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Found 41 results

  1. Hello there. Look like the time has almos tcome to goive to certai ships, some Preferential Match Making to certain premium ships, In the Beginning they were well suited for their task; but no with all the New Nations and tech trees, such ships are often outclassed when they are 2 levels away from their base tier. (And yes,I know, this is not Wolrd of Tanks, But even there you wont, see a IS-6 or a Jagdtiger 8.8 facing tier 10 battles). JAPAN: None. USA: Atlanta and Flint.- At first, they were quite a pair of pain buggers on tier 9 battles, (There were less tech tree ships/nations), but now, with the current skill tree and meta, and the nerf on Flint's firing distance, both cruiser are frequently outgunned on tier 9 battles Should they have Preferential Matchmaking: Yes (up to tier 8 battles) U.S.S.R.: Stalinium Rounds and Armor Comrade. (None) Germany: Odin.- On initial Tests, it was at first quite OP, but then it suffered a massive nerf on Health Points. From my point of view, Odin struggles nn Tier 10 battles, Not only on HP, but with main guns range (I' ll take Tirptiz for Tier 10 battles instead of a Odin). On the other hand, as a new comer, perhaps it is still too early for a preferential M.M. Should it have Preferential Matchmaking: Maybe (up to tier 9 battles) Graf Spee: Not sure, some times struggles, some times goes fine. Preferential Matchmaking: Maybe (up to tier 7 battles) München: Not sure either Preferential Matchmaking: Maybe (up to tier 8 battles) United Kingdom: Nelson.- Ah, good ol' Nelson, not much to say about it, except that it is the favorite fodder for big bad boys from tier 9. Any one said Bow Overmatch? Should it have Preferential Matchmaking: Yes (up to tier 8 battles) France: None Pan-Asia: None Italy: Duca D'Aosta.- I heard from the horse mouth, that it struggles a lot on Tier 8 Battles. That's all. Should it have Preferential Matchmaking: Yes (up to tier 7 battles) Europe: None Any CV from Any Country: HAHAHAHAHAHA..... NO What do you think about it? Speak up your mind and Share your opinions... But above all, DON'T GET SALTY and let's keep it cool, Oky?
  2. I know this comes up pretty regularly, but lopsided roffle-stomps seem to happen more and more often. Matchmaking must include inexperienced players with veteran players, I have no problems with that. However, loading up one side of the match with inexperience and the other side with veteran players is unfair. Matchmaking Monitor is a tool for viewing player stats while in game. Player Rating is controversial and may not be the best option for basing matchmaking. However, player Karma is solely based on player feedback. If you look at player's Karma rating compared to their stats, you will see a direct correlation. I don't like to complain without making a suggestion, so here is mine.....I propose WG equalize matchmaking by organizing players not only by ship type, but also by Karma. Below is a screenshot of a lopsided roffle-stomp. The opposing team won in record fashion and had a cumulative Karma of 524. The team team that lost had a Karma of 85. Karma equalizing would have made a huge difference. Thoughts?
  3. I am sick and tired of playing in a Tier7 battle and seeing Tier 9 DDs. Is there a way to make matchmaking a little more fair? Say Tiers 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10? can only be matched up?Tier7 is a death wish!

    Some Matchmaking Statistics

    Hi all! I've been recording some matchmaking tier spread and CV count and such, not sure why no one had done this before, but I have some nice matchmaking probabilities to share with you guys. However, I don't have a T10 ship and the data is still kind of depleted, so everyone is welcome to add new data. Here is the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZH0Udo5Gkj9xn95-J1ETPK7wlxX3wPNBvjsS7QnrQuQ/edit#gid=0
  5. "Literally all the games since I started the American branch and I'm already in Tier VII, the matchmaking is always unbalanced, making it impossible to finish the fighting in a good way". Battle 1 Battle 2 I just want to mention is that the developers have already mentioned 2 times between 2019-2020 that the matchmaking has been fixed but how is it possible that we still have the same problem that they always "fix"? The worst thing is that you demand to restart the branches for the fact of obtaining the "legendary modifications" of the Tier X ships. PD: Buff AL Rossiya, wth do something from this ship
  6. We have griped for years about this. When are you actually gonna do something to make games more competitive? There is nothing more demoralizing than logging in, getting blown out 3 matches in a row. Not a single good game. Losing is not fun, but at least the matches can be fun when competitive. What you guys are serving up daily is hot garbage with more garbage on top. When you get pubstomped 3 games in a row its time to log off. I also find its harder to get myself to log in. There are so many things I could choose to do with my time and dealing with the aggravation that you all serve up is dropping lower and lower on the list of things I want to do. People spend RL money on camos, flags, ships, etc... and want to have fun and engaging matches. Not blowouts that are boring for the winners and the losers. This last game was the final straw for me. 7 Minute match.... 7 minutes.
  7. Hola Foro: Quisiera comentar mi desagrado respecto de la forma en que se alinean los equipos. El llamado Matchmaking. En los últimos meses me está pasando que "siempre" que juego una batalla aleatoria, el juego "me pone" con jugadores de mayor nivel. Nueve de cada diez batallas sucede esto. * Si juego con barcos nivel 7 = me ponen con enemigos 8 y 9. * Si juego con barcos nivel 8 = me ponen con enemigos 9 y 10. * Si juego con barcos Portaviones nivel 8 = SIEMPRE me ponen con enemigos 8 , 9 Y 10. CASI NUNCA O NUNCA JUEGO BATALLAS CON NIVELES MENOR AL MÍO!!! ¿ÁLGUIEN SABE QUÉ SUCEDE?
  8. I think it would be a good idea to change matchmaking to only allow only one tier up or down. Getting double up-tiered is very bad because it usually leads to players playing with CVs that do devastating damage and their aa is pretty useless against, or against same nation/class of ships that totally outclass themselves. TLDR tough luck having much game impact as an up-tiered. The most egregious examples in my opinion are VI to VII, and VIII to X. To be honest I think we have enough players that this shouldn’t be a problem. Ps: Remove epicentre, no one likes that game mode.
  9. If you're a unicum player, this doesn't apply to you, and if you're a casual player, it doesn't apply to you so just hit the back button on your browser. If you're an average, competitively minded player, read on. We all enjoy a challenge and that's why we play WoWs. Playing against better quality ships and often more experienced players is a serious challenge but we're up for it - at least once in a while. When you are uptiered, or even worse - when playing 2 tiers above your own - your impact on the game is often to stay alive long enough to contribute positively. Uptier games are okay, you say? Because you get an equal number of 1 or 2 downtier games just as often? Think again. Over the last six months, I have conducted a thorough audit of games - thousands of games. This is a large enough sample size to show what's really happening with "random" matchmaking. The numbers don't lie. Here are the results. By itself, this long-term trend is somewhat annoying. Unfortunately, it is getting worse. In the month of July with several hundred games recorded the ratio of uptier vs downtier is nearly 2 to 1. So the question arises - who is getting all these juicy 1 and 2 tier down games? Tier 10 players obviously are benefitting since they are always top tier. I play mostly tiers 7&8 these days, and I am not benefitting, and my money is just as green as anyone else's playing this game. The many contributors to this data collection are not, that's for sure. What is certain is that some players are benefitting. I don't expect WG to publicly explain this because it may have to do with "super-premium players" getting preferred matchmaking, but it's food for thought. And there is mounting evidence that this is the case. Numbers don't lie.
  10. Matchmaking is just fine. Stop all these whining threads saying otherwise! Here is an example of the fair, and balanced, matchmaking that I have seen all morning. Since people clamor for data, why not use some actual numbers rather than “I feel...”: Team 1 win rates: 44.60 / 43.58 / 50.49 / 49.90 / 47.82 / 46.58 / 46.21 - AVG = 47.02% Team 2 win rates: 46.38 / 47.60 / 52.29 / 50.36 / 52.45 / 63.19 / 56.55 - AVG = 52.69% But Super - win rate is such a poor way to prove a point about matchmaking! Why of course, young wave-runner, we all know this to be true! It is not possible for their to be a difference in tactics and cohesion that are displayed on a team 5% lower in win rates. Nor is it possible for Team 1’s shooting accuracy to be any less, and even if it was it would not affect anything...Because we all know the ability to put shells on a target is highly overrated! Team 1 accuracy: 28.95 / 19.37 / 33.00 / 33.72 / 34.83 / 27.12 / 25.41 - AVG = 28.91% Team 2 accuracy: 27.04 / 30.32 / 29.02 / 35.57 / 32.77 / 33.84 / 33.14 - AVG = 31.67% Humbug! 2% difference! So what are you suggesting Super? Skill-based matchmaking, so you can “feel” like you can win more? Carry harder and “git GuD”! It’s RANDOM! Nah, we don’t need to do anything different. When putting numbers on a web forum is more fun & engaging than randomly winning and losing in streaks with surprisingly similar team stacks as the figures above, we have hit the “sweet spot”! Why would we want to ruin a perfectly good random-fest by exploring additional game modes, or some silly matchmaking nonsense that would make wait times 2 to 4 days?
  11. I am elated that we are finally discussing WOWS' MM problem. We have had a number of good threads on this recently. From my perspective as a subpar player, who occasionally sinks 3 or 4 ships and even gets a Kraken once or twice a year, there appears to be a disconnect in many games between my performance and the final result. By this I mean that I can have a great game ,which I define as sinking 3 to 5 ships and/or ending up in the Top 3 scoring wise among all 24 players, and we still lose because 6 to 8 ships on my team were sunk in the first five minutes. (I try to warn them about committing when I see them doing a solo charge in an Atlanta or other equally fragile ship but few listen.} Then there's the opposite where I perform badly by getting sunk fast or going in the wrong direction in a slow BB and never getting into the fight--and we win. All this results in long losing streaks that ruin an evening. When I do experience a winning streak, it's never as satisfying as it should be because I am questioning the value of my contribution. Do you also feel that no matter how you play it has little effect on the final result? PS When I first started playing I suffered from tunnel vision. Then after 6 months or so I began training myself in situational awareness and have become decent at it. I'm usually the guy telling people that if they continue doing what they are doing, they will die quickly. I'm right 9 out of 10 times. So yes, I am a team player who does his best to cooperate and help teammates.
  12. I have recently noticed changes in matchmaking. But this was the worst. Totally unbalanced teams, as this image shows. I think it is not difficult to develop a fair matchmaking. It is these little details that discourage playing and investing time and money. Pst. Unfortunately the screenshot was not perfect. However, it is enough, to see the terrible matchmaking that I play.
  13. I have recently noticed changes in matchmaking. But this was the worst. Totally unbalanced teams, as this image shows. I think it is not difficult to develop a fair matchmaking. It is these little details that discourage playing and investing time and money. Pst. Unfortunately the screenshot was not perfect. However, it is enough, to see the terrible matchmaking that I play.
  14. I have recently noticed changes in matchmaking. But this was the worst. Totally unbalanced teams, as this image shows. I think it is not difficult to develop a fair matchmaking. It is these little details that discourage playing and investing time and money. Pst. Unfortunately the screenshot was not perfect. However, it is enough, to see the terrible matchmaking that I play.
  15. It is a well known by most of the World of Warships community that Wargaming’s +2/-2 matchmaking system is broken. Every once in a while, I will load into a game where I am bottom tier, and someone on my team or the enemy team will complain about being bottom tier ship. I understand that the matchmaking has seen some slight changes over the years. For some reason, now more than ever, I am seeing more and more people complain about the matchmaking. I want to address some issues the game has with the gameplay, ships, matchmaking and I might mention a few ideas that may help with the balance. For the sake of any readers, here is a little about my info: I have <2000 games played, I main cruisers, and I have been playing intermittently for roughly 4 years. (IMPORTANT**) Skip to the bottom if you want to skip the ranting and see my proposed changes to the game. “WG fix your matchmaking” Matchmaking is fairly straight forward and is typically +2/-2 with a few exceptions if you are a carrier or new player. Here is a reason why this mechanic will never change. Wargaming wants your money. Why do you think there are premium T6 and T8 ships in the game? It’s certainly not because they’re balanced and make a great addition to the game. Most premium ships are stronger than tech tree ships and offer a pay-to-win system for players that want an advantage in random battles. Not to mention you can switch your commanders between that ship’s nation for free. I recognize that there is a niche of players that like seeing historically accurate ships and that some premiums aren’t good, but exist for certain player audiences. I can agree with that. But you cannot honestly say that all premium ships are balanced with the tech tree ships. So, what does wargaming do with a premium when they sell you a premium ship? Wargaming will give you a really good ship, but it’ll cost you $50 or $99 or maybe a month of your time grinding 12 hrs. a day to unlock it. Want to know why your T6 battleship is playing in a T8 battle? If the matchmaking was only a 0/+1 system there would be much less incentive for buying a ship with better stats to bring into battle. Wargaming’s entire economy is based on bottom tier matchmaking and a niche of players that collect ships. Think about it. Being in a stock T6 ship and being placed in a T8 battle makes your return to port rather quick. All this matchmaking mechanic does is make the game more time consuming by forcing you to wait and adds so much player discomfort that at times it makes the game unplayable. Matchmaking, Karma system, Potatoes No one likes to be pink or get reported. But what is the Karma system? It’s basically a number that you get based on your behavior in your random battles. Did you solo carry your last game and get a compliment or did you cackle maniacally as you torpedoed your own teammates at the spawn because you’re playing a French DD against a team full of radar cruisers and you want to go back to port? Although this system is not mentioned on the Wows wiki, I do believe it is a game mechanic from one of wargaming’s sister games. Therefore, I cannot confirm that this is a factor that attributes to matchmaking in world of warships. However, if the Karma system is functioning as it does for wargaming’s other games, it could be a contributing factor to the lackluster matchmaking system. Have you been in 3-4 top tier games in a row followed by 3-4 bottom tier games in a row? It could be this system. It also doesn’t help that the 3-4 top tier games you have, you have 1-2 teammates that decide to defend a flank while there’s a 10-ship lemming train to cap C on the other side of the map. Every game now seems to have players that either is incredibly unlucky or decide to intentionally potato into the enemy team. It’s unfortunate that there are players like because not only are they hurting themselves, but they’re ruining the game for their entire team. This indirectly makes the matchmaking more frustrating because once you’re finally in a top tier game, you’ll have a garbage player throw the game and ruin the experience. “[edited] you sky cancer” AA cruiser builds are basically no longer viable in the current patch. Secondary batteries and improved AA ship upgrades do nothing to your ability to fight off aircraft, but rather add health and reduce your cooldown for reinforce sector. On top of that, now you have German CVs that can citadel you and hit you with their torps; even though they have a “small” health pool, it doesn’t matter because they’ll be able to quickly get out of your flak with their speed. I’ve heard of rumors that some clans opting out of next season’s clan battles because wargaming refuses to address balancing CVs. It seems the only way to effectively counter a halfway decent CV player is by playing an AA ship, and even then, their planes will still be able to out-trade you. Since the CVs are still inherently strong, being a bottom tier ship with a top tier, or worse 2 top tier CVs in your game, is a living nightmare. At that point, what is the purpose of playing the game if all you are going to do is dodge 2 waves of aircraft and long-range artillery for 20 minutes? Moral of the Story**: Basically, everything I’ve mentioned is well known and accepted by most of the player base. If you’re hoping for Matchmaking to change anytime soon, it won’t. The horrible matchmaking is the result of a company that exploits players into purchasing premium content using a broken system, have little regard for how players are placed into matches, are indifferent towards players that intentionally throw games and have little to no regard for their teammates, refuses to balance ships that have been overpowered for over a year, and making the game so time-consuming that new players will eventually just quit. At the current rate, players will stop playing this game if it becomes too unenjoyable. I believe these are all factors to an unhealthy player base. I like this game, but there comes a tipping point, and I feel that the tipping point is going to be reached in the upcoming ranked season if there aren't any changes made soon. The last thing I want for this player base is to become so frustrated at the game, that everyone turns into [edited] like in League of Legends, and makes the game unplayable. Where to go from here? Here are my proposed changes**: - Change the matchmaking to 0/+1 tier games: That way top tier and bottom tier ships are relatively equal. - Create a Ranked Random Battle mode for V+ Tiers: This would allow more serious players to play a more competitive game but wouldn’t offer steel or other lucrative rewards from the ranked battle season. Normal Random Battles would allow more seasoned players to “seal club”. Normal Ranked Battles remain unchanged from the current game. - Remove the Karma system and start banning teammates that intentionally suicide or afk their games: Stop the “behavior” system and just start banning people for a few hours if they intentionally afk their matches or intentionally throw the game. - Balance CVs by buffing the improved AA upgrade on ships and reinforce sector, and nerfing CVs by giving them a finite number of planes they can carry: This is long needed, I’m sure this could be elaborated more on by more experienced players. - Make the player experience more enjoyable: Don’t give us new ship lines or submarines until the matchmaking and CVs are more balanced. Players would appreciate bug fixes, overall balancing, and quality of life changes that would make the experience of playing world of warships much more enjoyable than it currently is. A player shouldn’t have to feel the need to purchase premium items in order to feel relevant in the game. A happy player will spend money on a game that is enjoyable to them.
  16. I know I need to improve myself before blaming the matchmaking. I'm not a great player but at least from my stats, I think I'm doing my job and tried my best. In the past two weeks, the matchmaking for Randoms has brought me a lot of frustrations. For my Akizuki, the WR of the opposing team is constantly ~2-3% higher than mine (9 out of 14 games, not consecutively). Sometimes even if the matchmaking swap one ships between each team things would be much better. Does the matchmaking spend any effort balancing it? Also, how do you veterans deal with this feeling? I love this game (except the balancing team) but this really gets me a bit disgusted...
  17. DumplingWarrior

    MM needs adjustment

    MM issue has been around for quite a while. Not gonna mention player balance on both teams here any more. This frustrates me yes, but there's argument about the difficulty of implenmenting that. However, another issue of the MM that keeps annoying me: mini games. i.e. games that are something like 4 vs 4 or 6 vs 6 instead of the normal 12 vs 12. The thing is, I and I believe a lot of players hate to be matchmaked into a mini game, just no fun. I know that's because at least one player has been waiting for the queue for a long time. But tbh, i'd rather wait 10 minutes for a 12 vs 12 than get into a 4 vs 4. Thoughts? Either remove mini game possibilities, or add minimum number of ships on both teams say 7, or add an option in the game setting of whether player is willing to be matchmaked into a minigame. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.
  18. EmeraldShard

    The Ranked Experience!

    Why play Ranked? Now many people play "Ranked" for the Steel and Doubloons. I myself am playing ranked only for the Doubloons because I was lucky! I was lucky enough too get the Soviet Token Trove on the first bundle. Unfortunately, I am poor, so I put myself to the grueling task of playing "Ranked" in hopes of hitting Rank 1 and getting the 2,500 doubloons. The Experience The First League was easy enough to grind through, but then the Second League came, full of players that dedicate their time and effort to earn nothing. It was hard at first, but then I got a win streak and hit Rank 7! But, my luck ran out and I got teamed up with raw potatoes, baked potatoes, potato wedges, and fries. I dropped 2 ranks and lost a days worth of work and now I feel sad :( Is the reward worth the Grind? The Rank 1 reward and all the other rewards aren't worth it to an extent. The rewards are worth it until you get to Rank 10, then you should decide if you want to spend a couple days sweating and trying to get to Rank 5 (which is no longer irrevocable). If you have a bad day, you can lose all your hard work. So take a break if you begin loosing and remember you have a whole month to get to Rank 1, and by then most of the potatoes have either quit and/or grinded out to Rank 1. Good Luck
  19. x_R4F4_x


    El matchmaking de este juego no sirve, esta roto. Lamentablemente voy a terminar dejando el juego, se hace muy difícil sostener una partida con los equipos que arma este juego.
  20. The WG experiment with aircraft carriers and anti-aircraft defenses has started more than a year ago, and although adjustments and balances are still being made in this regard, the truth is that the vast majority of the community is dissatisfied with the results. Some of the problems that can be observed right now are the following: Tier 3 and 4 ships defending against air attacks without even possessing anti-aircraft defenses. Aircraft carriers facing ships of 2 tiers lower or higher due to the matchmaking system, causing extremely unbalanced situations for some of the parties. Let's take any tier 8 CV as an example; in the first game he could face a division of Hallands and in the second game a poor Icarus. For these problems, mainly, I propose the following changes to the current aircraft carrier system: Tier 5 as the first tier in which aircraft carriers develop in the Tech Tree. As a consequence Hosho, Langley, Hermes and Rhein will level up and there will be no more Tier 4 aircraft carriers in the game. The return of the old odd-tiered aircraft carriers to provide a continuous carrier line from tier 5 to tier 10. The differentiation between fleet aircraft carriers, light aircraft carriers and escort aircraft carriers. Not necessarily creating new classes in-game, but only including more aircraft carrier lines with varied characteristics, such as light and heavy cruisers. Fleet aircraft carriers are large ships with a huge hangar capacity (examples; Essex, Taiho, Audacious, Graf Zeppelin, etc.). Within the game its gameplay would continue in the current way, with 3 types of attack squadrons; rockets, TB and DB. Light aircraft carriers are small to medium-sized ships, with little armor and reduced hangar capacity (examples; Independence, Ryujo, Hermes, etc.). In-game they would be aircraft carriers with concealment capabilities comparable to those of a light cruiser in most cases. Due to their poor hangar capacity, their squad options would be reduced to 2; rockets and TB or DB, depending on the gimmicks. Escort aircraft carriers are slow and variable size ships, resulting from the conversion of other ships into aircraft carriers, which have a small hangar capacity (examples; Bogue, Shimane Maru, Nairania, etc.). These ships like the previous ones would only possess two types of squadrons, rockets and TB/DB, but unlike the previous ones they could NOT be used in random battles due to their, possibly, poor performance, instead they would be ideal ships for Operations in which they could participate submarines and destroyers. In the new aircraft carrier system the MM would be limited to ± 1 tier difference just for CVs, avoiding situations in which one side has too much advantage or disadvantage. This is how the new tech trees would look like: Due to their year of design/laid down and the fact that in most games the aircraft carrier itself doesn't engage in direct combat (laughs on Graf), some ships take place at higher or lower levels than might be expected. USA: Japan: UK: Germany: France: Italy: Soviet Union: Spain: Some lines have holes and some others do not reach tier 10, but it is not necessary that they all go to the maximum level, thus avoiding the non-historical designs and anyway undeniably increasing the variety of playable ships.
  21. Someone in WoT sent a support ticket to WG asking about having skill-based / balanced MM. This is the reply: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/618254-random-mm-is-broken/page__pid__12369051#entry12369051 You can easily infer from this that, at least for Tanks (and maybe Ships), WG is doing a kind of reverse skill-based MM as well; in other words they are occasionally rigging games to be blowouts (instead of letting it happen only by chance), because they consider this to be more fun. Long streaks of losses or victories can happen because of this. The same system is probably also in this game... I am not 100% sure as I don't use mods that track people's winrates so I could be wrong, but this is a complaint that pops up from time to time on the forums - about the MM being "rigged" or malfunctioning somehow. Well, looks like it's not "rigged" or a bug, it's a gameplay feature.
  22. I now have two pitiful shipbuilding token boosters working. They will fall well short. I got my doubloons back, so I'm at peace. I didn't get the Gorizia. Not going to spend the money. Glad I didn't. Earning the twelve million credits got the job done. The DD's came close to doing their Trophy year. Now, I don't need to use my Tier 5+ ships for the rest of this insanity. I was getting T5/6 ships matched against T9's. Matchmaking is insane, with the hyper-competitive grinding. No more directive's for me. I will be *collecting* camo and flags, not burning through them. I'm submerging to T4, and below. No daily mission grinds, just collect containers. CV's don't bother me much, for some reason. Much more relaxing gameplay, for me. Enjoy the game! Happy Holidays!
  23. megahugenoob

    Game quality is dropping

    First off, I appreciate the changes you all made to matchmaking in terms of not making T8 as horribad as it used to be. The ship distribution in terms of tier appears to be much more "fair" on the surface. My issue right now with game quality is the quality of the matches I am seeing. Right now I am seeing complete ROFLSTOMPS one way or the other in about 2/3 of my matches. Even on the winning side you feel so unsatisfied with these wins. The wins are happening so fast that I feel like average damage per game is going down also. Can WG do anything to try and get the games more competitive? Its not even fun right now. One last thing. Can we please just restrict T10 CV's to T10 only battles. They are absolute cancer to T8 and T9 ships.
  24. destawaits

    Two fail divisions

    T4 Hoshos sync-dropping (I guess) got down-tiered because MM couldn't find people to match them with had a brain fart. It also features @keviseeb , who clubbed our team with his Nelson.
  25. So all a sudden t7 has bad matchmaking just like t8? tier 7 was our last breath of fresh air from the matchmaking, and wargaming took that from us. Good job Wargaming, its like you want to lose players