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Found 1 result

  1. You already know. But in the event there was any remaining questions of what the low tier Pre-WWI ship experience in WoWS delivers… Super - Talks about protected cruisers in a thread on the forums yesterday. Enthusiastically brings out Varyag (1901) from the mothball fleet, and dives into low tier play! Finds two T4 CVs (1922/1924) awaiting after the 6 minute wait for enough people. Proceeds into battle. Proceeds to sink 3, and chase the hapless Red CVs while holding 2 caps Red CVs remain undeterred: Varyag does not have Tanaka and his Nambu pistol yet! ZERO AA! Vasily left his revolver in port due to a vodka hangover. Red CV Hermes, despite weathering 46 hits (20k in damage) lands 5 torps / 5 bombs / 4 rockets and sinks nimble Varyag (324k potential from all the dodges). Langley laughs in the distance, as he did not even need to partake. Super - questions why he thought playing low tier “welcome to World of CVs” was a good idea…Hits “Battle On” because what are the odds of another match like this one? 3 minutes wait reveals: another 4 CV match. Match dwindles down to 2 CVs on each side in a duel. Bravo WeeGee!!!