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Found 13 results

  1. Skipper1931

    Mac Launcher Doesn't Install

    So I made a WoWs account today, downloaded the installer, etc. When I opened up the launcher and downloaded the game itself, everything went fine. The little bar at the bottom filled up at a reasonable speed. When I thought the installation was about to be completed, the attached error came up. This confused me, as I had made sure to clear up space on my drive for the game. Does anyone know what's causing this error and how to fix it? Thanks!
  2. For those of us playing WOWS using a Mac, shut down and restart the game after 1-2 matches to avoid timeouts and penalties for not participating. I had to accumulate 41 penalty games in co-op before figuring this out. Timeouts seem to also be happening for PCs so the problem is a bug that appeared in the Nov. 2018 updates. NJroc
  3. Since the prior Update, I've had a subdued box appear at the top of my Port Screen (the Shipyard) that is rectangular shaped and will have - 1. Carrier's. 2. Battleships. 3. Cruisers. 4. Destroyers that will remain until a Battle begins. Nothing I have tried makes it go away. When I click on one of the types of ships I'll get either a number of boxes or a number followed by a line in super bright yellow spread across the entire screen roughly in the center area and (using a typing term) with spaces vertically and horizontally. Yes, I do use an Apple but don't believe this is an Apple issue, but a WoWs one. It is continuing at random intervals with the newest Upgrade installed. Any clues?????????
  4. To all Macintosh players of World of Warships: Since the release of 7.4, there has been a tendency for the game the crash in the first 2 matches you play. The game slows down and finally stops working within 30 seconds of the start of the match. Sometimes the computer locks up and a hard reboot is required to restart the computer and get the game running. The problem seems to clear up after 1-2 crashes. It seems it takes the Mac hardware those crashes to "adjust" to running the WOWS software. The problem only periodically surfaced in versions prior to 7.8. Now it is regular enough that Mac players should follow the following precautions while playing WOWS: 1. For the first 1-2 matches, DO NOT PLAY a ship higher than Tier 3. Do not add any flags or camo to those ships. Play ONLY CO-OP so that you will not throw a ranked, scenario, or other type of higher end match. The game will most likely shut down those 1-2 matches you play and you will likely get pinked for going AFK. 2. After the 2 matches, the game and computer stabilizes so you do not have additional crashes. You can do normal play after that at least up to Tier 7-8. If the player shuts down WOWS and tries to play it again at a later time, the defect appears again and you have to play the first 2 co-op matches again to allow the program to settle down to a more normal state. 3. As a precaution, play at Tier 5 or less until Code Weavers of Minnesota, USA can update the Mac Wrapper. They are already probably doing this for the submarines and the new class of CV gaming. These defect may induced a faster modification. Tier 5 ad below uses slower ships, smaller maps, and fewer resources like radar and sonar thus making the program less demanding on the Mac.
  5. Submarines in WOWS--It is an interesting concept. A few points to consider: 1. NEW Game engine--Macwrapper from Code Weavers will have to do a new wrapper for subs. They already are probably working on one for the new CV play. I wonder if the WOWs Halloween game will even play in October 2018 ? 2. Subs of WW2 vintage did around 25 knots on the surface. WW1 did 18 knots on the surface. Speed will drop to 8 knots or so submerged (this may not be an issue with the Oxygen meter). Depending on how long you are underwater, a sub may have to fire quickly before surfacing. There will be no Irwin Allen Seaviews or 1990s vintage SeaQuest DSV subs in the game doing 30 or more knots underwater. The vessels will be SLOW 3. DDs are getting overtaxed as the main sub hunter. CAs had provisions for subs. You can see the equipment on the Tier 3 Aurora. So does (yes) the Tier 1 sloops. Note that they have depth charge deployment devices on them. While any of these ships have a role in sub chasing ? 4. CV aircraft did a fair amount of sub chasing (as well as the Zeppelins of WW2 US Navy). What role would they have ? 5. While the German U-Boats fired fore and aft torpedoes, the American "O" and "S" classes, if memory serves correct, fired only from the BOW in WW1 and later. I will give WOWS credit for thinking of all the Gamers who have asked for submarines. It will be the hardest ship class to put in if they proceed. It would be a programmer's nightmare given all the changes needed to get submarines to work right. Astrosaint
  6. A notation from a Mac player of WOWS: The new version of the CV/Carrier aircraft play will probably mandate a NEW version of Mac Wrapper. I doubt the current wrapper will be CV 2.0 friendly. I trust our friends at Code Weavers have a new Wrapper in the wings given the overhaul of the game engine for CV. In terms of defects, I have noticed that the game crashes 1-2 times within the first 2 games. After the 1-2 crashes, the game is stable. Those of you playing Ranked may want to play a few coop games to get the Mac adjusted for game play. It takes about 90 seconds for my Mac to restart the game and I am often at where I left off before the -35ms delay kicks in. The computer disconnects from server at that point. CV 2.0 looks interesting. I am using up the CV 1.0 flags that I have set aside for CV play before the change. Astrosaint
  7. YeOldeTraveller

    Getting started with Game Center on a Mac

    [I received a question regarding getting the Game Center running on a Mac. I don't have one, so I am starting this thread to collect the needed information to develop a Quick Start Guide for new users.] Where does one get the installer for a fresh install of the Game Center for OSX? What are the steps that need to be followed for most users? (We can add significant variations as we run into them. OSX should be pretty consistent system to system, so I hope the variations are minimal.) Thanks for input on this thread. Please limit discussion here to information that will help other players get the software installed and running on their system.
  8. Avenge_December_7

    (Mac) Replay Controls And Update?

    So, a few questions about replays when viewing them on a Mac. How do free-cam and all that? When I'm viewing a CV replay, for instance, I can only follow my exact movements and viewpoints, and cannot, for instance, go and see what an enemy battleship on the other side of the map is doing, nor can I view the movements of individual squadrons when the gameplay camera is not displaying them. What are the controls for replays in Mac? Am I understanding it correctly that, should the game update, all previous replays are no longer viewable?
  9. Is there a way to move the larger game files or the whole game to an external SSD? The 59+ gig or so is eating too much space. I have an external 1TB USB 3.0 drive that I would like to migrate my data or even a clean install. I looked in the app package and found the installer config file. It appears some drive paths updates could do the trick but I had no luck. Any advice?
  10. Hello my fellow gamers, I do understand there has already been lots of threads already done on this topic, but the ones I have seen are only specified for Windows. I am not sure if that would also apply to Mac users, so I have created this. I'm currently using a Macbook Air with 120 GB of hard drive. Installing WoWs brought me down to 9 GB left from about 70 GB, meaning that it's taking up 61 GB of space. I was wondering which files I could delete from the "Updates" folder (for all the Mac users). A quick reply would be really useful, as my computer is running out of space. >-> Thanks, Some random person
  11. Avenge_December_7

    Mac: Bigworld Client Unhanded Exception

    So today, I died barely five minutes into the match because 2 seconds after I began engaging enemy destroyers in combat, this error popped up. Does anyone know how to fix this on a mac?
  12. So I have a friend who is a wot and wot and wows blitz player and he would like to play wows . However the launcher just greys out the play button and says "the information received from the update survace was incorrect" we have tried messing with the confgs and dieing multiple fresh reinstalls but nothing works. Plz help. PS he is launching from the launcher not game center as there is no game center for mac
  13. Okay, so I want to preface this by saying I've tried it all. Lower the Graphics. Clean Installs (yes, that's plural). The Studly Utility. Clean Installs with the Studly Utility. Forcing the Wrapper to Update. Making sure my system exceeds the Recommended System Requirements (It does). I also want to preface this with the fact that I know Macs are not the ideal gaming computers. However, a Mac is what I am stuck with, and "just by a Windows" is not an option that is on the table right now. With all of that in mind, I have been suffering extreme FPS drops lately, since the big Update. My game will freeze completely, dropping to 1 frame every 6 seconds, and then speed up, which looks kinda funny as I careen across the water, except it is unplayable in this state, which is why, as of now, I've deleted the game off of my computer, since having a ~50GB game on my computer that I can't play is pointless. The other thing is that World of Tanks, a game which is older, less-well-optimized, and just had a massive engine update works perfectly. I've been playing in Co-Op because I got a 10 game penalty for crashing out of PVP several times (while trying to fix the game, mind you), and even there I get huge FPS drops. And, as always, the Support Center is worthless with Mac, always passing the buck to CodeWeavers, who, in-turn, pass the buck back to Wargaming. So, does anyone know any other workarounds for this kind of problem? Whether it is for the Mac Wrapper or it's a game issue, how do I fix it?