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Found 1 result

  1. This isn't the first or last complaint about WOW matchmaking, but what B.S. when you launch with a Tier VI or VIII, and go against Tier VIII and Tier X ships. Maybe you want us to buy doubloons and buy our way into better ships, but this kind of matchmaking sucks! Surely there are enough people online at a given time that you can match ships more equally? Add to the fact the varying degrees of skill or teamwork (often sorely lacking), and it's a [edited] experience. Yup, I keep coming back and you will likely keep this game going for a while with or without me, but it's a total drag most of the time. Yup, I've had limited success in hiding behind islands and hitting 150-200 target hits with a Cleveland, for instance, but damn, it's really tough to survive. Then for me, it's on to Fornite or whatever else is in the collection. Yes, this is an "improvement" over a long time ago when it was more "open tier", but if you go against equally skilled players and they have a Tier X to your VIII, it doesn't usually end will. What can WOW do to fix this? Are you even interested?