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Found 4 results

  1. monpetitloup

    What is this WG

    ENOUGH WG!!! ship with 0 aa in 3 cv match!!! seriously? do you want your new players to uninstall the game or what? @Sub_Octavian @Gneisenau013 @Femennenly@Bualar@turbo07
  2. I have been playing a few games at Tier 4-5 and I have to say that I am not impressed with the Langley. The Flak guns are clearing the skies very nicely when the planes approach a target. The concern about DD play may be exaggerated. I still can sail in in a stock Myogi, a Dreadnaught, or an Oleg without worrying too much about being sunk. If there is an issue, it is at Tier 9-10 where the expert players reside playing random. In the old CV setup, I could guarantee at least one ship being sunk by bombs or torpedoes. NJRoc
  3. RTXN3 is a brand new clan associated with RTXN. We are looking for members who can teach others and members new to the game. Above all we want everyone, win or lose, to have fun playing and talking in Teamspeak.
  4. A few production delays means this video is coming out a little late. However, it is something a little different! Today we are looking at the Tier III French Battleship and focusing on how you can have consistently good games by playing your role and supporting your team. Let me know what you think and thank you for watching.