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Found 1 result

  1. Just started (2+ weeks ago) playing WoWs, and I'm doing coop games to learn the basics. On a specific load screen (after queue screen; the map screen) the WoWs designers give this advice: "Maneuver by changing your speed and course to throw off the enemy's aim." Now, I can understand this advice when playing against a human opponent, but against a bot? Especially bots secondaries... I'd think it much more likely that "chance to hit" would rely on some simple mathematical formula using maybe distance away, speeds and size of ship being fired upon, but maneuvering? Would a certain "basic amount" of maneuvering (over time) affect the bot's aim a certain amount? Would "more maneuvering" during a specific amount of time throw off the bot's aim more than "less maneuvering?" Is maneuvering BOTH to the right and left better than only to one side? Does changing SPEED throw off the bot's aim MORE than changing COURSE? Or do they affect it equally? So, how does the computer compare the two? Does changing your speed A LOT have the equivalent effect of changing your course A LOT? Who decides the parameters on what A LOT is? And if you changed BOTH speed AND course would you throw off the bot's aim the most of all? And would you have to do this maneuvering between the time EACH secondary fired? And since the secondaries fire individually, rather than in salvoes, you'd simply do best by maneuvering constantly? I just think it unlikely that all this got considered in some mathematical formula that then got programmed into the game just for the bots, especially for their individual secondaries. Why any of this matters... It's a fact that maneuvering by changing course affects your speed. It dips just a bit, going from FULL and dropping into the 3/4 range, depending on how violent the maneuvers are. And, of course, changing speed up and down would also drop your overall speed down some, too. In both cases this means that it would take MORE TIME to reach your target (say, to launch torpedoes at medium/close range), and MORE TIME would then translates into MORE SHOTS that the enemy bot could take at you, potentially causing MORE DAMAGE. Or sinking you. So have the programmers at WoWs said they've got some fancy formula programmed in for the bots that includes all types of maneuvering and their combos, or is it actually smarter to rush bots as fast as you possibly can (in a straight line; no maneuvering)? Just wondering.... PS Sorry if this question has already been asked and answered. I tried going through the archived pages, but there's just so many of them! A search of "maneuvering" + "bots" didn't yield anything.