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Found 1 result

  1. Sea_Jotun

    Mega Santa Madness

    Thrilled as everyone else was about the Holiday Dockyard, Snowflake and Santa Crates. I was angry as hel surrounding the Puerto Rico! Looking down the list of ships that can drop this year, I started to get excited "Hey! I have every ship on the list but a few!" So to start I bought 8 Mega Santa's about $34 us. A Super Container was waiting... Marblehead Lima lol but there it was. Next 2 2k dubs and Leviathan flags. SUPER CONTAINER!! Gremy, cool been wanting her, next SUPER CONTAINER: Belfast omg what a drop. So excited. The rest were signals and camos. So I dropped enough to get 3 more Mega Santa's... SUPER CONTAINER: Benham!! F'n awesome!!. Next 2k dubs. Then it happened Mighty Mo in a Super Container. I was ecstatic. USS Missouri on Christmas Day Happy Christmas to me. So I started thinking again how much Puerto Rico costs and reflecting back on approx $60 for all of the ships I just got. I went ahead and bought Thunderer from the Armory seeing how I had a coupon and 3 more Mega Santa's. Awesome enough. Kamikaze and Fujin dropped. No I think I made the correct decision to invest in Mega Santa containers than the Boosters for Puerto Rico.