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Found 3 results

  1. Now, I also drew a Makarov, but I'm kinda content getting the ship since I find it's history interesting. What is this you may ask? Well, it's the way Makarov, or to be more precise Nurnberg ended up in the Soviet Union. Pay attention and you might find how a historical event is a cautionary tale that applies even now in our pixel game. Not only that, but this makes Makarov the best possible choice for a ship reward of the type. So, on May 27 1945 Prinz Eugen along with Nurnberg and escorted by Devonshire and Dido reached Wilhelmshaven. Both ships would remain there until their fate would be decided by the Potsdam Conference. To quote https://hamptonroadsnavalmuseum.blogspot.com/2019/01/the-navys-most-unwanted-ship-and.html Now you may think that the fate of Prinz Eugen and Nurnberg was decided by lengthy negotiations or something of the sort. But actually: Yup, you read it right. They drew lots out of a hat for warships. Now that's all a fun and interesting wartime trivia. But here's the nice comparison. Place yourself as the Soviet representative. You want Prinz Eugen for your country. You could say you want one of the super rare lootbox drops. You are actually allowed to do so, but only if you can draw the proper lot out of another Admiral's hat. Same as the lootboxes, though the Soviets had a 33% chance of getting Prinz Eugen so that was far more generous at the time. Instead you pick the wrong lot and end up with the unwanted, old vessel that doesn't offer anything interesting. Same as you actually getting a ship from the boxes but ends up being Makarov. Do you see it? WG has managed 100% player immersion with this move. Now you can feel the exact same way that a Soviet Admiral had when he drew the wrong lot, saw Prinz Eugen ending up on the United States and he was stuck instead with Nurnberg. I don't think it gets more historically accurate than that. But hey, at least you aren't the British that probably ended up with that crappy a lot that I can't find what ships they got. And this is why every time I think of Makarov I smile. Hope this brings some smiles on an otherwise crappy incident.
  2. Sea_Jotun

    Mega Santa Madness

    Thrilled as everyone else was about the Holiday Dockyard, Snowflake and Santa Crates. I was angry as hel surrounding the Puerto Rico! Looking down the list of ships that can drop this year, I started to get excited "Hey! I have every ship on the list but a few!" So to start I bought 8 Mega Santa's about $34 us. A Super Container was waiting... Marblehead Lima lol but there it was. Next 2 2k dubs and Leviathan flags. SUPER CONTAINER!! Gremy, cool been wanting her, next SUPER CONTAINER: Belfast omg what a drop. So excited. The rest were signals and camos. So I dropped enough to get 3 more Mega Santa's... SUPER CONTAINER: Benham!! F'n awesome!!. Next 2k dubs. Then it happened Mighty Mo in a Super Container. I was ecstatic. USS Missouri on Christmas Day Happy Christmas to me. So I started thinking again how much Puerto Rico costs and reflecting back on approx $60 for all of the ships I just got. I went ahead and bought Thunderer from the Armory seeing how I had a coupon and 3 more Mega Santa's. Awesome enough. Kamikaze and Fujin dropped. No I think I made the correct decision to invest in Mega Santa containers than the Boosters for Puerto Rico.
  3. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-08-07-nintendo-sony-microsoft-to-require-loot-box-odds-disclosure It will be interesting considering WG has games on those consoles. We might actually see what the chances are.