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Found 6 results

  1. One of my friends has started playing the game, and I'm using this a a opportunity to have a fresh set of eyes look at this game. Now, I would figure that they'd have issues with low tier carriers, or maybe the spotting mechanics, or other things like that, but no (well not yet anyway) so far the big issue has been the mm. With the low tiers not populated, and no max wait time to get into a random battle, we routinely ran into 2-3 minutes waits and at least once had to just give up after 5 minutes. If it wasn't for me being there to chat, I have real doubts that they would have stuck around long enough for the game to either sell itself on its merits or fail on its faults. They probably would have just left because the game looks dead and they can't get into a match. And worse was how we would see the mm have a number of ships queuing up that could easily be split evenly between two teams, and still we wait. Something has to change. Personally, I think that I would prefer there to be incentives for longtime players to play tier IV and below. Allowing any combat mission to be completed at any tier would be a start. Some may say that having new players get clubbed would chase them off, but I think it would be better than being chased off by boredom. Less optimal would be a adjustment to MM at low tiers to be less restrictive on how it populates games. If there's a even number of ships in each class in a queue, throw them in! Let me know what you think.
  2. I am dead serious about tier 3 and 4 ships needing higher AA DPS values, somewhere on par or just short of the tier 5 ships. ( ~10% less then tier 5 per tier ) Here are: "Baby seal pelts for the spreadsheet God" if that is not sufficient i will have to "procure" some more. P.S. Yes you are seeing it correctly 187k~192k damage with torps only, while losing 15 planes total.
  3. Daily missions, and event missions are huge parts of the game and in both cases you need a T5+ ship. I'm grinding Italian cruisers, and despite the long queue for low tier Randoms I like it. The only problem is while I was playing with my Italian Cruisers I wasn't getting any of the event missions/directives done for Italian Cruisers Part 2. First of all, come on WG... seriously?! If you're not going to remove the tier requirements for all ships, at least remove them for players grinding whatever new ships you've released. Second of all, why even have this restriction? Aren't you guys supposed to be trying to attract new players? Doesn't this make newbies feel left out because they don't have any T5s (or they only have one T5 they've decided they don't even like playing). I bet more people would play low tier games (especially PVP games) if they knew it counted for their daily missions, and low tier gameplay is distinctively different than mid or high tier gameplay, which means if more people play low tier games they won't get bored / burned out from the game as easily and they'll want to play even more
  4. monpetitloup

    What is this WG

    ENOUGH WG!!! ship with 0 aa in 3 cv match!!! seriously? do you want your new players to uninstall the game or what? @Sub_Octavian @Gneisenau013 @Femennenly@Bualar@turbo07
  5. I have been playing a few games at Tier 4-5 and I have to say that I am not impressed with the Langley. The Flak guns are clearing the skies very nicely when the planes approach a target. The concern about DD play may be exaggerated. I still can sail in in a stock Myogi, a Dreadnaught, or an Oleg without worrying too much about being sunk. If there is an issue, it is at Tier 9-10 where the expert players reside playing random. In the old CV setup, I could guarantee at least one ship being sunk by bombs or torpedoes. NJRoc
  6. A few production delays means this video is coming out a little late. However, it is something a little different! Today we are looking at the Tier III French Battleship and focusing on how you can have consistently good games by playing your role and supporting your team. Let me know what you think and thank you for watching.