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Found 15 results

  1. For this IDA we are going back to Tier III in the South Carolina. Many people has issues with this ship due to its slow speed, however if you play your role and utilize efficient positioning you can have an impact through out the entire battle.
  2. A few production delays means this video is coming out a little late. However, it is something a little different! Today we are looking at the Tier III French Battleship and focusing on how you can have consistently good games by playing your role and supporting your team. Let me know what you think and thank you for watching.
  3. Heartbreaking Low Tier Game

    So I've decided I want up to the T8 German BB (full secondary build of course lol). Up to Kaiser now, and that ship is absurdly fun for a T4. Dispersion is hot garbage, so you have to get close, getting close means the garbage turret rotation is hard to keep on target... but still. I don't know if posting replay files is OK, so I'll just post the post-game screens. Still ended up being a loss (4 carrier game, it mattered very little what I did lol), which sucks but it was a fun game. I do have a rank 10 commander on there, but it's going for secondary build, so not an incredibly imbalanced thing to have on a ship I have to hug the enemy with to get a secondary hit (though you can see I got a couple lol), though it's still a T4/5 match... so sealclubbing comment apply lol. This was a really fun match, and if I could have had just a little AA at the end (our CVs were deplaned and I got dropped while decapping the enemies taking our base... the struggle was real lol). I dodged so many torps before they got me though, this thing is nimble for a fat-booty BB.
  4. I have been playing American low to mid-tier carriers and am pretty close (10k xp - about 2k free XP) to getting the ranger, but have fleet carrier experience from playing graf zeppelin and enterprise. I haven't, however, played Japanese carriers, and they look pretty appealing, especially when I found out that between the XP I have left over from the Myogi and free xp I have from premium chips I have enough to fully upgrade the hosio and research and halfway upgrade the zuhio. However, I only have a very basic idea of how they play, as my only experience I have playing Japanese carriers is three games in the hosio. That's it. I'd like to know how the first three carriers play in depth. Thanks, and I hope to see your excellent posts! Firebird 16
  5. So, when you're a low tier ship in a hi tier match do you: 1. [edited] and complain about the MM and then post about it? 2. Give up and YOLO? 3. Sit at the back? 4. Show those Tier 9s that the 7s can carry the match? Never give up and just enjoy the game.
  6. Nooooob with a Questions...

    Ok, so here's the problem.... I'm an officer cadet around here and have been lurking for a while since a friend recommended playing this game. I've read some tutorials, watched several videos by iChase, Notser, TwannieBoy, Arlios, Holyship, Jolly Wong and Flamu. I've read the noob tutorial guides. I have a fair idea about game mechanics. My concern is with random battles. I'm usually one of 2-6 humans playing on a bot-heavy team. I know a bunch of people here recommend just jumping into PvP and forgoing PvE so as not to think everyone drives/thinks like a bot. So, I'm thinking that I'm doing fairly well because I'm up against mostly bots. What time(s) of day do people come out and play? Is this a low-tier thing since there's only a few new people starting this game? What can I do to maximise my intro to PvP instead of getting into a bot mindset? Mind you, I've only played single-digit numbers of games at the moment, but my wins seem hilariously simple and it's like I'm carrying my side of bots against the other human(s) and his/her/its bots. I fear I'll get slaughtered when I leave the confines of this milieu. Any advise would be much appreciated. PS... Must I also watch the associated anime Kantai, Aoki Hagani no Arpeggio, and Haifuri?...
  7. bloody hell

    I'm new player here ​mainly play CV ​so I want to grind for IJN CV but I'm cheeky. ​slap my Kawachi into battles and result is defeated ​but results table shocking me ​even winner team has BXP no more than 700 ​I don't know what happen here but I don't like this kind of steamrolling ​is NA avg. playerbase can be this bad???
  8. New Game Mode? God Mode!

    Through the normal droll of the grind, (in a CO atm). Fun ship, not too bad. I hopped in my Furry Grover, (F.Der.GroBe) and got put in a tier 7 match. Fun times, but I was thinking. Why can't i have a chance to unwind by jumping in a mode where you volunteer to get put with 1 or 2 other Tier 9-10 and go against 12+ tier 4-6 ships with a 7 sprinkled in there for torp damage? Same maps, but being able to division up with a friend and roll against 12 ships might be a fun match or two. 2 secondary spec'd Furry Grovers spewing flames across seas of Omahas...glorious. I'd like a mode that's a little less serious from the start. It would also break up the grind a bit on playing randoms. So the Game God Mode. (Tier 9-10 players) Couple different Ideas. Divisions are good for both sides -Death match, ANY 2 or 3 tier 9/10 Battleships vs. ANY 12+ tier 4-6 ships. ( I'm not smart enough to balance the numbers) -Survival (tier 9/10 ships have to stay in the circle) The map that has circles that no one wants to cap. keep the middle one. -Random (WOWS looks at your Tier 9/10 ships and picks for you) Mortal Mode (Tier 4-6) -Bring your tier 4-6 ship and dont left off left click I'm assuming you would have to buff/nerf the damage a bit, but I think it would be fun.
  9. Well, I had an amazing game this afternoon with a division mate of mine in my Ishizuchi. We had finished out XP grinding (I had gotten 25k on my Farragut and unlocked Mahan, he finished his Fubuki grind) and wanted to fool around at low tiers. So, we jumped in our favorite tier 4 battleship, gave the rowers hot sake, and left port. We found ourselves on strait and I had a phenomenal game. In the end it was a friendly Kaiser and myself vs a St. Louis, Caledon, and a Kaiser. Then it was just us vs. the Caledon and Kaiser, and then just the Kaiser. I had nailed the Caledon right after he popped up around the island (and knocked out his torps previously) so I thought I was safe, and then ate two of his torps 15 seconds after I deleted him. Well, it was a sad day and I ended up dying. WP to him, however. We won, and I did real well, but I still am baffled that I was stupid enough to think the Caledon didn't get torps off. Well, I must now write home and explain why my 250 oars were sunk along with 30 gallons of sake, good day to you all! - Shield I attached the replay line HERE. Please note, I use adult language after I die. Not berating the other team, but hating on myself. (I actually complimented their Caledon, I don't ever curse at the other team )
  10. Casual vs Serious WOWS Players

    A recent Jingles video about players who are "playing for fun", the USS Missouri Affair, and the USS Alabama Affair have prompted some though about the people who actually play WOWS. There are 2 types: Those who are Serious players and those who are Casual players. Serious players are the ones who create videos, play Tier 6-10 very often, are often super testers/beta testers/Alpha testers, play random just about every time, play ranked and team when offered, often get pushy when a new player to random is a bit slow in firing his/her guns, and have large quantities of Free XP and Silver. To them, this is not a game but a big part of their free time. Casual players are the opposite : No videos, play Tiers 1-5 for the most part, non-testers, play CO-OP a great deal to let off steam, do to touch Rank or Team, do not get pushy in chat, and, most important, have very little silver and free XP. According to Wargaming first year stats (published in October 2016) the average player is at a Tier 4 level. This means half of the world's WOWS players are playing the Tier 1-4 ships. WOWS would like to get these players to move up and many do. However, after Tier 5, you start to lose silver for every loss or match where you did not survive. At Tier 7, I have had 45,000 silver vanish from my account when I lose my Atlanta CA (which I dumped). I have several Tier 6/7 ships in port but they often stay there for lack of silver in my account. I have lost two matches at Tier 7 and had my account emptied ! I had to play a lower tier to cover the repair cost. I do not accrue much silver playing low tier CO-OP. I am a Casual player who likes to let off steam. That is hard to do playing Random. The Missouri Affair is a fiasco for Wargaming because I would have to play the game for 15 months in order to get 750,000 free XP. I was thinking about getting the ship until I saw the XP requirement. The only people that will have the Missouri are the Serious types with the XP to spare (maybe 20% of the gamers). The Alabama Affair is a fiasco for WOWS because only a small percentage of serious players are testers. However, the testers made sure the game works so they do deserve a reward. Perhaps the Alabama sister ships could be made available for the few Tier 8 players who want them. WOWS DOES NEED TO REMEMBER the casual players since they are the majority of players. They are the ones playing Tier 1-4/5. The fact that they have the Oleg tier 3 undergoing balancing tests along with the Tier 6 Graf Spee and the Alabama is an indication that they are not ignore the lower tiers. Serious players left the low tiers long ago and often do not even remember how the ships handled. It would be nice to see low tier premiums as well. Options include the Borodino and the USS Oregon (both Tier 2 BBs to accompany the Mikasa), a Tier 3 US Delaware BB, a Tier 3 Gangut, and a few period CAs and DDs from other nations. They may want to consider adding Bastion and Epicenter to the low tiers as well. I have never seen Bastion mode even at Tier 7. That is my 2 cents. Astrosaint.
  11. WARNING: INCLUDES CRAPPY paint.net/paint.exe photoshop COVER YOUR EYES IF YOU DON'T LIKE SEEING IT. Minus my divmate who was trying to Derpski in strait. because torping a BB who's running away from DD with crappy torp is hard. ( I couldn't edit you out because my potato paint.net skills, xaxa) P.S. the reason why I try to play hosho over langley:
  12. getting 3vs3 and 2vs2 on low tiers

    World of Warships just updated today and ever sense then iv been getting in matches with insanely low player counts if it matters iv been playing the st Louis and the chikuma
  13. Ranked battle play

    this is why im giving up on ranked battles http://wowreplays.com/Replay/972-Kamikaze-R-Northeast-Passage-New-Mexico-doesnt-feel-like-winning-the-match
  14. So I am slowly starting to get better and will be moving up along several tech trees soon. I want to keep at least one ship of each class for lower tier play. That is to say, one Destroyer, one cruiser, one battleship and one carrier. Tier III or IV, unless there is an example at tier V that is really top notch. Atm I have only really settled on the St. Louis because it is just so easy to do well in it. I was hoping I could get some of your thoughts, opinions and suggestions!
  15. I've found it quite annoying to look for a PvE match with my T2 ship only to find that there are T4's and such also in my game. This results in the bots having the same ship and I end up dying extremely quickly due to this. I really would like some reasoning as to why this happens because it is frustrating to loose match after match due to enemy ships being 2 tiers higher and wiping out all the T1's and T2's in the game. If you click on the image you can see exactly what I am talking about.