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Found 63 results

  1. Homogeneity

    At the end of the video they talk about introducing 8v8 in clan battles and allowing 2 battleships. Here's my question: Does this not simply turn clan battle strategy almost universally into send a bb, a dd, and two ca's to their respective flanks to see what happens? Does this homogenize CB strategy even more than it already was? Or am I simply not being imaginative enough? (PS: I do really like the idea of global clan battles btw.)
  2. maps

    I once heard that the Okinawa map was a map that they took from a real life location. are there any maps that are real life locations? (except ocean lol)
  3. Fix their damn maps and remove all the invisible get you stuck for no reason shallows and invisible extrusions from islands.
  4. It's been three years and we still have three modes that players like, tolerate and hate. My first proposal is a fix for Standard. Eliminate the caps and shrink the borders every so often. Force players to engage. Is it perfect? No. Does it forget about CVs completely? What's a CV. Still, i think it at least forces actions and eliminates camping. The second is a new Hot Zone or King of the Hill mode. One cap zone, the length of the map in the middle. Points go to the team with the most ships in caps. It's simple, yet effective. The video explains them better. Let's get the discussion rolling on new maps. I want to hear your ideas. It's time to get some positive change rolling to freshen up the game.
  5. WoWS needs a map rotation on a weekly bases. It'd make the "meta" more predictable, thus, empowering the players to be PRO-active in their ship/captain builds/selections. A map rotation also solves the problem of map monotony and can bring out some "unpopular" maps (aka the ones that are actually well designed) to light every once a while. A rotation also will make he map pool look bigger and lessen the demand for new maps.
  6. The New "Sleeping Giant" Map

    ....if you've seen this new map on the PTS you might've had the same reaction as me: ...great!....finally some new maps... ...but just looking at this one, you'd know it might well be a non-starter... ...at the beginning, I put "freakish" in the open chat... .....someone on our side put, "****ing stupid map" or words to that effect. ...I thought, if people put Tears of the Desert at the top of their hate list like I've seen, they'll hate this even worse.....there's not much of a way through to the enemy for most of the map, and the A zone is almost completely blocked off north/south for anything like a meeting engagement to take place--with high mountains, etc...I had to go from south of A clear to the C side and up the map edge to get into action without obstructions...we won, but I think it was strictly from having a better CV player... don't get me wrong--I want new maps of course and I'm glad they're in the pipeline, but this one looks like it would take a lot of adjusting to and at the end the only good thing about it is that it's equally a pain to both sides...
  7. I know that this is all over the forum know but here is. Just in case you do not feel like reading a wall of text and just want to hear the changes. But there is a wall on txt in the video just in case lol
  8. This map needs more rotation since many team have no clue how to play it other then camp at the bottom or sides of the map. It seems quite a large segment of players dont know the concept of shoot and move. Increse the rotation or at least bring more maps in with less or lower islands to change things up from camp to shoot and manuever
  9. Size and Battle Tier from: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Maps By Low Battle Tier and Size Size Battle Tier km x km Low High Islands 24 1 3 Polar 24 1 3 Solomon Islands 30 2 5 Big Race 30 2 5 Archipelago 30 3 5 Ring 36 4 6 Strait 36 4 7 New Dawn 36 4 7 Fault Line 42 5 7 Trident 48 6 8 North 48 6 9 Northern Lights 48 6 9 Estuary 42 7 9 Shards 42 7 10 Neighbors 42 7 10 Haven 42 7 10 Two Brothers 42 7 10 Hotspot 48 8 10 Land of Fire 48 8 10 Trap 48 (old) 8 10 Tears of the Desert 48 (old) 8 10 Okinawa 42 9 10 The Atlantic 48 9 10 Islands of Ice 48 9 10 Loop 48 9 10 Mountain Range 48 9 10 Sea of Fortune 48 9 10 Shatter 48 9 10 Sleeping Giant 48 9 10 Warriors Path 48 9 10 Ocean 36 10 10 Archipelago Tier III - V 30 x 30 km Update 12-03-16 The Atlantic Tier IX - X, Bastion Mode 48 x 48 km Update 03-04-18 Big Race Tier II - V 30 x 30 km Estuary Tier VII - IX (V & VI anecdotal) 42 x 42 km Update 12-03-16 Fault Line Tier V - VII (III & IV anecdotal) 42 x 42 km Haven Tier VII - X 42 x 42 km Added 3-6-17 Hotspot aka Bees to Honey Tier VIII - X 48 x 48 km Updated 3-28-18 Islands Tier I - III 24 x 24 km Islands of Ice Tier IX - X 48 x 48 km Land Of Fire aka Tierra del Fuego Tier VIII - X 48 x 48 km Updated 3-28-18 Loop aka Zigzag Tier IX - X 48 x 48 km Update 01-17-17 I've resubmitted the maps from Current Maps to this thread. With the removal of the Maps Discussion forum I feared that Current Maps will be buried in the general discussion forum. I'd like to send a shout out to @WolfofWarship for pinning this version of the thread. Full size maps are available by left clicking on the maps. Copy commands are available by right clicking on the full size map, including copy location. I think these will be useful to clan strategists.
  10. Rate the maps - Group 2

    Rate which maps you like and which you don't. First group
  11. Rate the maps - Group 1

    What are your opinions on the current maps? Rate which maps you like and which you don't. Second group And incase you forget which maps are which: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Maps
  12. That island in C? No tactical choices. Whoever put that island in C obviously never plays the game. You can go C and wait behind the island. Or swing wide and die early. You can go B and die early You can go A and pray your DDs can cap. Shatter is the worst map in the game, rigid, dull, with stupidly high islands. Same. game. every. time. If I am Solo, I am exiting from now on. Not playing that garbage ever again. It's a complete waste of time. Shame on the people who created that garbage and forced us to swallow it. Devs, play the game sometime. You might be shocked at how unplayably stupid most of the high tier maps are.
  13. Just curious what people's opinions are about the development of new content in the game. Feel free to leave your thoughts below the poll. Thanks for all positive feedback!
  14. New Maps

    Seen a lot of new ships come out lately but do they ever make new maps? A lot of you have played more than me, but even for me at 900 battles the maps are getting stale. It can't help player retention. I would love to be able to play 10 straight games and not play the same map twice. Never happens. Appreciate it if someone could tell me they will make more.
  15. Tears of the Desert

    It is time for this horrible map to be removed from the game. This map is beyond saving and it is the dumbest map in the whole game. The entire match, people just sit behind islands and camp, taking shots over islands and never advancing. There are no tactics involved on this map, only a game of who can camp the best. High tier maps in general are beyond low quality, and need serious help.
  16. Strange Symbols

    Has anyone else been noticing all the strange symbols on the maps? Is this indicative of a special event?
  17. Location, Location, Location

    Once upon a time I tried to get a discussion of strategies going; today I was going to use this topic as a question for the unicum help desk, but the form wouldn't load in Firefox or work in IE, so oh well. But anyways, more and more (especially for the past six months compared to last year) I've been seeing lots of ships go haring off in counter-productive directions once they spawn into a match and work up speed. This is also something I still struggle with in matches, often finding myself too exposed at start or too far away during the middle, if not simply outranged & outclassed thanks to matchmaker giving me the ol' ''4Q''. So my question is, Positioning; - Are there any guidelines to determining good positioning habits versus bad positioning habits. - Which ships, or types of ships, should almost always go to support the nearest cap or flank (depending on mode). - When playing in division, how far a distance is it acceptable or effective to get from other div-mates or the team itself. - How often should a player not fire in order to try and conceal their ship moving into its most effective range, as damage=experience. - How much time is acceptable for a ship to take it's guns out of the fight, whether by range or terrain, to support a cap or flank (depending on mode). - What to do if players find themselves outnumbered on the weak side, because less than four or five ships bothered to support that cap or flank (depending on mode). - Is there anything that can be done if players find themselves in the path of a red push or outright lemming train, just because they spawned near that cap or flank (depending on mode). - How do players in low tier ships compensate for finding themselves spawned ahead of the team or out on a flank; in particular when detected early by a red DD before they can reposition out of being focused.
  18. Tatertoplaptop player here. Hence my puter is very sensitive to any change related to graphics. This last patch mentioned some changes which of course they said would improve performance. I've had TWO thermal shutdowns since the patch. Everyone will tell me otherwise - but in the past after such announcements, certain maps would pound your machine at least twice as bad as other maps. My understanding - since they keep things close to the chest and you got to guess - is they sometimes forget to optimize/compress the graphics for the low quality game players. I'd like to know if you guys have seen any greater demand on your graphics cards (those with separate cards) or MB graphic chips, most notably fans running longer, hotter CPU temps, that sort of thing.
  19. Hate these smaller maps

    I am not blowing this out of proportions, i hate those smaller maps, they have taken all the positioning etc out of the game. If you are in a battleship you start the game in range of other ships. Hate this to the point that i am considering putting this game away for good.
  20. Does anyone have a list of the map names as they appear in replays? For example, I know that Hotspot is labelled as "bees_to_honey", and Shatter is "Canada". Edit: Messed up Shatter and Warriors' Path
  21. Hello everyone, A very straight forward question. I have gotten my hands on an original copy of the United states destroyer operations of WW2. I have a question about the Battle charts used in the book. I have taken 3 pictures / examples. My question: In these 3 battle charts. You can see large smoke clouds along the course of a ship during the battle. Are these the symbols for smoke clouds? Or is this the symbol showing when a ship is firing its main or secondary batteries? I cannot find a legend in the book itself. I thought I would turn here for help as the users are very knowledgeable. sorry for the low quality shots il try to provide some more when I am back home.
  22. map sizes

    I find that maps for upper tier battles are to small when a ship can shoot across the entire map and kill lower tier ships seems a bit unfair these maps should be enlarged for any tier IX & X battles to bring them into line with lower tier maps at least to scale anyway
  23. What is the Cyclone Map?

    i keep hearing mention of a storm map, but don't see it listed in the list of maps on the Wiki? What is the cyclone map? And when will I see it? ( I am at tier V moving swiftly up to tier VI right now)
  24. Anyone noticed how beautiful the North and Iceberg maps look now? Nice work, that. Probably some of the others got makeovers, but i haven't seen them yet.
  25. I think the team that spawns south is advantaged on Shards. The general flow of play on this map is that the South Team takes the A cap and the North Team takes the C cap. Both duel over the B cap. Good idea overall but the two caps are not equally accessible nor do the provide equal access to the B cap. The South Team access into the A cap is overall better. The entry points between islands are angled and give good protection. The island at F4 protects from fire from the center. The North Team must commit to E3 in order to get shots into A and even then the island at G4 in the cap provides protection. There are no islands that provide cover for the North Team when pushing into the A cap. The North Team has good access to the C cap but all the entry points are open to fire from the south immediately. The island at D7 provides protection from the south but is open to fire from the west as soon as the South Team secures the A cap. The large island at E7, E8 is angled and prevents the North Team from firing into the B cap without exposing themselves to fire from the west and south west. The South Team has good protection for de-capping and attack on the C cap from the islands around F8 and the 9 line. The South Team is good protected fire from the G5 spot between the islands into the B cap. This is immediately available to the South Team. The North Team has a firing lane into the B cap from the south of the big island at E7, E8. The positions to the north of the E7, E8 island are open to return fire from multiple directions. This means that the North Team has to push south before it has good firing positions into the B cap. The South Team has islands (F8 and G7) that allow them to defend against this push south and slow it. The one big island at E4 doesn't provide the same protection for the North Team if they are trying to slow the advance of the South Team out of the A cap. The position and the shape of that island allows for fire from the west and the south. In many Random matches the North Team winds up with ships milling about behind this island slowly getting picked apart. These factors give the South Team the ability to cap B and defend it earlier than the North Team. This disadvantages the North Team forcing them to be more aggressive to make up the deficit. Comments, arguments, and disagreements welcome. Edit: added Map http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Shards