Shimakaze

    Speedran this in 2 days, but still probably my best work. Hope you all enjoy!
  18. KAG_DubFarmerNo_69

    The Hyuga Experience

    I have been meaning to finish this for a while now. I hope you enjoy.
  19. BaronNaro


    Looking for Shokaku memes or want to see what it's capable of? Feel free to watch the video below!
  20. WG has made the Worcester a trash by nurfing her radar to pethetic 9km. Then the CV rework made her renown AA completely garbage. Now that we had range & spotter Des Moines from Yuro, it is the time to apply the same meme to Worcester as well. Let's light everything on FIRE from 18km away.