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Found 1 result

  1. Got London as a rental and I hate it. Vulnerable as ****. HP is poor, armor is nonexistent with the citadel WAY to exposed. Heal doesn't heal quite as good as Devonshire (London heals up to 346 x 10 = 3,460 with full consumable build while Devonshire heals 143 x 28 = 4004 BASE) Guns are basically trash cans that fire off cans. The gun damage numbers are off and in reality the guns only get about 750 dmg per HE pen but with no hope of setting fires. AP Pens are very hard to get but if you do get one expect only around 1,500 dmg Detection is horrible. When you fire off your guns in smoke your detection range becomes the same as the torpedo range. Maneuverability and speed is OK. You can get going maybe 30 knots before you have to turn for one reason or another. Also, angling is ineffective with her due to the 16mm bow and stern against citadels. AA defense isn't too shabby although I would use priority sector otherwise AA is poor as well. Smoke is a nice addition but it is practically useless with the high detectability while firing in smoke Hydro is nice. Not really that useful for detecting ships but the long action time and short reload time is good if your up against anything with torpedoes Torpedoes are the ONLY good thing about this ship, with high damage and flood chance and with the ability to launch them individually. HOWEVER the low range and poor angles of them means that if you are launching torpedoes it is a last ditch effort that you are going to die from and not even kill the enemy with OVERALL: London is a copy pasted Devonshire with different hydro and worse smoke and with slightly changed numbers that do nothing besides make the ship worse. Only reason I am making this in Gameplay Suggestions is because I want to see her get buffs.