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Found 9 results

  1. It is well pass time to limit CVs to one per team per match. It is time to limit subs to one per team per match. These matches with 2 CVs need to stop. The matches with 3 subs need to stop. The matches with 2-3 subs and 2 CV per team REALLY needs to STOP! Put a hard limit on these classes per team.
  2. MM has been like this for me the whole time, divs only appear in the opposite team. I can't even win a single game with this kind of broken MM. it's just completely unplayable against so many divs on the other side. and in the last screen shot which our team only got around 200 exp, that was because the opposite team is so op that they delete 6 from our team so quickly that the whole game just ended in 3 minutes. can wargaming fix this?
  3. General_D_runks

    match maker

    look... I know what is going on with the logarithms ... and you can not do or say like the team that wins that's it all me causing the problem to win or not and only me that makes the outcome .... these logarithms are singling me out and keeping me on losing team contumely ... 12 battles and they are all lost games ... I do not control these people that play ... but I do know that logarithms can be made to single out players and find teams to put certain players together that will win or not ... this is downright bull crap... tell me then why my teams loses always ..12 games in a role lost ... then what's the % to win or not ... putting low % people on teams that logarithms know that will lose see my game match screen shot s ... this is bull crap... I alone do not control other players to win or not ...... logarithms do ...these Russians need to stop being bios ...
  4. Something I have notice of late. I was playing the new Moltke and notice the Match Maker was taking its sweet time before placing me into a match. I thought that WG had moved the new player algorithm up a level to prevent me with new player matches. However, I noticed this was happening with tier IX ships too. The only thing I can say that has changed is when subs were put into the live server random battles. Was Co-Op battles this slow too? Is the Match Maker having problems in placing ships into battles now? Anyone else noticing this condition of the MM?
  5. Double CV games are completely unbalanced...When will this STOP?!? There is no counter when both CVs focus 1 ship and you have clueless teammate CVs that will not provide fighter support. A supposed AA strong ship cannot punish the planes when the enemy CV player can keep rotating squadron types and burn and flood the focused ship in a couple minutes. This is with other ships providing overlapping AA support. Any trash player that learns the basic game play mechanics can suffer no consequences by throwing their planes away. I'm so sick of this like many other players are. So tell us...when will it stop???
  6. The matchmaker has to be broken! I've played several battles tonight with my friends and we keep running into whole teams from the same clan. THERE ARE NO RANDOMS. Match making must be broken! WeeGee Pls nerf this. 0/10 unplayable.
  7. I know of the special match maker with new players (<70) games that protects them from veteran WoWS players like me in tiers 1 to 3 matches. However it seems the same thing is happening with tier 4 ships now. You can't get into a full team match with tier 4 ships now. I don't mind the MM for protection, however I mind not having a full team. I say fill the team with bots if you are protecting the new players. WG has to keep the teams full, otherwise why play a MMO?
  8. How can you say these teams are fair and balanced by normal matchmaking standards? I pity the battleships in the match. I think this is wrong.
  9. Yeah, due to our main callers having family commitments, we were going to skip the first night of CB. Then we decided that for the guys that wanted to, we would run a battle or two, just to get the flags and let them respc. captains. We didn't start till 10:45 Eastern, and I figured most of the elite clans would have already been zoomed out of our MM range by then..... Nope. First match, MIA - top 10 clan that finished in Hurricane with a loaded team against our thrown together group ..... a predictable loss. A quick rotation of a few players so they could do the same, I figured, just an anomaly, we will get a more reasonable team in the second match ... Nope - a group 1 Typhoon team, and while it was closer ... still a loss. I am not complaining that we lost, we weren't preparing hard and used a back-up caller, so no excuses there. I am just disappointed that those ended up being the first two matches that a team that finished in Storm last year had to face. Not impressed with your "improved" Clan Battle MM Wargaming, seems a lot like the old one.