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Found 4 results

  1. already put in a ticket and it's been about 36hrs with no response so i'm posting here for visibility. Nov 27 2022 at 11:45pm EST, i went to open my (try your luck) small containers; as i've reached 100 of them. i clicked on view containers and clicked the small containers and clicked open 100. what i got was a 0/100 containers opened and 10secs of loading and i was greeted with "transaction failed, please try again later" followed by the nxt notification saying "compensation 210 000 credits" and "504 coal" and that was it. now i'm missing 100 small containers and i expected to see a summary of what i got from all 100 small containers but i did not. in my panic, i restarted the game; thinking it would resolve itself but ther was no summary, notifications, indication, nor confirmation that i received my rewards and the game took away 100 small containers. i would have a screenshot but again, i was in a panic and restarted the game. all i can see is a blank notification box with no confirmation of my rewards from the 100 small containers i opened. this is a bug i have never encountered before and i feel like the 34+ days of getting 100 small containers was wasted with this issue. is there a way i can get these containers back? thank you for your time. edit: resolved, summary received from support.
  2. black_hull4

    Tired of these posts

    I'm tired of the kinds of posts that complain on & on about their loss streaks. The ones that have images from that 3rd party site to show you what your team's winrates are compared to the enemy. The ones from people who haven't looked at a dictionary & don't know what "random" means. You never see posts showing screenshots of win streaks, or showing how good your team's winrates were compared to a bunch of tomatoes on the enemy team. So here's my streak of 14 CONSECUTIVE WINS from today. After that I called it a day. No, not all of them were Co-Op, they weren't even all PvE. This was Nurnberg, Weser, Prinz Eugen, Ryujo, and Campbeltown putting in their best.
  3. We all know Ranked is a salt grinder fest. So I wanted to Wish Everyone Good Luck with Ranked and Hope for the Best for Everyone who gives it a go.
  4. Rusty_Python

    Am I living a charmed life?

    So over my first four matches today, I get these 4 results... Thoughts...?