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Found 4 results

  1. So for whatever reason today, I am not getting the option to switch sides for the GO NAVY event to get my +2 points for the Eagles side. I've been playing for hours now, hit the max contribution for points and it STILL has not come up at all today. It's bad enough this trigger is completely random (as far as I'm aware), but it's been at least somewhat consistent since it started with offering the option around the half-way point/getting 2 crates on the side I'm on. Now it's like it doesn't exist. And no, I didn't accidentally click out of the option or anything like that: I still have the same amount of Loyalty points as when I started today and am still on the side of Eagles.
  2. OK, everyone, please check and critique my math on the loyalty/tokens aspect of the Go Navy event. While there has been no official announcement, the port icon for the Go Navy event suggests that it will end on August 20. Let's assume that August 19 is the final active day. On that basis, there are 26 days of the event, including today. It appears that you can earn 5 loyalty per day. Playing coop this morning, just to test, I got an invitation to switch teams about four battles in, which I refused, for +2 loyalty; I should get another +3 loyalty at the end of the day for earning points. While it is possible that invitations to switch only go to members of the team that is ahead (I was a Shark at the time, and Sharks were winning this morning), that would be massively disadvantageous to players on the team that is behind. Nonetheless, I'd love for it to be confirmed that everyone is receiving these invitations to switch. But if these assumptions hold, there is a pool of 130 (26x5) earnable loyalty from now to the end of the event. Loyalty earns tokens for one team when you pass certain thresholds. It appears that the maximum loyalty you can have to any one team is 75, and at reaching 75 loyalty you will have earned 195 tokens for that team. So let's assume that you play 15 days remaining loyal to one team and reach 75 loyalty (15x5=75) and 195 tokens for that team - Sharks, let's say. The next day you switch to the Eagles, and play out the remaining 11 days for them, earning 55 loyalty and 95 Eagles tokens. With your Sharks tokens, you can already get one of the permanent camos for Worcester, Salem, or Des Moines. If you want more, you can go to the premium shop and buy containers, which contain both 10 Sharks and 10 Eagles tokens apiece. Three would give you 125 Eagles tokens, enough for a second premium camo. Six would give enough for a second Sharks permanent camo as well. TLDR: It appears that by playing every day, in the right pattern, while managing your loyalty, you can end up with three permanent tier 10 camos for $30 (six containers), plus all the other stuff that the containers yield and that your leftover tokens will buy. Worth it? No idea, but this appears to be a strategy.
  3. SerahKhan

    Loyalty Bonus

    I have been playing all day, no Loyalty bonus have I lost it for today ? Bug? I want my +2 for playing on my TEAM since this started ! Plz advise WG Jean
  4. Just curious if anyone knows what triggers the event of asking you to switch teams in the Go Navy event. That +2 loyalty, per day, seems to be very important in order to advance. So what triggers it?