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Found 3 results

  1. Ok so before the inevitable salt and down votes fly in thick and fast I just finished my loot box event which gave me a VMF Pyotr Velikiy tier 5 Battleship, now the past I have just casually glanced through tech tree line of VMF BBs I watched the DEV blog on them but to tell you the truth didn't really pay that much attention as I felt I would not grind the line. Anyway after getting this ship and having a closer look at it the first thing you notice is the gun configuration both main and secondary it shows a striking similarity to IJN Kongo so being the detective I like to be I went looking for this ship on line as these days the Internet will just about give you anything, you could Google the launch codes of the super powers nuclear arsenal ( joking ) however try looking up this ship and what you get is something totally different. This is what I got from my Google search So I re watched the DEV blog on Russian BB's and found out its based on some project number 707 so I Google that still no luck, man this must have been some top secret project because you can get all the dirt you want on celebrities these days so easy but a 1911 BB design on that not a chance. But I digress I'm getting off subject to some degree anyway I looked at this ship and thought " this is a cheap knockoff of IJN Kongo " I'm not having a dig at WG but at the Russian naval architects, what these guys couldn't produce something original, something of Russian design. Though I will say now even more about the one line statement that was on the news page but removed about when the DEV blog came out that and I quote " If These Ships Had Been Built They Would Have Been The Envy of The World " or something like that. No would have happened had COPYRIGHT LAWS been enforced back then the IJN would have sued the A$$es off them had they found out what this design was like and that they copied there British designed ship, there would have been no war with Russia as they would have been bankrupt from copyright infringement. As for the ship in game had fun so far playing it in Coop, guns seem good not certain whether I'll play random in her time will tell. Well that's it I await the salt
  2. Fellow Captains, First... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. So, what can be found within these New Year 2019 Containers?
  3. I ended up spending money to support the Wargaming company and have spent money over a number of years. Now my problem is I bought some Black Friday loot boxes and I ended getting a Tirpitz B. Now I already own the Tirpitz as I just bought the ship like 1 and a half weeks ago. So now what am I gonna do with two of the same exact ship? I don't see anything saying that if you own the same ship that you could get a different ship or a return for doubloons? Seriously what are people gonna do with the same exact ship but reskinned? It is the SAME EXACT SHIP there is no difference besides it having a B at the end of the name. Maybe if Wargaming made it so the ships actually had a better set of guns or better armor or it made more credits or XP then the original Tirpitz then maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but it is bad and feel like I am getting ripped off. Now that's nothing new to me from Wargaming but please can something be done? I would rather not own 2 of the same ship as I cant grind to a ship and buy it 2 times from the tech tree so how does owning 2 of the Tirpitz make any sense either? I do see a pattern forming here because WoT did this same exact thing on making a Black skinned ship but they didn't pull it off in buying loot boxes and having players end up with the same tank but in black and if you did then it would of been the players choice if they wanted 2 of the same tank. I have wrote to support and this is what they tell you to do is put it up on the forums. As its like a kid asking their father for something and then the Dad says go ask your mother as dads just pushing it off on the mom. Even though it would be nice if they offered a exchange of some sort or a trade in for another ship maybe. But trying to support a company with purchasing there content doesn't seem like they try to help in anyway. It might sound like I am being ungrateful and I am grateful for getting the ship from the loot boxes but again its money I earned and spent on this company and get something like this in return like buying a brand new car but then you win the same exact car in a raffle. I also have been trying to get my accounts merged i.e. WoT and WoWs because when first starting this game I had no clue the account was for all 3 games and now its gonna take an act of congress to have this company merge my accounts. Now this doesn't feel like a company that likes to help there paying customers as I have learned from World of tanks support. But since changing over to World of Warships I did think that this side of the company was and did treat there customers a bit better but its only to a certain extent as I see. Maybe these games shouldn't run under the same company name and have them all in the same page because it makes It actually look like these titles would actually work together but they only do to again in a certain extent. So it would be nice to see that change and help out there customers that are having problems. But they tell you to post up on the forums and it looks like from all the Wargaming companies this one is the one that actually does look at and might do some of the things players recommend.