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Found 1 result

  1. Yes we here at WG are always pushing the boundaries of the game, we brought you Ocean a map that gives the players a chance to slug it out in the open. But we listened to feedback on maps and how you want to play the game. And we are going even further in the development of this game with two new exciting maps " JUNGLE " and " DESERT". Yes we are proud to show you some exclusive screen shots from our internal testing. DESERT MAP Yes for those back line brawlers, border humpers and all round campers this map gives you the chance to sit in the spawn area and just spam to your hearts content without moving a inch. JUNGLE MAP Yes this will be another great map for those types of players that spawn and rush to the nearest island and hide, the dynamics of this map is the whole area is one big island for both teams. When you spawn on this map no one will see you and you just sit there in peace and harmony, As you can see from this screen shot the DEV department is producing a special camouflage ( RUSTIC JUNGLE ) in conjunction with this maps release, for the low low price 100000 credits you get this wonderful Camo that will make your game play on JUNGLE MAP that much more fun. More Announcements will follow shortly