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Found 19 results

  1. Someone in WoT sent a support ticket to WG asking about having skill-based / balanced MM. This is the reply: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/618254-random-mm-is-broken/page__pid__12369051#entry12369051 You can easily infer from this that, at least for Tanks (and maybe Ships), WG is doing a kind of reverse skill-based MM as well; in other words they are occasionally rigging games to be blowouts (instead of letting it happen only by chance), because they consider this to be more fun. Long streaks of losses or victories can happen because of this. The same system is probably also in this game... I am not 100% sure as I don't use mods that track people's winrates so I could be wrong, but this is a complaint that pops up from time to time on the forums - about the MM being "rigged" or malfunctioning somehow. Well, looks like it's not "rigged" or a bug, it's a gameplay feature.
  2. I now have two pitiful shipbuilding token boosters working. They will fall well short. I got my doubloons back, so I'm at peace. I didn't get the Gorizia. Not going to spend the money. Glad I didn't. Earning the twelve million credits got the job done. The DD's came close to doing their Trophy year. Now, I don't need to use my Tier 5+ ships for the rest of this insanity. I was getting T5/6 ships matched against T9's. Matchmaking is insane, with the hyper-competitive grinding. No more directive's for me. I will be *collecting* camo and flags, not burning through them. I'm submerging to T4, and below. No daily mission grinds, just collect containers. CV's don't bother me much, for some reason. Much more relaxing gameplay, for me. Enjoy the game! Happy Holidays!
  3. megahugenoob

    Game quality is dropping

    First off, I appreciate the changes you all made to matchmaking in terms of not making T8 as horribad as it used to be. The ship distribution in terms of tier appears to be much more "fair" on the surface. My issue right now with game quality is the quality of the matches I am seeing. Right now I am seeing complete ROFLSTOMPS one way or the other in about 2/3 of my matches. Even on the winning side you feel so unsatisfied with these wins. The wins are happening so fast that I feel like average damage per game is going down also. Can WG do anything to try and get the games more competitive? Its not even fun right now. One last thing. Can we please just restrict T10 CV's to T10 only battles. They are absolute cancer to T8 and T9 ships.
  4. destawaits

    Two fail divisions

    T4 Hoshos sync-dropping (I guess) got down-tiered because MM couldn't find people to match them with had a brain fart. It also features @keviseeb , who clubbed our team with his Nelson.
  5. So all a sudden t7 has bad matchmaking just like t8? tier 7 was our last breath of fresh air from the matchmaking, and wargaming took that from us. Good job Wargaming, its like you want to lose players
  6. dylaroo20

    Please fix the match making

    It makes it so hard to have fun and play the game when I get multiple T8 games in a row as a T6 IJN Cruiser. The Aoba already isn't a very good ship, to have multiple games where I am the only T6 in a T8 game is just unfair and really frustrating. I never seem to get a down tier for balance but I keep getting up tier. And it gets to the point that I can't do anything and get one-shotted from range cause I have no armor that can defend from these T8 BBs. And when I can get 4 Torps on target and not get the kill and then they repair back up to 60-80% HP like it was nothing is just unfair and not fun to play.
  7. WoWs Matchmaking has always been a source of "disagreement". I am trying to identify the MM formula variables while trying to peel back the onion layers of the whole mystery. Does anyone know or have any speculation as to whether or not Captain Skill Level is taken into account within matchmaking? Example, does the game consider a 19 point Des Moines Captain to be equal to a 10 Point Des Moines Captain? Additionally, during Matchmaking, what makes one ship higher than another exact same ship on the same team? Doesn't seem to be the ship build as I noticed some times a ship is lower than me even though their build is showing more green, and vica versa.
  8. slayingclub1996

    WG, you need to fix MM NOW

    I'm nowhere near the best playing but I would like to think I am competent enough to carry games. Now, with matchmaking so skewed, that is physically impossible.
  9. Shokaku is actually a lot of fun when it is top tier, but that is pretty rare. In the tier 10 matches it is always in, it feels almost useless, you always get less than 30k damage usually, your planes are swiftly destroyed as soon as they wander into the range of a single tier 10 ship, and you are basically limited to a spotting/dd harassing role. Either Shokaku needs to be buffed or tier 8 CVs need to stop being in tier 10 matches, because it is actually torture to play Shokaku in a tier 10 match. Lexington is fine though, does pretty decent even when uptiered.
  10. So you know what they say about local observers and their observations, right? Can't be trusted. The last few days, taking my GC out to complete daily missions, earn coins, all the normal stuff, I sort of suddenly realized "hey... i'm bottom tier". Its been like every match, especially the last two days. I'm sure it's just a miss-perception on my part, but I don't ever recall seeing so many tier seven ships in battle against my GC. Is it possible/probable/likely that matchmaking could have been tweaked in such a manner as to push the GC into more battles where she's the lowest tier? You might ask "Why would they do this?" I would respond, "To gather data about her performance against higher tier ships". I'll also say playing carriers a lot then switching back to other types really messes with your aiming skills. Phew. Just curious - anyone else seeing more "bottom tier matches" in the GC? tiafyc
  11. Drinker_of_Tears

    Matchmaking Question/Poll

    We all love matchmaker, but wouldn't all this "balancing" be way easier at a +1/-1 system? Biggest argument I've heard against this is time waiting for matches. So, I wanna know what people think:
  12. In Reference to Clan Battles and Match Making, While in the Struggle from Gale to Storm league, my clan faced off against Typhoon League clans. I know this is because of the Alpha/Bravo rating system, where Typhoon clans had Bravo(presumption of Bravo)ratings in Gale league. This prevented us from advancement. There is nothing in the system that prevents the same players who made a clan Typhoon league rating possible in Alpha from playing in the Bravo rating or vice versa, thus preventing the advancement of lower league clans(because random chance loves us all). There also seems to be excessive numbers of Storm league teams in Gale league matches, probably for the same reasons. There needs to be a match making change to prioritize "like rated" teams, who do not have a rating TWO or even near two leagues higher than the rating of the team played against. At the very least, something clearly needs to be done to prevent such imbalanced and lop sided match making.
  13. I am really curious as to the popularity of this opinion among the playerbase. I think I am quite thorough and this poll covers every possible opinion on the subject. If you support other changes to matchmaking and CVs, leave a comment below.
  14. I keep getting game after game that is DOMINATED by T10 ships, in contrast to how it used to be where there was some 10's some 9s and some 8s. This isnt fun, its frustrating as hell when my T8 ships are constantly having to run for their lives from all the T10s with uber modules that WG thought were great ideas. I don't know what they did, but most of my games look like these, I get maybe one out of 10 thats anything remotely resembling a decent game anymore. WG needs to take another look at this fix and take the time to get it right.
  15. .......Great. I have discovered that bottom tier pays BIG dividends in base XP earned. It"s a big opportunity.
  16. Ban_CV_from_CB_reeeeeeee

    Why you do this MM?

    So I have my stats for today. I played 5 random battles and I had enough. Enough of crap players and crap teams. Look at my stats for today and tell me. I played 5 battles. 4 battles in tier 10 DD (gearing) 1 battle in tier 5 BB (GC). My average damage is 65720, and my personal rating is 1638 which is very good. All these stats are taken from wargaming site for stats. So its how they calculate my personal rating. So I performed very well, have good damage, spotting damage, and yet I still lose 80% of my random matches? So MM today was like "You get the shittiest players today, you have to deal with it". Well I did my part as a DD, yet my team fell apart like leaves in fall..... and I literally mean I had the shittiest players on my team today... I never expect to win 100% of my battles, but 80% loss is too much tbh and its not like I played bad so I deserved to lose. and I was done with random battles for today with just 5 battles. Good job MM. good job WG
  17. So, fresh from the oven Dev Bulletin for 0.7.9 https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/bulletin-079/ We got the following info: Seems like this is part of an effort of WG to provide a better experience to Tier VIII ships, by introducing a mode exclusive to Tiers IX and X. Personally I don't feel this will change much, and to be honest I dislike game modes that give bonuses to ship parameters. However it is what it is, (and still in testing), let's get some discussion going! .
  18. Disclaimers: First of all, this is not a rant or whine in any form, merely some observations on my part Yes I am aware of Lert’s Tier 8 experiment, in fact it proves some of the points I am trying to make. (https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/163474-lerts-t8-experiment-conclusions/) Because of my very limited experience at tiers IX-X I will not be talking stats or performance, basing some of my claims on tier VIII instead. Everybody has seen these topics pop up, about Tier VIII MM constantly seeing Tier X etc etc. To a certain extent I can relate, I play Tier VIII far more often than I used to. As a result there are times where RNJesus rolls a 1 for me on the D20 and puts me in streaks of Tier X battles. As a DD and cruiser main, I don’t really care for MM, especially in a DD. However that is not always the case with the rest of the playerbase. There is some outcry about it. Many people believe that Tier VIII at the moment is the least fun tier and instead stick to Tier VII. I don’t think most can deny this. The question persists however, why does this happen, and is there any way to “fix” any existing issue to streamline the average player experience? What I believe is the issue with high tier matchmaking, is the way Wargaming has relegated roles to specific tiers. Tier VIII is your moneymaking tier, with most of the premiums that can turn up high profits existing there. This is where people spend quite a bit of time earning credits (if they don’t have any Tier IX premium) or grinding. In addition all Campaigns require at least Tier VIII ships. Then, Tier X is regarded as the end game content and the focus of Clan Battles. Tier Xs represent the ultimate a line can offer. It is therefore logical to assume people would play that tier Last, both tiers are part of Ranked Battles. It is safe to consider these tiers are pretty popular. Then, we come to the factor creating the uptiering many people complain about. @Lertdid a random solo Tier VIII experiment to see the matchmaking he would get in 100 battles. While as he said this is not a big sample size, it is definitely an indicator. I believe that “18% tier 9 battles” to be the core of the problem. Tier IX is often seen as just a stepping stone. Of course, some of the Tier IX ships are pretty strong and keepers, no question about it. When it comes to certain ships however, it is often considered a gatekeeper tier for the glory of Tier X. The way Wargaming structures the game, with a moneymaking Tier (Tier VIII), then a stepping stone tier, and finally the end game/Clan Battles Tier (Tier X) shafts Tier IX basically. Granted, there are Tier IX premiums, but they are few in number and variety to really shift the situation. In order to “fix” Tier VIII MM we don’t need to look at strengthening Tier VIIIs to be more competitive or nerfing Tier Xs, but rather increasing the Tier IX population and providing incentives to play this specific tier. I believe in an ideal environment MM could be 30%/40%/30%, but I feel this is almost impossible to accomplish. A good first step would be to make some improvements to ships that are considered gatekeepers. Izumo recently got a buff, maybe other ships should follow suit like, F. De Grosse. Another way would be give more incentives for people to play Tier IX in the form of events. I don’t know how Tier IX Ranked would turn out, but it could be some food for thought. A different route would be for WG to print out as many Tier IX premiums as possible. I believe this would do more harm than good on the long run. Finally, permanent camouflage could be more beneficial to Tier IX ships, in order to promote more games in these ships. As it is now, Tier IX permacamo offers for 4000 gold: -3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. -20% to the cost of ship's post-battle service. +100% to experience earned in the battle. Tier X permacamo offers for 5000, so just 1000 gold more -3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. -50% to the cost of ship's post-battle service. +20% credits earned in the battle. +100% to experience earned in the battle. I believe a 10% to credits earned in battle for Tier IX permacamo would be useful. Bottom line, I fear the lack of attention in certain aspects of Tier IX will affect high tiers negatively. The feeling of Tier VIII constant uptiering is but a symptom of it. Hope we can get some good discussion out of this, disagreements/opinions/additions welcome! Thanks for reading.
  19. Thirsty13_CCW

    Clan Battles Match Making

    What we have here is the last match of an advancement round where TF-62 is trying to advance into Gale League from Squall league. And who does MM choose to pair them with? A Hurricane League team with 6 rank one players and 1 rank 7 player. Needless to say it was one sided. Match making should simply not under any circumstances be placing teams from Squall into matches with Hurricane. Especially in an advancement round. That's the whole point of having the various leagues after all. A clan member submitted a ticket to WG and received the following: SOLVED Hello, dear ******** Thank for your contacting. This situation could occur if there were not too many clans available for creating the battle. Should you have any further concerns, questions or problems, feel free to get back to us at any time. Needless to say this is complete and utter bull. So I'm hoping to spur some discussion here and maybe get WG to listen to reason.