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Found 2 results

  1. SteffisCute

    Veganism has been defeated!!!

    So I took some advice from people here and took Bekah to a nutritionist. She was hesitant at first but then I pointed out her hair on the pillow and told her that her breath was starting to smell like broccoli (it wasn't but still...). Then I said if she didn't go I would slap the standing triangle chokehold on her till she either tapped and went or passed out and I took her anyway. So she is in there for quite some time as I patiently wait in the sitting area for her. She comes out and sets up a follow up appointment. We go outside and I ask her "How did it go?". She says to me: "Lets get a pepperoni pizza." And I am all HELLZ YEAH THATS MY BABYGURRRRRRRRRRRRL! So over the extra pepperoni pizza she talked about how she learned how bad veganism is for the human body, that we are not designed for a strictly vegetable diet only. She said she still won't be an all out carnivore like me, but she will re-introduce meat back into her diet in small amounts. She then admitted she had been craving pepperoni pizza for a long time. She also thanks me for the car. She said she knows that I am only looking out for her and that she trusts my judgment and if I say something is bad for her, that she will listen to me. So all is now great in the world! See? It all worked out in the end despite certain people who don't know our dynamics stating it would explode in my face. Bekah knows her place, and she is happy, which makes ME happy. Yay!
  2. I like steak. I like pork chops. I like chicken and turkey and fish and all that stuff. BEKAH however, has this foolish idea that meat isn't good for you and we should all just eat a lot of vegetables. Now, she isn't vegan...she drinks milk, eats cheese, and will never turn down an omelet. But steak, burgers, chops, anything that is flesh I guess, no. It is making me stressed because I am the one who shops for both of us because she is dirt poor and works at Gamestop. I don't mind paying, I am far from dirt poor, but instead of one unified shopping list I have to have a separate one to support her blasphemous vegetable crazed lifestyle. I am the one in class on campus all day while she stays at home and does her Phoenix online thing on her piece of junk laptop that she refuses to let me replace with a proper one (I swear her laptop runs windows XP), yet I still have to be the one to shop because the last time I let her shop she was interrogating the meat department people if the cattle in their beef was free range and fed organic grass or some other crazy stuff...WHO CARES! It is all going on the grill anyway. "Oh was this fish caught on a long line or a drag net?" WHO CARES!!!!! THEY ARE FISH THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS! AAUUGGHHHHH I do not get why people refuse to eat tasty animals and go all in on the vegetable thing.