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Found 3 results

  1. outwardpanicjoe

    Hmm WV41 vs USS Maryland

    Hmm well I'm sure most of you have already heard the new about the USS West Virginia name change to WV41 I honestly thought the easiest way was to change the name to the Maryland that way we can get another State into the mix. So it got me thinking what did the WV41 have that the Maryland doesn't ?? maybe it that they are planing for the tech tree Colorado to have a new C hull that is the Maryland ? I would have like to see the Maryland as the new name but maybe they have other plans for her maybe not. What do you guys think on why this route ? Im not sure we really need 2 Wee Vees. fell free to spitball some ideas down below on what you think some the reasons were.
  2. if you are going to watch that ^ you might want to put it on 2x speed but it has some good info on the ship. So anyway i was think we could spit ball some ideas if Maryland became the tier 6 prem instead of the WEE VEE how would you make it a fun ship at tier 6 to play it doesn't event have to be all that good at tier 6 but i think the important part is that it should be at least enjoyable to play. I know that tier 6 MM isnt the best right now but that is no fault of the ship other tier 6 ships are in the same boat. so post your ideas and comments down below. because if they do end up doing a tier 7 Wee Vee they will still have to balance a tier 6 Maryland first, I would also hope that this ship would still be an interesting ship to play swell.
  3. I had a comment last night that I wanted to flesh out more. Concerning the addition of the (early 1920s and less desirable) West Virginia, I looked at the ship and immediately lost all desire to purchase it. I've not been one of those players around since beta or active on the forums, but additional US standard type battleships have been one of the classes I've been looking forward to the most (it was the topic that even brought me to the forum). I really do desire most a T7 version of either Tennessee or California post refit the most (as I do love my Arizona and I enjoyed New Mex in the grind), but the addition of the last and greatest of standards was a highly anticipated moment. West Virginia should be the apex of the line, the cream of the crop, and the Standard that can best stand against the newer battleships. However, at the same time, I realize that WG is going to go out of its way to turn a profit, and a quick turn around on an A hull is, depressingly, one of the ways to go. And I can't hold that against them; while I do not own them myself, one of my clan mates does have Mutsu and Kii and she finds both of them to be some of her favorite ships to play in general. I did consider Ashitaka in the past, but reviews that I read about her led me away from purchasing the vessel at the time. That's the sum total of my experience of the down-tiered battleships. As such, I don't doubt that they could be balanced around and could even be decent ships at the tier. However, I believe this is not the way to go about that situation, especially as it deprives WG the chance to turn additional profit down the line with a good post-refit West Virginia. As such, I figured I would lay out my own recommendation on how to handle the change so WG can have its cake and eat it too: T6 Premium - Colorado Yes, make the T6 vessel Colorado. This was the only unmodernized battleship of the three Colorado class, and it would be most fitting down at T6 in its old A hull form. This also clears the way for its replacement, which allows for potential further changes. T7 Tech Tree - Maryland I say make Maryland the tech tree variant, as this provides a potential Hull C refit in the future, which would modernize the AA weaponry and not much else. With the upcoming CV work, to the best of my understanding, AA will be made important again, so the buff brought about by a Hull C should be countered by that. From what I have read, Colorado as a tech tree ship is in need of a buff as it stands. This may be sufficient enough to buff the vessel without altering other statistics, such as improving Sigma again. T8 Premium - West Virginia This is where it is difficult - fitting WV in at T7 would mean likely sacrificing her accuracy. Making her a secondary ship only at T7 would be hard, as she lacks the speed to dictate engagement range, and it would be opposite of her actual status of having the best fire control of the sisters. It would either be that, nerfing her AA stats past what they should be, nerfing her reload speed akin to Arizona, just something in that regard. Or, one could put her at T8. Have accuracy as good as the old Colorado and better range, coming close to the NC in those terms (perhaps better Sigma but worse dispersion per km, as the latter I believe is the case). Her hull is short and her turrets are closer, so you have more similar firing angles in comparison to the newer vessels. Have torpedo protection likely better than Alabama. Have 4/5s the AA and secondaries of Massachusetts. And the biggest cost is being limited to 20-21 knots without a speed flag. It also is incredibly beamy, so it makes a big juicy target for HE spammers. If she needs additional buffs to actually be competitive at T8, those could be a number of things. Adjust the heal amount to compensate. It doesn't have to be Nelson's ship printer, but it can be higher than normal. Sigma, as mentioned, could be adjusted upwards - 2.05, perhaps even 2.1. You'd have a slow firing ship using old ammunition and that doesn't pierce as well as newer ammunition, so every shot would have to count more. Perhaps you could give her the Slot 5 Steering Gears Mod 3 - it'd fit with her ability to drive her shafts in opposite directions (Being turboelectric), and it'd grant her that extra bit of maneuverability to dodge incoming fire. Perhaps that combined with better accel through turns would allow her to maintain most of her speed in a turn, allowing better performance throughout. I had mentioned in other comments even a custom flavor consumable for any turboelectric vessel, Evasive Maneuvering, to simulate that - a consumable to reduce rudder shift, tactical diameter, and accel/deccel for 15-20 seconds while active. This could even take the place of the spotter plane, so those who would be sniping anyway would have to give up that extra maneuverability to do so. - Either way, it'd be a premium that is not necessarily easy to play, requires conscious awareness of the battlefield and a plan on how to engage it as you cannot react quickly to changes on the battlefield. It'd be a premium that would introduce a new playstyle to T8 (there are lots of fast and medium fast battleship, but no slow battleships) and it would reward patient play while punishing overextension. I don't see how it could be overpowering, just a tough hyperaccurate brick that can be outrun fairly successfully. - Oh, and if a US T7 premium battleship is needed, then there is a near immediate solution. T7 Premium California/Tennessee It would basically be putting New Mexico's turrets on West Virginia's hull, to be crude. It would have more guns of smaller caliber, and perhaps better accuracy, than the T7 tech tree Maryland, and it would have better torpedo protection, but it would also be one knot slower and only have roughly equivalent AA. It would also have the particular flaws of a 14" gun vs the 16" guns used on Maryland. It wouldn't have the secondary range of WV just because it would be the rough equivalent of Maryland rather than filling out a whole new niche on its own.