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Found 1 result

  1. There are threads about this annoying intermittent issue but no good solutions. I think I have found a workaround until a future update fixes it. I am a PvE main and verify this issue happens in Co-op and in Scenario Operations – both are affected. My initial solution was to enter the queue with a low-tier ship, to use Task Manager to end WoWS if the battle started without me or the “Awaiting players …” message appeared and stayed, to re-launch, and to repeat if necessary until I succeeded. All that fuss to enter the current battle one to five minutes late. Unsatisfactory, particularly in an Operation with clanmates. I discovered that the first battle after starting WoWS was the one most likely to start without me. Then I had an idea to test. I clicked ‘BATTLE!’ and immediately clicked the ‘LEAVE QUEUE’ button. Then I clicked ‘BATTLE!’ again. Second time is a charm! I would then fight that Co-op battle, close WoWS, re-launch, and repeat. I fought first battles all day today this way without being left behind. If I didn’t leave the queue quickly enough, the battle could launch without my ship. Subsequent battles in a session started without issue. Some first battles had no problem. This workaround needs more testing by others. If you suffer this same persistent problem, please try what I did a few times and return to this thread to post whether this workaround makes a difference for you too. Thanks in advance! Never mind! Further testing found this workaround is not reliable for preventing the battle starting without me. I've noticed other players with the same problem getting a late start in battle too, so it's a WoWS server issue. Here's hoping that Update 0.8.0 fixes the problem. Hallelujah! Update 0.8.0 fixed the issue. I've not had a single battle start without me since the patch. Thank you to those who tested my failed workaround.