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Found 2 results

  1. So this has happened to me twice this last week both times in BBs, once in Preussen and now in Musashi. The first time it happened I assumed it was a fluke as I've had detonations happen in BBs before all be it they are extremely rare and for me they happened on low tier BBs (maybe 2 twice in 3 years as a BB main). But twice in one week? and both times by sub launched torps? one from a tier 8? Is this a new mechanic or is RNG just unhappy with me? Both of those ships are very well protected. Musahi having a 55 Percent torp damage reduction in my build and the magazines are in both cases fully protected by the belt armor and torpedo defense So I'm having a hard time seeing how it's possible. Can anyone shed some light on that?
  2. anonym_auUiRfWCi1jI

    Weak Spot overlay -

    We've all seen them, the "World of X Weak Spots" videos. So, Wargaming took no exception to it, and now many use these to augment their style of play. I'm curious how this community will embrace these overlays, how they may influence the overall dynamic by which players engage, and if overlays will be of any practical use by end-tiers, considering. Before we dive off into the actual overlays, unlike World of Tanks, where these overlays were linear in nature, now we will concern ourselves with asymmetric fire, plunging fire to be more precise. Will these overlays be useful? And who will be able to use them? Will Wargaming provide a level of control for aerial attacks to consider these weak spots, or will aircraft be locked into static attack patterns (another discussion, no doubt)? Here's an opportunity to gauge how certain ships thwart off attacks, where they are less likely to, and where a precise hit will slice through a boat like a butter knife. Not so different than WoT overlays, here is a short list of spots to be coded: Magazine Navigation Engine Main Guns AA Guns Side Armor Deck Armor Sweet Spot (Critical Damage, Sinking, BOOM!, etc) Comments? Suggested overlay pics? (Get out your ship diagrams and let the overlays begin!)