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Found 3 results

  1. I have had this ship for a little over 24 hours and I have been following the forum and know the views that have been written about it, I have also played a number of games and its certainly a handful to play and that's putting it mildly. For all intense and purpose the ships design appears that the hull that was languishing in a port for so many years has been dry-docked by WG given a Atlantic bow and various other modifications. Now WG have decided to give this ship some sought of Ahistorical refit ok fine if there going to that way why does it look like the ship look modern but the fire control systems still WW1 standard, what is the actual year that WG are basing this so called refit. The in game description says its a 1914 class Mackensen Battle Cruiser which is certainly not correct anymore, the original design might have been. Looking at the main armament I see the turrets are 350mm L/42 SC C/14, what are these because a quick Google of them comes up SNAKES EYES, the ships of this class were suppose to have 35 cm SK L/45 guns which were still around in numbers as late as 1922. In fact its entire armament suite main and secondaries seem fictitious as even the secondaries were suppose to have L/45 guns. Now I am not expert of naval guns maybe these fictitious guns are better than the ones that should be on the ship but the fact remains that through the interwar period and the early part of WW2 Germany was one of the leading Nations in Naval radar, aviation and fire control systems. All I see is a refurbished ship for eye candy sake with a antiquated weaponry system hopelessly outclassed facing modern fast warships with better firing systems that have been converted into game terms for WOWS. If someone from the design department would kindly explain to me what year this mythical refit for this ship would have taken place. Quite frankly I would have rather had a true Mackensen class BattleCruiser at a lower tier.
  2. Essentially, the title. I've been thinking about going back to using Aiming Systems Mod 1, but I'm not sure if it's the right call. On one hand, I've found that Aiming Systems Mod 1 makes my main guns substantially more accurate at ranges beyond my secondaries, and my highest damage game in the Bismarck to date came with it equipped. On the other hand, the German BBs are all about those secondaries: If the Space Battles taught me anything, it's that the GK's secondaries are literally perfect. I'm just not sure if it's the right move. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.
  3. I was reviewing the Kronstadt and the Stalingrad and their HE projectiles are the same 1928 model, however the stalingrand is far superior to the Kronshtadt. but why??? being the same projectile model 1928 HE the estaligrand has 33% and the kronshtadt 24% was also reviewed oktyabrskaya revolutsiya that has caliber 305mm matches the same percentage of HE with 33%, I guess that is according to the caliber of the projectile the velocity of the projectile 1928 HE of the kronshtadt is of 920 m / s and the staligrand 950 m / s. also revised the dispersion with a similar range the difference is very remarkable the kronshtadt has 271m with 21.1k the staligrand has 219m with 20.4 I think that we should have the same values in both protectiles if they are the same model, I think an unfair nerf towards the kronstadt equal its very exaggerated dispersion 271mm ??? his HE of the kronshtad is inferior in everything to the staligrand and to the oktyabrskaya revolutsiya even the margin of damage. Damaged HE 305mm staligrand = 4500 33% HE 1928 / 950 m/s kronshtadt = 4200 24% HE 1928 / 920m/s oktyabrskaya revolutsiya = 4500 33% HE 1911--------