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Found 9 results

  1. I never thought that my first 2 contributions to a game would be in defense of the actual company. I have noticed lately a few YouTubers going out of their way to complain about every aspect of World of Warships. I've seen crying about all ships and mechanics, the direction of the game, etc. As someone who was just coming to the game. I had a great time before going to youtube for help. Literally, every single complaint was not game-breaking as it dramatically is described. When has a player base lost the concept. This is a business that developed a game. Nothing in life is free. But this company offers you to play their game for free. This game has to turn a profit in order to be able to stay in business. They offer various items that you can buy to help make your game more to you're individual liking (You're not forced to buy them). They allow you to choose which country you would like to play and ship type without making you pay or unlock it. The maintenance downtime almost doesn't exist which is unheard of in most games. I could go on. My advice to new players. 1. Youtube content is to be taken with a grain of salt. When you're looking up ship info on youtube, you're more than likely not going to be told that they are running every advantage the game has to offer. They don't want to soften the praise received so typically it's not mentioned. A fact that in particular Youtubers like to leave out is that when the post-match stats hit, they leave out the part of having every flag, hull, mod, camo, captain, etc. You will not have that as a direct example. 2. Games update and change. The content you see from years ago is most likely not still valid or accurate today. 3. Every patch or addition WG brings in, will be complained about. It's an amazing wonderful community here. Unfortunately, a portion of the game influencers run to make videos when it's a change not to THEIR PLAYSTYLE. Not yours or mine, there's. You need to take what you're told with a grain of salt. Last week I watched video after video about the current poor state of the game. I NEVER THOUGHT THAT UNTIL I TURNED ON YOUTUBE. I thought WoWs is an amazing game and I couldn't figure out what was so wrong? I played and didn't see any of the "Sky is falling" over dramatization. Very few games in the history of video gaming have ever self-destructed over a single patch. 4. "Dead eye will be the death of us", "The time of secondaries is over". I literally just read several forum, facebook and youtube posts where people were having record matches with secondaries "Brawling is dead" False. Still seeing tons of it. What I am seeing is the result of YouTubers play strategy. It was social influencers who preached cover and demanded newer players to hang back and use the islands for cover. Now that they are doing that, the players that got good off of sniping are mad. Nobody is taking objectives because they are doing WHAT THEY WATCHED ON SOCIAL MEDIA. The current playstyle isn't WG's fault, I hate to be the one to explain that. 5. ALL GAMES WILL NOT BE PERFECT. WG has a large player base. Some have been around for 6-7 years?!? It's impossible after all this time to provide PERFECT updates and material. Impossible. The game is catered to millions, not just 1. One thing I've learned in 30 years of gaming, your time comes around. 6. Think "Big picture". You ARE NOT IN THE MEETING ROOM WITH THE DEV"S AND STAFF. You have no idea what their release tracker completely says. You have no idea what's being done behind the scenes. Instead of losing my cool, I usually wait a couple of weeks during a pandemic to see what updates were done to fix any issues. The staff is supposed to fix any issues in 5 minutes right? With this much coding? Try cutting the WG staff some slack. 7. I do know no one at WG. But I've been here long enough to see a raging video community that is raging FOR ALMOST NOTHING. Your emotion is coming from social media. If the game was that bad you would not be here. Quit letting others influence your enjoyment of a game. Remember this is a matched base game. You will not unlock everything on day 1. And at the end of the day, it's just a video game. -Zach
  2. This was with base detonation %: no signal to increase or lower chances. Not having Magazine Modification 1. All base modules (just got the ship). Trying to run a survivability build with a 17 pts captain, nothing special anywhere. Except that I equip "Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1" in slot 1, instead of the traditional "Main Armaments Modification 1". (I like to retain some AA mounts during long games that have lots of HE spam. It kind of work, I still need work convincing myself). This is supposed to be very uncommon, because detonation mechanic doesn't kick in until you were dealt 25% damage since update 0.7.2 ( source: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Detonation ). But, the squadron launches torpedoes that hit "consecutively" due to the low speed and relative angle of the ship. The first two torpedoes did drop my health slight below 75%, and the third torpedo triggered a detonation. Thus, a 100% devstrike for Lexington. And a super early detonation for me, not even 5 minutes into the game. This is the first time something like this happens to me, and the first time am I seeing this in-game as well. I think this is a bit broken; detonation mechanic that occurs from 100% HP while receiving a single strike, was it really intended to work like this? What do you guys think? Have you seen something like this before? Please, don't make this post about how CVs are OP; such a rare event can't really make a convincing argument. Although admittedly, this "incident" could point in that direction.
  3. So at this point I've noticed a few exceptions to the antimattter mechanic ships have when ramming. A 1/5 hp BB can and will take out a 3/4 hp BB by ramming in the normal setting. You can ram smaller ships with minimal damage, and cause flooding if combined impact speed is fast enough. Hotel Yankee increases the damage done to another ship while decreasing damage done to yours. Ramming a friendly ship will result in deduction of battle rewards but the damage done is unrealistically low. But then there's this: In Co-Op I use the Erie for grinding and fit it with Papa Papa + Hotel Yankee. I rammed a Chengan with my Erie, but instead of getting half my hp blown off & sinking the Chengan, the Chengan listed to one side & we did tics of damage to each other, like increased versions of friendly ramming. I won out. I saw this happen to another AI Chengan. I assume that player was also flying Hotel Yankee. I also did the same thing to an Orlan but we killed each other. In Co-Op the bot destroyers tend to ram each other unnecessarily. One DD player grew wise to this and mounted Hotel Yankee. The DD he rammed turned out to be his Counterpart so they sort of slid by each other and took off 3/4 hp. Our player survived until the middle of the match, the bot survived for about 10 seconds. The only reason I saw this was because I had HE dive bombers en route soo...yeah. Playing as the Hosho a BB got stuck on my signal vane and reduced our HP all the way. Apparently pieces of the ship-no matter how small or what forces are at play-will not break off. The most surprising and confusing ram incident came here: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/220549-i-didnt-even-know-you-could-do-this/
  4. i believe that currently, CVs have little to no interaction against one another other then solely dropping fighter planes manually by flying over other players or simply spotting and dropping one another, if possible we could introduce better mechanics that would allow for more rewarding and interactions between CVs could also ease the burden on surface ships and adding another aspect for CVs to be played with, currently its just a suggestion and I don't really have an answer to what I mentioned but considering it could improve the general opinion of current CV state, also make carriers a little more fun to play because currently and unfortunately CVs are not nearly as fun to play as any other class in the game, and a lot less rewarding to its counterparts
  5. Please note before reading: I understand that this idea may be a but controversial, and I understand that this mechanic will most likely not be implemented. It is just a proposal, so please do not go typing how “this will never be implemented, and cvs are cancer and should be removed.” If you agree to the notice then feel free to move on, if not then I can’t help you. Context: In world war 2, bombs of all kinds were made and used during the many battles both at sea and on land. In WOWS, bombs can ONLY cause damage if they directly hit the target ship. In real life however, in the case of such ships as Yamato and Musashi, bombs could cause damage to a ship even if they didn’t directly hit the vessel. (Even on the wrecks of both ships there is evidence of damage cause by “near misses” where bombs exploded in the water and still caused damage to the ship below the waterline.) What I want to propose is a mechanic where when a carrier’s planes bomb a ship or shoot missiles at a ship, then they have a 1 in 8 chance to cause damage to a ship through near misses. Also, the near miss has a 1 in 20 chance to cause flooding to a ship if the damage is enough. (These numbers are just a temporary value and can be changed if needed, which they most likely will.) As for missiles, they could have a lesser chance to cause damage from near misses. For example, a bomb would have a 1 in 8 chance with a 1 in 20 percent chance for a near miss to cause flooding, while a missile would have a 1 in 10 chance with no chance of the near miss to cause flooding. (Again these values can be changed if they aren’t random enough or could occur too often.) Another thing, each bomb that doesn’t hit the target has its own individual change to cause a near miss, and if needed, the chance of causing damage from a near miss can decrease the further from the target ship a bomb hits. What do you think of my proposal? Do you like it or hate it? Check Yay if you agree, Nay if you don’t, and Meh if you think that there are some changes that could make it better! I’d also love to see a comment explaining why you agree, disagree, or stating what changes you’d like to see! (ALSO please be kind! Remember, Fish are Friends, Not Food!!! 😉)
  6. Just was wonder if other players besides some of my Clan mates have been seeing shells hit a target either 1. Not register ie Broadside ships 2. Damage done to ships seems different compared to what it used to be ie non saturated ship or section 3. What used to be a citadel shot ie second turret on certain BBs is an overpen? 4. Overpenning more frequently ( this one is just an observation not really an issue) I know about the AP mechanics which I understand just wanted to hear from others if they have been having the same issues. Im going to try to run the client without Mods to see if that may be the cause.
  7. Hey everyone! As I progress further in the game I have some questions about mechanics. I've done some reading on the forums but a lot of the posts on the subject are old and in some cases I don't fully understand them. Just wondering if someone can offer some advice/clarification and/or check my understanding is correct. Sigma: a value not shown in the game's ship stats the determines how likely shells/salvos are to land towards the middle of the dispersion circle/ellipse. If we think of horizontal dispersion (shown in-game) as the x axis and vertical dispersion (estimated based on shell speed and firing arc) as the y axis, this shows how likely a shell is to land in the middle of that ellipse vs towards the edges. This concept I feel like I have a fairly good grasp of. Angling: I understand that you want to angle your ship. The simple part of this is that by angling yourself towards/away from incoming fire you make yourself a thinner target and reduce the exposure of your broadside, making your ship harder to hit. This makes the wider dispersion of larger enemy ships like BB's work more in your favour. Where things start to get hairy is.... Autobounce angle: I understand that shells fired from a narrow angle are more likely to ricochet. If we call the bow 0°, what exactly defines a narrow angle? Something like +/-15-30°? What is this mythical autobounce angle where every shell that hits you will supposedly ricochet, and what are some tips to put this to practical use when playing? Is there something in the user interface to help with this? I've found I can occasionally bounce shells, but want to know how to do it predictably and repeatably. Overmatch: As I understand it this is related to autobounce but I don't fully understand the relationship. From what I can tell it seems to be that really large guns (like many BB guns) can penetrate clean through thin armour (like bow armour on a CA) without arming, then arm when they hit the citadel armour, fully penetrate the citadel armour, and then get citadel hits. I've heard this is why you don't want to drive straight at anything with big guns, because these shots hit your deck/bow armour and go right through, but I don't know if that's true. Can I somehow use angling to stop these hits? If so how, and what's the relation to the autobounce angle? On the flip side, if I'm driving a BB how do I know when I can overmatch another ship? For context, I'm mostly a DD and CL/CA player and have decent situational awareness so I've found at lower tiers (III-VI) I can often go dark and kite my way out of trouble. At higher tiers not so much, and as I experiment with KM BB's this becomes even more evident. In the BB's I find I'm taking a lot of pen damage even if the turtleback saves me from citadels. It seems I'm either lagging behind and as a result causing little damage, or that I get focus-fired and eat a bunch of pen and fire damage when I push forward to try to get in the action and make myself useful. Any help/advice/clarification is greatly appreciated!
  8. This has bothered me for a while, but it took a long time for me to be comfortable sharing my views. In my opinion, giving higher tiered ships access to more Upgrade Slots breaks balance in the current -/+2 matchmaking. High-tier ships already have a massive advantage compared to lower tiers, and this is only exacerbated by having access to more upgrade slots. For example, let's look at IJN Mogami vs. Zao and Upgrade Slot 6. Mogami has 10 guns that fire at a maximum range of 15.7km; Zao has a maximum range of 16.2km stock with 12 guns... plus access to Gun Fire Control System Mod 2, which makes 18.792km. That's a full 3km difference on a ship with more guns, health, and a heal, yet Mogami gets thrown into T10 games more often than not thanks to T8's notoriously poor matchmaking. This makes my Mogami and Atago significantly less fun than they have any right to be and is the main reason I hate playing Tier 8 more than any other tier. Note: I am aware that Ibuki has access to Mod Slot 6, but a single tier of stats isn't enough to break balance even with access to the extra mod. Not nearly as much as being uptiered twice and then suffering from a mod disadvantage, at least. For the most part, I've adopted the cynical view of "Eh, that's just how it is," but since everyone seems to be complaining about something or another, I figure I'd throw another drop into the sea of balance whining.
  9. Commissar_Carl

    HE penetration of 4.5 inch guns

    I am confused as to the HE penetration on the two high tier DDs, Daring and Jutland. If I recall correctly both Notser and Flamu have stated that without IFHE thier guns are incapable of penning other top tier destroyers or the superstructure of larger ships. My question is why? The 4.5 inch guns are in metric 114 mm. With the 1/6 caliber ruler for HE pen, 114/6=19mm of HE pen... which is the same as the plating of all the DD's in their tier and the superstructure of any BB or CA. More than this, with IFHE the guns get a extra 25 percent, so 19/4= 4.75, and added to 19 is 23.75. That shouldn't be enough to cross any armor thresholds, and should make IFHE worthless for these ships as opposed to compulsatory. The only 2 reasons I can think of that this would not be the case are that A) I actually do not understand how HE pen works, or B) Wg is using the technically more accurate caliber of 4.45 inches for the shell, making 113mm so it is barely not enough. However, they advertise it as being 114mm in the dev blog. So, thoughts?