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Found 1 result

  1. FirstDayAdmiral

    Let's meet in the middle

    So my next segment I'm doing for my website is actually doing blog-style interviews which will be posted directly to the website and shared via all socials. This will be on the website as long as its in existence. Which I paid for at least a full year ;) lol I figured it would look similar to this, NAME- Battles fought - Clan - Played since - Favorite class - total number of ships collected - Description of your best match or youtube link. Twitch/Twitter/Facebook social links will be posted if applicable etc etc I will build a more professional look of course but in the future when I get the ball rolling on this, I was thinking of also doing giveaways. I told you guys I'm not a bad dude. I heard your thoughts and I am meeting you here in the middle with my hand out. Let's work together. You want to reshape my thought process, then critique my play, provide true guidance as a leader and not a shamer, I will grow, you will get the cudos and we all win. WG gets happy members and tons of content and each member will get to share their opinions of course. Remember, I do this for free. When I post your links there's never a charge. So if you're a new streamer or even seasoned, it's worth the investment to ride my passion on this firstdayadmiral project. Everybody wins.