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Found 25 results

  1. Edit: I am posting this here to make sure the majority of mac players see this as it is difficult to locate wrapper support on these forums and this has the most traffic. It took a long time to get this working as this New Years Update really screwed over us mac people, but finally, after weeks of suffering, I worked out the confirmed fix. I know you PC players are about to comment saying for us to get a "real" computer or some pathetic insult but idc lol ---------------- Alrighty guys! I have fantastic news. After chatting with CodeWeavers and WarGaming for a week, I got the fix for all the crashes, fps drops, and basically everything. Here is everything you need to do. Some of this is a combination of CodeWeavers, Wargaming, and my brain. Please thank all 3 if you get a chance. After I did all of this, my games runs at a constant 71 FPS with Low Graphic settings with no drop, and all the crashing (especially after matches) is finally gone. STEP 1: Click on this link. For the access code, type in "oem". Unzip it and click on the application. You should get an immediate notification on the top left of your screen saying all Wargaming files have been moved to the trash. Step 2: Go to your trash and empty it. Step 3: Click on your desktop make sure on the top of the screen, it says "Finder". On the top of your screen, select "Go". Then, "Go to Folder". In the blank space, type in "~/Library". Then hit enter. Click on the Application Support Folder. Then find the World of Warships Folder and drag that into the trash. On the same screen, find the Wargaming.net Game Center folder and drag that into the trash. (To Note: These are "hidden" files that cannot be located without specific command. This is why deleting the game does nothing for Macs because these two specific files need to be deleted) Step 4: Go to the Applications folder and if you see the WarGaming Application, drag that to the trash. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T OPEN IT, OTHERWISE, YOU NEED TO RESTART THIS WHOLE PROCESS AGAIN Step 5: Empty the trash Step 6: Restart computer Step 7: Make sure you are running MAC OS CATALINA. Yes, the game does run on it fine. If it isn't on Catalina, I am sure this fix still works but better be safe than sorry. Step 8: Go to Wargaming Website and install client and install Wows. When download and in game, change the graphic settings to "Very Low" Step 9: Destroy them ships Captain!.
  2. Hi NA forum! I’m having some issues with launching the game. I play on a 13.5 in. early 2015 Mac laptop. This occurred randomly one day well after 8.11’s installation. Beforehand, the game was running fine. I kept getting this error message below. So I created a ticket, sent it to WG, and was told to uninstall and reinstall from a Mac beta wrapper for the WG gamecenter. I followed these steps in addition to updating to the latest OS Catalina and clearing up memory. I tried again from the same wrapper WG provided and got the same error message. I understand my laptop isn’t the most ideal platform to run WoWs; however, it was running fine before this. Thoughts? Much appreciated, Merry Christmas!
  3. It doesn't open past the launcher. Pressing play on the launcher simply results in that little window appearing. Please help, I just wanna try out the new CVs.
  4. I need to submit a Ticket, but am unable to as it requires that I run WGCheck.exe and attach the generated report. WGCheck.exe does not run on a Mac. Game seizing up
  5. Randomly curious. I keep getting email from wargaming. Asking me to come back. Last I heard, the mac client was still broken. Is this still true? @Radar_X
  6. Hi there -- It has been a week since my last check. I did not notice if there was a new patch out. I assume the mac client is still FUBAR. I have lost complete touch with what is going on in Wows. I also haven't see any email or forum post about compensation for the mac client mess. Does anyone else know if anything has changed? I don't think I really care about speculation. I am not certain I care any more about the answer.... but maybe the questions I asked have an answer.....? I am weirdly surprised that it has "only" been since 4/21 that I stopped even trying to play. Seems even longer. :-) I guess addiction withdrawal is like that. As a side note, I tried playing WoT and it is impossible to start a Tier I battle (NA server) except during the day.
  7. I stopped playing with 0.8.2. 0.8.3 is completely broken on the Mac. Its Monday. I thought I would check in to see if the Mac client crashes have been fixed. Lets define "fixed" as in no in-battle crashes. I can live with crashes when exiting a battle. If it is still borked, I would like to know before spending any time on downloading it and reinstalling the client.
  8. NotSelenaGomez

    Mac Version Won't Launch

    I downloaded the game on a partition of my iMac that has Windows 10 and it works fine, but I have downloaded the Mac version (launcher) on two Macs. Both, when I click play, it just closes the app instead of starting the game. What am I doing wrong?
  9. AstroF16

    MacOS WOW not Loading

    I just upgraded the latest version and now the WOW program will not launch when I click the play button. Shuts down. this is happening on 3 MacOS systems I have it loaded.
  10. Hey guys, Been running WOWS on my newest MAC, the newest update installed fine, but on launching the game it encounters an error and shuts down. Seems to be with the interface of the launching software and the game itself.any help?? would like to avoid uninstall and complete reinstall (and not sure if that would help).
  11. (I have a 2014 Mac Pro) It works just fine but its a MAC) Well, Ive played almost 5000 games and I love playing WOWS, but this most recent update may be the end for me and this game. Ever since I downloaded WOWS 2 years ago, Ive encountered problems running it. Crashing every 2-3 games, sometimes every game. Slowly lowering all my settings just so I could get minimal playing graphics. I mean its always laggy but I still enjoy the game and I understand that when I play. Unfortunately, its not the new update that has [edited] me. Its the CV update. Whatever you may think of the new CV update, it requires a higher level computer to run. I know this because if there is a CV, and it comes to fight near me. The whole game goes to crapand it has a 50/50 chance of crashing. When there is no CV in the game, it runs just like before and I can get 1-3 games in before a crash. However even then its so laggy and crapthat i'm a detriment to my team. I actually like the direction the CV update went (even Eurobeat likes it and he quit the game) but there are always players playing CVs and now im [edited] cause I just simply cant play the game anymore. I mean I could, lagging everywhere, screwing my team and playing like crapbut Im competitive and want to be a good player. so no, Its done. its over. Time to watch flambass and noster to slowly bleed myself out. Maybe when I get a new computer, Ill look at a different one than a mac, but thats unlikely cause I really like them. You just cant game. ALSO BUFF the [edited]ROMA, its unplayable but I love it. And at some point you cant hit anything between 0-10 km
  12. njroc

    WOWS Start up procedures

    Greetings: Under 8.x, I have found that opening and closing the program 2-3 times on a Mac helps reduce the chances of the game not going to the port and not leaving you AFK for the first game. Step One: Start program and give the Wine Wrapper a chance to engage. Close. Step Two: Start program a second time to get the WOWS server to discover the Mac trying to connect. Push Connect button, wait a minute, then Close. Step Three: Start the program a third time to get Wine Wrapper and Server alerted. Push Connect button. Wait for port to load. This should make the computer ready for a match. After every 2 matches, close out and restart game. After every match, log-off server and reconnect. Oftentimes, the server will log you off automatically and you have to connect again in any case after a match. The rest breaks between matches also takes care of the CPU heating problem. Have Fun ! NJRoc--Salt Free
  13. Greetings: After a rough start with the original patch in which many Macintosh players could not load the game, The game is now playable under and The same play procedure should be followed in that the game should be shut down and restarted after every match to keep the mac wrapper/program platform from freezing. My guess is that closing the game clear out any issues when this PC game was "hot-wired" using the wrapper. Keep the graphics at low settings and try to avoid anything above Tier 6. The game is playable but I noticed that the CPU get hot after several high tier matches. Lower end Macs are not suited for the Unicom Tier 10 crowd with their specialized machines. However, the average player can have fun with WOWS at low tiers. NJRoc
  14. Quite simply, whenever I play high tier matches, the moment the anti aircraft on other ships starts blasting, all the little particles really slow my already slow 21 FPS. Yes I use a mac, it's not the best, but the update increased my crashing to every game I join. Is there anyway to tone down these effects?
  15. C_Zenit

    WoWs for Mac: what works reliably?

    About half way through last year, a WoWs update broke WoWs on my older Mac - crashed when trying to load the main game client (after you hit "connect" on the login screen) with a WINE error. Complete re-install didn't fix the problem. Prior to this, it ran very reliably. Recently upgraded the SSD on another Mac so I now had enough room to install WoWs. Loaded to the port screen and pre-game screens fine, silently crashed to desktop when trying to load the game proper from the pre-game screen. Logged back in twice only to have it immediately fail twice. Successfully loaded game once I dropped the graphics level from "medium" to "low". However, it still occasionally silently crashes to desktop during games, without warning. I see this ONLY with WoWs, not with other games. (Note: haven't checked WoT recently, although it was working for several months last year after WoWs stopped working) Platforms: 2011 iMac, 10Gb RAM, 10.10, 10.13: always fails with WINE error on "connect" 2012 MacBook Pro, 8Gb RAM, 10.12: works on low graphics settings, modulo occasional crashes I'm looking at buying a new computer - probably a Mac - sometime soon. If you have a Mac platform that WoWs works "reliably" on, please let me know. Please list Model, memory, OS version, approximate graphics level. Thanks
  16. For those of us playing WOWS using a Mac, shut down and restart the game after 1-2 matches to avoid timeouts and penalties for not participating. I had to accumulate 41 penalty games in co-op before figuring this out. Timeouts seem to also be happening for PCs so the problem is a bug that appeared in the Nov. 2018 updates. NJroc
  17. Since the prior Update, I've had a subdued box appear at the top of my Port Screen (the Shipyard) that is rectangular shaped and will have - 1. Carrier's. 2. Battleships. 3. Cruisers. 4. Destroyers that will remain until a Battle begins. Nothing I have tried makes it go away. When I click on one of the types of ships I'll get either a number of boxes or a number followed by a line in super bright yellow spread across the entire screen roughly in the center area and (using a typing term) with spaces vertically and horizontally. Yes, I do use an Apple but don't believe this is an Apple issue, but a WoWs one. It is continuing at random intervals with the newest Upgrade installed. Any clues?????????
  18. Submarines in WOWS--It is an interesting concept. A few points to consider: 1. NEW Game engine--Macwrapper from Code Weavers will have to do a new wrapper for subs. They already are probably working on one for the new CV play. I wonder if the WOWs Halloween game will even play in October 2018 ? 2. Subs of WW2 vintage did around 25 knots on the surface. WW1 did 18 knots on the surface. Speed will drop to 8 knots or so submerged (this may not be an issue with the Oxygen meter). Depending on how long you are underwater, a sub may have to fire quickly before surfacing. There will be no Irwin Allen Seaviews or 1990s vintage SeaQuest DSV subs in the game doing 30 or more knots underwater. The vessels will be SLOW 3. DDs are getting overtaxed as the main sub hunter. CAs had provisions for subs. You can see the equipment on the Tier 3 Aurora. So does (yes) the Tier 1 sloops. Note that they have depth charge deployment devices on them. While any of these ships have a role in sub chasing ? 4. CV aircraft did a fair amount of sub chasing (as well as the Zeppelins of WW2 US Navy). What role would they have ? 5. While the German U-Boats fired fore and aft torpedoes, the American "O" and "S" classes, if memory serves correct, fired only from the BOW in WW1 and later. I will give WOWS credit for thinking of all the Gamers who have asked for submarines. It will be the hardest ship class to put in if they proceed. It would be a programmer's nightmare given all the changes needed to get submarines to work right. Astrosaint
  19. YeOldeTraveller

    Getting started with Game Center on a Mac

    [I received a question regarding getting the Game Center running on a Mac. I don't have one, so I am starting this thread to collect the needed information to develop a Quick Start Guide for new users.] Where does one get the installer for a fresh install of the Game Center for OSX? What are the steps that need to be followed for most users? (We can add significant variations as we run into them. OSX should be pretty consistent system to system, so I hope the variations are minimal.) Thanks for input on this thread. Please limit discussion here to information that will help other players get the software installed and running on their system.
  20. Avenge_December_7

    (Mac) Replay Controls And Update?

    So, a few questions about replays when viewing them on a Mac. How do free-cam and all that? When I'm viewing a CV replay, for instance, I can only follow my exact movements and viewpoints, and cannot, for instance, go and see what an enemy battleship on the other side of the map is doing, nor can I view the movements of individual squadrons when the gameplay camera is not displaying them. What are the controls for replays in Mac? Am I understanding it correctly that, should the game update, all previous replays are no longer viewable?
  21. Is there a way to move the larger game files or the whole game to an external SSD? The 59+ gig or so is eating too much space. I have an external 1TB USB 3.0 drive that I would like to migrate my data or even a clean install. I looked in the app package and found the installer config file. It appears some drive paths updates could do the trick but I had no luck. Any advice?
  22. Hello my fellow gamers, I do understand there has already been lots of threads already done on this topic, but the ones I have seen are only specified for Windows. I am not sure if that would also apply to Mac users, so I have created this. I'm currently using a Macbook Air with 120 GB of hard drive. Installing WoWs brought me down to 9 GB left from about 70 GB, meaning that it's taking up 61 GB of space. I was wondering which files I could delete from the "Updates" folder (for all the Mac users). A quick reply would be really useful, as my computer is running out of space. >-> Thanks, Some random person
  23. Avenge_December_7

    Mac: Bigworld Client Unhanded Exception

    So today, I died barely five minutes into the match because 2 seconds after I began engaging enemy destroyers in combat, this error popped up. Does anyone know how to fix this on a mac?
  24. Okay, so I want to preface this by saying I've tried it all. Lower the Graphics. Clean Installs (yes, that's plural). The Studly Utility. Clean Installs with the Studly Utility. Forcing the Wrapper to Update. Making sure my system exceeds the Recommended System Requirements (It does). I also want to preface this with the fact that I know Macs are not the ideal gaming computers. However, a Mac is what I am stuck with, and "just by a Windows" is not an option that is on the table right now. With all of that in mind, I have been suffering extreme FPS drops lately, since the big Update. My game will freeze completely, dropping to 1 frame every 6 seconds, and then speed up, which looks kinda funny as I careen across the water, except it is unplayable in this state, which is why, as of now, I've deleted the game off of my computer, since having a ~50GB game on my computer that I can't play is pointless. The other thing is that World of Tanks, a game which is older, less-well-optimized, and just had a massive engine update works perfectly. I've been playing in Co-Op because I got a 10 game penalty for crashing out of PVP several times (while trying to fix the game, mind you), and even there I get huge FPS drops. And, as always, the Support Center is worthless with Mac, always passing the buck to CodeWeavers, who, in-turn, pass the buck back to Wargaming. So, does anyone know any other workarounds for this kind of problem? Whether it is for the Mac Wrapper or it's a game issue, how do I fix it?