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Found 1 result

  1. Howdy sailors! So I was browsing youtube/google images for some support ship ideas for my book I'm writing. (nowhere near finished and is still in outline stages) when I came across a commercial featuring a New LST design. video below Now IDK if these things are standard on current USN LSTs and things have obviously been dumbed down a bit to try and promote a sale. but assuming an LST would be this powerful, could this be a viable strategy for invading lightly defended areas of enemy territory? I'm also wondering given its size that if a modifed version of 1 of these ships could be made, could it act as a mother ship for smaller patrol boats (think elco size) or a drone/submarine tender. If so, this could really be a game changer and cut costs for the navy in certain areas as well as lower the risk losing of lives/ships. I mean common, why risk a super carrier or a pair of DD when you could send a PT/drone carrier that can do almost everything but for half the cost. Heck you could call it the Mary Sue class! anyways, what are your thoughts on this. until next time, I'll C'ya on the Seas!