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Found 3 results

  1. Opinions are like Aholes. Some are just bigger than others.
  2. For one, the daily missions require tier 5 and higher....how about a Tier 1-4 daily missions for coal? Instead of 200 coal, make it 100 or 50. A lot of players will dip down to receive that, and the newbies will have something to take their time with the game, learn their ships, and not rush up the tiers. <----another thread was just started on this too....I am not the only one that thinks this. Come on WG....wake up. Second, create special lower tier emblems. As of now only T8 and up battles can qualify for those nifty emblems. Create some nifty emblems for the lower tiers.....why not? And it won't cost you much. Again, a lot of players will dip down to the lower tiers to obtain those new emblems. Probably even use those instead the current T8+ emblems. We have a varsity team, and what we need is a junior varsity team with some "bennies". All those low tier premiums will be show cased by those whom dusted them off to play them once again. There will be a want for such premiums, cause "hey, that player did good in it. So can I" mentality. WG, you will make more $$$ with a more populated lower tiers. Limit the number of CVs at tier 4.....please. Newbies are getting scared away from the game, or they rush through the lower tiers to get away from the T4 CV onslaught, and thus you are creating crappy players at higher tiers. How about create an entry level campaign just for the lower tiers. Offer up some premium T4 ship like you did with the T6 Shinonome. A newbie version of the USS Arkansas and IJN Iwaki would be great starter prizes....like you did with the "World or Warships Legends" console game version. Anybody have anymore ideas to increase the lower tier population? Let WG know.
  3. anonym_bleJN7gXeLqd

    Enjoying Tier II

    Ahhhhh! The joy of playing Tier II, where there is no radar, no airplanes, no hydro...…. ….brings back fond memories when I first began playing WoWS. Good times! Also fun is that one can earn achievements really easy at low tier Random Battles.