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Found 9 results

  1. Cpt_Roberta_Morgan

    Supercarrier Mechanics

    Hi all, Let me preface by saying I understand the ships in question USS United States and HMS Eagle are still in testing and are not representative of the final product that Wargaming intends to release in the near future. That said, I had the misfortune of seeing these two supercarriers while in my HSF Musashi, and after watching them play I had a couple of questions: 1) Tactical Squadrons (specifically F9F Panther) don't strafe before a rocket attack. This doesn't make sense, considering that almost every CV was changed in recent reworks to have a gun strafing pattern before launching rockets for what I can only assume is to give the target a chance to dodge the incoming strike. To have a supercarrier that is capable of just ignoring this mechanic, despite the fact that it only has two rockets per plane and two planes in a squadron is still very questionable and begs the question of why we are not giving the CV's equal treatment with their squadrons. Why should a supership have an exception to the rules? Is this supposed to be a reward for players who have earned the ship, that "now that you've earned a supership you no longer have to follow conventional game mechanics?" 2) Squadrons don't launch from catapults (???) Now I don't own one of these ships so maybe it looks different client-side, but I noticed the United States launching dive bombers with rocket-assisted take-off. Now, this is a minor gripe but if you're going to spend all that time modeling such a beautiful ship why can't you at least follow the design as it was intended? Norman Friedman's book, "U.S. Aircraft Carriers: An Illustrated Design History," he describes the concept of the USS United States having four catapults - two on the bow and two on the outer edge so the ship could launch and recover aircraft simultaneously. This works very much like the USN carriers we have today, such as Kitty Hawk, Forrestal, Nimitz class, etc. Essentially, why would WG go to the lengths of modeling a modern ship if they forgot some of the most crucial technology for the ship? None of the US planes need rocket assistance. AJ Savage was modified to be launched from steam catapults and did serve on USS Midway and others in the Cold War, the same is true of F9F Panther. Why is WG so lazy? Friedman, Norman (1983). U.S. Aircraft Carriers: An Illustrated Design History. Annapolis, Maryland: Naval Institute Press. ISBN 978-0-87021-739-5. 3) HMS Eagle R05 has the wrong planes R05 HMS Eagle which is what I assume they did for supercarrier Eagle is literally just an Audacious. From what I can gather, over the course of her service history, she carried everything from Fairey Firefly to Blackburn Buccaneer and helicopters like the Sea King and Wessex. As near I can tell, the largest tactical strike bomber she ever carried was the Supermarine Scimitar which could carry four one-thousand pound bombs on external hardpoints. And this would be a good enough solution to a very uncomplicated problem... So why is she fitted with English Electric Canberras? Not only is Canberra incapable of taking off with a full payload from HMS Eagle due to the stress on the catapult and arresting gear (and the landing gear of the plane itself), but it is a completely unnecessary addition to an otherwise capable ship. Not only that, but where the United States gets a single AJ Savage with two torpedoes, Eagle gets two Canberras that drop six one-thousand pound bombs each. This means in theory that if the Eagle lines up her run she can set up to four fires simultaneously on a battleship if they don't have fire prevention spec'ed. Theoretically, Eagle can probably do more damage than the United States provided she doesn't run out of aircraft before the battle ends. For those of you who made it this far, thanks for sticking around - I know this is a big block of text to chew on but I just want to try and make sense of what I have seen with these new supercarriers. I had some high hopes when I heard these ships were coming but so far it has been disappointing and I'm not looking forward to their official release if they ship as they currently are. Keep 'Em Flying! Roberta Morgan
  2. Tank_Grrl

    Noob questions

    I've been playing for about 3 weeks since Amazon Prime gave me some free WoWS perks "worth $75", haha. I've been having fun but there are so many questions. I've done a bunch of research and have learned a lot, but some best practices strategy/mechanics type questions still persist. I'm level 14 and would rather grind than spend real money, but I need advice on spending/using my current resources wisely. I hesitate to expend them now, when I might not know about some better use for them. 1. Is there any reason not to sell stock modules? 2. I think it's recommended to keep a commander for each country's ship type (e.g. Germain Cruisers) and train them up the tech tree, not getting free commanders with every ship purchase and not cross training them across different types (except rented subs, I guess?). Is that correct? 3. If I assign a commander from Ship A to Ship B and train them, and then move them back to Ship A, do I need to retrain them (besides submarines, which are always free)? 4. Can I only purchases ship slots by using doubloons? (I've seen one mission where I can win 1 slot, but that doesn't seem like a long term plan). I've won a few doubloons (I have 725), but it seems like this would require real money to keep moving up the tiers, unless I sell ships and don't buy slots. Which brings me to... 5. Should I always sell my lower tier ships as I move up the tech tree? I see how to sell modules and upgrades in Inventory. How do I sell ships? Other than nostalgia or a personal connection, is there any reason to keep lower tier ships? Is there some sweet spot at tier 6 or 8 or something? 6. I've seen a few pink ships. How do you become a pink violator? How does one clear that if it's a bad thing? 7. I have a few Community tokens (650) and Star tokens (100). What's the best way to use them? I don't want to spend resources on cosmetic stuff if they can be used to get practical stuff. 8. Should I use my economic signals and camouflages now, early on, on lower tier ships, in co-op battles, or save them for when I get to higher tier ships or different battle types where their multiplying power will be higher? Recommendations? 9. When given a choice of container to get, should I always choose resource containers? I've seen it mentioned that coal is super valuable. I have 34,000 coal and 60 steel. What's the best way to use it? 10. In what scenario would someone spend doubloons to convert Ship XP to Free XP? Aren't doubloons a much more premium currency? Is Free XP only used if you don't have enough Ship XP to buy ships and modules? As an F2P player, if I have Ship XP from a premium/special/elite ship that can't be used, isn't it better to save the doubloons and grind the Ship XP that you need, rather than pay to convert it? 11. Can I control the anti-aircraft guns or are they all automatic (I've been able to launch a plane or 2 for defense from some ships, and I don't have an aircraft carrier yet)? So many more, but that's enough for now, haha! Thanks for any help!
  3. Man, there's really nothing like a one point captain skill that "may be activated"... or maybe not! Roll the dice! Everything is now a gamble. Soon, modules and signal flags will also come with their own "maybe" conditions. Did WG go down to the horse track and hire some bookies to develop this game? How many millions of dollars were spent on decorating the sea floor? (Great job, btw, but Jacques Cousteau did a better job.) Really man, there's nothing like getting paid handsomely for recycling the same sub mechanics from Round 2 of testing back in 2019. Oxygen Meter Dive Capacity Emergency Blow Dive Depletion Etc, etc, etc. Etc, etc, etc. Back to the future: From Fall of 2019 -- or is it from 2021? Who really knows? In WoW, it's all relative.
  4. So I am wondering how the auction house can exist. This is definitely gambling. You have a set minimum bid and you are not told what the maximum bid is. So whatever you bid is just blind. How does the auction house not go against EU gambling laws. Yes you do use in game currency to buy it, but the prices at which the items in the Auction House will go for will definitely surpass what one might earn from the game. People are definitely going to spend money and because it is blind bidding, it is gambling.
  5. Please note before reading: I understand that this idea may be a but controversial, and I understand that this mechanic will most likely not be implemented. It is just a proposal, so please do not go typing how “this will never be implemented, and cvs are cancer and should be removed.” If you agree to the notice then feel free to move on, if not then I can’t help you. Context: In world war 2, bombs of all kinds were made and used during the many battles both at sea and on land. In WOWS, bombs can ONLY cause damage if they directly hit the target ship. In real life however, in the case of such ships as Yamato and Musashi, bombs could cause damage to a ship even if they didn’t directly hit the vessel. (Even on the wrecks of both ships there is evidence of damage cause by “near misses” where bombs exploded in the water and still caused damage to the ship below the waterline.) What I want to propose is a mechanic where when a carrier’s planes bomb a ship or shoot missiles at a ship, then they have a 1 in 8 chance to cause damage to a ship through near misses. Also, the near miss has a 1 in 20 chance to cause flooding to a ship if the damage is enough. (These numbers are just a temporary value and can be changed if needed, which they most likely will.) As for missiles, they could have a lesser chance to cause damage from near misses. For example, a bomb would have a 1 in 8 chance with a 1 in 20 percent chance for a near miss to cause flooding, while a missile would have a 1 in 10 chance with no chance of the near miss to cause flooding. (Again these values can be changed if they aren’t random enough or could occur too often.) Another thing, each bomb that doesn’t hit the target has its own individual change to cause a near miss, and if needed, the chance of causing damage from a near miss can decrease the further from the target ship a bomb hits. What do you think of my proposal? Do you like it or hate it? Check Yay if you agree, Nay if you don’t, and Meh if you think that there are some changes that could make it better! I’d also love to see a comment explaining why you agree, disagree, or stating what changes you’d like to see! (ALSO please be kind! Remember, Fish are Friends, Not Food!!! 😉)
  6. Just was wonder if other players besides some of my Clan mates have been seeing shells hit a target either 1. Not register ie Broadside ships 2. Damage done to ships seems different compared to what it used to be ie non saturated ship or section 3. What used to be a citadel shot ie second turret on certain BBs is an overpen? 4. Overpenning more frequently ( this one is just an observation not really an issue) I know about the AP mechanics which I understand just wanted to hear from others if they have been having the same issues. Im going to try to run the client without Mods to see if that may be the cause.
  7. Hey everyone! As I progress further in the game I have some questions about mechanics. I've done some reading on the forums but a lot of the posts on the subject are old and in some cases I don't fully understand them. Just wondering if someone can offer some advice/clarification and/or check my understanding is correct. Sigma: a value not shown in the game's ship stats the determines how likely shells/salvos are to land towards the middle of the dispersion circle/ellipse. If we think of horizontal dispersion (shown in-game) as the x axis and vertical dispersion (estimated based on shell speed and firing arc) as the y axis, this shows how likely a shell is to land in the middle of that ellipse vs towards the edges. This concept I feel like I have a fairly good grasp of. Angling: I understand that you want to angle your ship. The simple part of this is that by angling yourself towards/away from incoming fire you make yourself a thinner target and reduce the exposure of your broadside, making your ship harder to hit. This makes the wider dispersion of larger enemy ships like BB's work more in your favour. Where things start to get hairy is.... Autobounce angle: I understand that shells fired from a narrow angle are more likely to ricochet. If we call the bow 0°, what exactly defines a narrow angle? Something like +/-15-30°? What is this mythical autobounce angle where every shell that hits you will supposedly ricochet, and what are some tips to put this to practical use when playing? Is there something in the user interface to help with this? I've found I can occasionally bounce shells, but want to know how to do it predictably and repeatably. Overmatch: As I understand it this is related to autobounce but I don't fully understand the relationship. From what I can tell it seems to be that really large guns (like many BB guns) can penetrate clean through thin armour (like bow armour on a CA) without arming, then arm when they hit the citadel armour, fully penetrate the citadel armour, and then get citadel hits. I've heard this is why you don't want to drive straight at anything with big guns, because these shots hit your deck/bow armour and go right through, but I don't know if that's true. Can I somehow use angling to stop these hits? If so how, and what's the relation to the autobounce angle? On the flip side, if I'm driving a BB how do I know when I can overmatch another ship? For context, I'm mostly a DD and CL/CA player and have decent situational awareness so I've found at lower tiers (III-VI) I can often go dark and kite my way out of trouble. At higher tiers not so much, and as I experiment with KM BB's this becomes even more evident. In the BB's I find I'm taking a lot of pen damage even if the turtleback saves me from citadels. It seems I'm either lagging behind and as a result causing little damage, or that I get focus-fired and eat a bunch of pen and fire damage when I push forward to try to get in the action and make myself useful. Any help/advice/clarification is greatly appreciated!
  8. This has bothered me for a while, but it took a long time for me to be comfortable sharing my views. In my opinion, giving higher tiered ships access to more Upgrade Slots breaks balance in the current -/+2 matchmaking. High-tier ships already have a massive advantage compared to lower tiers, and this is only exacerbated by having access to more upgrade slots. For example, let's look at IJN Mogami vs. Zao and Upgrade Slot 6. Mogami has 10 guns that fire at a maximum range of 15.7km; Zao has a maximum range of 16.2km stock with 12 guns... plus access to Gun Fire Control System Mod 2, which makes 18.792km. That's a full 3km difference on a ship with more guns, health, and a heal, yet Mogami gets thrown into T10 games more often than not thanks to T8's notoriously poor matchmaking. This makes my Mogami and Atago significantly less fun than they have any right to be and is the main reason I hate playing Tier 8 more than any other tier. Note: I am aware that Ibuki has access to Mod Slot 6, but a single tier of stats isn't enough to break balance even with access to the extra mod. Not nearly as much as being uptiered twice and then suffering from a mod disadvantage, at least. For the most part, I've adopted the cynical view of "Eh, that's just how it is," but since everyone seems to be complaining about something or another, I figure I'd throw another drop into the sea of balance whining.
  9. Commissar_Carl

    HE penetration of 4.5 inch guns

    I am confused as to the HE penetration on the two high tier DDs, Daring and Jutland. If I recall correctly both Notser and Flamu have stated that without IFHE thier guns are incapable of penning other top tier destroyers or the superstructure of larger ships. My question is why? The 4.5 inch guns are in metric 114 mm. With the 1/6 caliber ruler for HE pen, 114/6=19mm of HE pen... which is the same as the plating of all the DD's in their tier and the superstructure of any BB or CA. More than this, with IFHE the guns get a extra 25 percent, so 19/4= 4.75, and added to 19 is 23.75. That shouldn't be enough to cross any armor thresholds, and should make IFHE worthless for these ships as opposed to compulsatory. The only 2 reasons I can think of that this would not be the case are that A) I actually do not understand how HE pen works, or B) Wg is using the technically more accurate caliber of 4.45 inches for the shell, making 113mm so it is barely not enough. However, they advertise it as being 114mm in the dev blog. So, thoughts?