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Found 2 results

  1. In short, the Atlanta while now less always at a loss for all its guns, suffers due to the "Magic Hitbox" issue for CA's especially where things either do nothing or you get half your HP gone from off the map due to water splashing you via AOE AP... along with its lack of any armor not that it helps much when armor does nothing currently for CAs, lol. USN CA's are currently a giant easy to kill nothing on part with the Cleveland, and others also less good at times. (the clev has some armor against other cruisers and better range.) Atly CAN do good if you have low land to hide behind and a target BB 7km away, but it's too situational. But what if we bump it to tier 8 so it can use those upgrades, namely for stealth? Along with the CO. skill the Atlanta could start in the meta we have to be worth something in how the game is played. Or give it smoke is it isn't 100% doa every time you do anything to help your team. (the USSR ship at 8 is way better and yet gets smoke, as will the UK cruisers, so Wynaut?) Either give the Atlanta Smoke or buff its HP some more with a tad of range at tier 8 so can use more upgrades.
  2. Hello my favorite community, How do I turn chat off to prevent from this occurring again? I keep trying to inform players on how to play the game correctly, providing advice and insight and got this instead. Rather unfortunate, but sacrifices must be made in the journey to become a community contributor and super tester that has integrity, professionalism, and is kind! [edited] Moderated by Volier_Zcit