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Found 5 results

  1. Just wondering how hard it would be to enable an option to select Tier = Tier Match Making if the player was willing to wait longer. If you are in a Tier 5 Battleship and wanted to play Tier 5 ships only, and you are willing to wait 5 minutes for a battle, would it be that hard to enable a switch that allows you to wait longer for an even tier match? Just thoughts if such an option would be feasible with WOWS.
  2. this crap is happening all the time now and its getting old fast. i see complaints all the time about MM and now i am one of them! i dont [edited] much but this was the last straw today after loosing 10 strait to teams like this. and FYI one red player was even AFK! i dont know if i'll be back...tier 1 to 4 have been fun and mostly evenly matched . not so much tier 5. tier 5 shouldnt play tier 7 IMOP i wonder if this is a WG ploy to use up free xp or to buy premium ships to get past T5
  3. One thing I have noticed about this season that seems to be different than last season is the way matchmaker seems to be constantly placing my clan against higher league clans. Last season, I don't think we ever saw a clan not in our league unless we were in the final phase of trying to rank out (the phase where you need to earn three of five stars to advance). This season, 2 out of 3 battles are with a clan not even in our league and some times two leagues above us. For example, we played 9 games the other night. Of those 9 battles (we are Gale League), 5 were against Storm League, 1 against Typhoon, and the remaining 3 were Gale league. The skills levels vary but more often then not, we end the night pretty much right about where we started. Maybe a little higher. I don't understand why this is happening so much more this season. I dropped several tickets about it and the answer I got back was pretty much "we never said this couldn't happen." That's all great but the effect seems to be just keeping the lower leagued clans low while the higher league clans basically feed off of them and continue to advance. I don't think this should even be a possibility. Same league should play same league. The only exceptions should be when you are competing to league out in which case you may play a higher league clan that is fighting to stay in the to league you are competing for. I'm not talking about the Tier 1, 2, 3 with in a league, but Gale VS Storm or VS Typhoon. It has become intolerable and its consistent. If we are going to continue to fight clans a league above us, then just put us in that league because this is just plain stupid and very frustrating. And for those that give the canned "git gud" response, you can only grind a drill bit so much into concrete before the edge is lost and it just doesn't go anywhere...nor does it really want to anymore...
  4. I am into the five digit game count now. I've heard and read it all regarding match making. It's just purely random. Pure coincidence. I even remember how some folks describe it as the odds changing due to the loss of a ship. All makes sense. All sounds reasonable. Mathematics, everything logical, sure - good explanations. Suppose for a moment you got totally surprised by a red ship, got nuked out of the game. At the exact same time the same type/class ship also gets nuked. Both teams, simultaneously, are down the same ship. Now you stay in the game so you can follow the ship play. And what do you see when it's been a day or two of loss after loss? You see your team mates doing things even dumber than what you did to get nuked early. Not just one player but a bunch of players. Today, in multiple games on different maps, I saw three to five ships drive north so far as to take themselves out of the battle. Not one game, not two games but at least three. What's the odds of similar play style across three different matches and maps? So do you suppose there are any values we don't know about that assist in building teams for random battles? I'm truly curious. It's as if when I'm off my game, so is everyone else on the team. We, as a group, are all off our game. We look like headless chickens running amok or pebbles rolling downhill towards the boulders, hoping to damage them. I'd also like to know - when the really good players are on a team, what do you say to your team mates to encourage them towards victory. Yes, I'm being serious. Finally - I'd like to know why nobody has yet create a "WoWS Masters series". You know, the experts, the unicums if you like, get together, put together all their techniques, tips and knowledge in an easy to understand format. I'm hoping we could all learn how to get "off the rail" of the downside teams and perhaps carry harder if needed. PS: I'm hopeful this stays friendly and civil - thanks! tiafyc
  5. Recently I played 100 games in numerous ships from tier 5 to tier 8 just to see what the break down of being bottom tier was for me. It always seemed a little lopsided to me. The results, top tier 15% of the time, mid tier 15% of the time and bottom tier 70% of the time. I'm just curious is it the same for everyone else, or is it just me? Feel free to respond with your break down, I would like to know.