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Found 2 results

  1. look at this game in an indy! do ya think the others could have participated?
  2. So I'm fairly junior when it comes to posting on this forum though I have been gathering information from here for quite some time. Hence why my win percentage and WTR has increased, general stats, and overall enjoyment of the game since the beginning... Which seems fairly long ago but no where near some of you veterans. I like to think of myself as an average player. You win some you lose some, but for the most part I have fun and enjoy the game as I'm sure most of you do. But what feels like the last week now I have been literally completely unable to catch a break it seems in the losing streak that has manifested itself into my MOJO... So I guess my first question is, is there any website or anywhere in the game where I can look at my recent history of win/losses? WarshipsToday and WoWs Numbers seem to not want to give something so specific as a week or a few days. This is mostly to show you guys how bad this has been... like think really terrible then think worse. Next question would be, has anyone else been experiencing this as of late? This to me would indicate maybe a meta change that is catching a bunch of people out including myself. Though the reason I tend to not drift this way in thought is cause I've been still doing well damage, kills, and team XP rank so it contradicts that I have a complete lack of ability to deal with the meta change. I do feel that I have been doing well in my American CL and Russian DD while this has been happening so that does seem like somewhat meta change to me. Another note to make is that I'm in the stage of having a lot of T8 ships. I'm progressing through every line there is and we all know how things tend to slow down around T8 just due to the currency production vs ship servicing. Just for reference I have 4 T10's, 2 T9's, 8 T8's, 3 T7's, and 1 T6. This doesn't include premiums though I don't play them an immense amount due to trying to progress the lines. Alabama is the only consistent player which I use for grinding coin. So any help guys? Just have a look at my stats if you need to and I'd appreciate if there is something that I'm chronically doing incorrectly. Any help is appreciated. I really don't want to hate the game as much as I do right now... lol