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Found 2 results

  1. timinindiana

    Losing intrest

    I am losing interest in this game..Just got back on after getting off for a week and what do I get but a statistically impossible losing streak. Lost 13 out of 15 games..The truth is I realized after a astonishing losing streak of around 30 straight games in my Giulio where WG took me from a 70% WL after 300 games to a 54% WL with in less than two weeks,,After that unbelievable losing streak I continued to lose 90% of games in Giulio until I leveled off around 54% WL%.I knew then something about this game was not right..During that losing streak my damage output and average ships sunk per game only reduced a fraction but the losses piled up until I was knocked down into the 50% percentile for WL average in Giulio and now I win half my games in her if I'm lucky..Another reason I am going to play less is because I am just tired of the losing and winning streaks along with the one sided games that end with winning or losing by one team or another with the losing team just being wiped out and the winning team having lost 1 or 2 ships only..Used to enjoy those close games win or lose but those our few and far between anymore..One other point wow is ruining this game in this effort to make all ship classes have the ability to be evenly matched..For example today I watched a DD with guns only from smoke take a Warspite from full health to less than 30% health before that BB limped out of range..That is not uncommon to see anymore and I like playing DD too but that is just over the top for me..I have seen this accelerated need by WG to bring ship classes to an even playing field and less effort to make players understand what role each ship is made for..I also see this same effort applied to ships in each tier..By that I mean if one ship preforms a little better or worse as others in the same tier and class then by all means WG cannot have that lets make them all perform the same..Whats the point of all this well its not for players to learn anything by say team work or understanding of a ships strengths or weaknesses or maybe give DDs more points for scouting and taking caps and BBs more points for longer range hits no WGs solution is to make ships have all the same ability against each other and to hell with what roles a ship should play even if it means a DD can lay waste to a battleship with those tiny guns or a battleship shooting down 40 planes in one game and rendering a CV useless I will not even talk about radar and all the while keeping 99% of players withing narrow 48 and 52% W/L ratio through win and loss streaks via matchmaking..I understand the need to tweak those things that our obviously OP or game breaking but leave the rest alone..What do I want WG to do..How about new maps,game types,and the ability to customize your captain with many more skill types..How about being able to add or remove more upgrades and ammo types that stay authentic for each ship..Give us more ships and options to customize our ships and crew so we have some control over our ships ability to perform.. In closing WG needs to stop trying so hard to make every ship and class have the exact same damage output potential and concentrate on making the game more interesting by adding the ability to customize our ships and crew along with more game types and more maps.I also would like to see ranked game type all the time for tier 4 and above....That way you can play random or ranked anytime you want then base matchmaking off each players rank skill and for gods sake leave them within 1 tier of the ship they our playing...Dump the worst TK penalty system I have seen and make the ability for players to team up after games more friendly and easy in random and ranked games. Unless things change I will be reducing my game time on WOW as it is becoming to predictable and with very few game types and maps mundane and repetitive..I was off wow for a week and after tonight it will be two weeks..I hope everyone who reads this understands I have enjoyed this game until the last few months and with the numbers I am seeing on the NA servers the changes WG is concentrating on our not working if there goal is to increase and maintain the player base..No more excuses for this game our left for me....Peace and happy holidays to all See ya later timinindiana =V=
  2. Over the years, I've seen so many posts on the forums, attacking their fellow players, lamenting the lack of skill, or widespread calls for thousands of players to uninstall the game. It's time to look into this phenomenon of why an entertainment video game can bring so much anger and misery. You are supposed to be having fun after all, and half the players must inevitably lose because of the multiplayer format.