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Found 7 results

  1. Mega Box - 4 from New Years Certificates - (2) 12500 Coal, 20 frosty Camo, 30 Dragon flags - NO SHIPS...I been a good boy and Santa sent me COAL!!! $1 Gift Box (Dollar Store) The Dollar General.... (3) $1 Gift boxes - 1 from the Armory, 1 From Premium Store, 1 from New Years Certificates (2) 2500 Coal (1) 5 Special Flags...might have been Dragon. Thank you WOWs for the Gifts!!!! I was tempted to buy 20 Mega crates but just in the Tier 5 -7 ships I need 16!. If I get any more Frosty Fir Camo the monitor and keyboard are likely to be smashed. Since I could not see the upside I decided not to buy any boxes this year.
  2. Rumor has it that McDonalds got inspired by WOWs loot boxes. They are apparently thinking of offering a Big Mac Meal loot box for 99cents Loot Boxes may contain one of the following: 1x Grand Prize will be a Big Mac Meal (Bun with Burger, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onion, Secret Sauce and large Fries) 10x Burger with Lettuce,Tomatoes and medium fries plus a 10% off coupon on a Bun 25x Bun, slice of tomato, small fries 50x Small Fries with your choice of Ketchup or Mayonnaise 99x One Onion 499x One packet of secret sauce Unconfirmed reports state that Burger King and KFC are keeping a close eye on the development. A report that Tesla may be offering loot boxes containing either a Model 3 or a pack of AAA batteries could not be verified.
  3. A few days ago I updated and played WoT, because I realized I was getting a bit bored of this game from playing too much of it. I had some money / a budget for game-related expenses, and because at this point I have almost every ship I want in WoWS (and am about to get my T10 USN Crocosaur and my Smolensk soon), I decided to drop some cash on WoT instead of getting more premium time on WoWS. I bought the biggest bundle of holiday boxes, and you know what? I 100% got my money's worth. First of all, their Santa boxes guarantee at least 250 gold each, which, if you buy the 20% or 33% discounted packs, gives you close to the bundle's worth in cash - but you can get more than 250 gold if you're lucky (which I was; I have so much gold!), and you get premium time, and I even got some random low tier premiums, a T8 German heavy tank and a female 100% trained crew member. I have so much gold I can buy whatever T8 premium tank I want from the Advent Calendar. (in particular I want a Russian T8 Medium, because I want to get a Russian medium as my first T10). I know WoT is grindy, but if I only play premium tanks there is no grind, lol! And for the price of one year of premium time (the cost of 75x WoT santa boxes) I'm pretty much all set for the forseable future. Unlike WoWS's Puerto Rico event, I was able to complete WoT's holiday event and unlock all of the rewards by throwing money at the problem, in a way that doesn't leave you guessing, "gee, am I going to complete the event on time or not?". Meanwhile, in World of Warships land, Santa's Mega Gift boxes don't even guarantee you'll get any amount of doubloons at all. People on youtube opening WoT boxes are getting pissed because they're not getting that new double-barelled Soviet Heavy whose blueprints they probably got from playing Command & Conquer: Red Alert back in the day, but they're getting endless amounts of decorations, premium time and gold in the process. I know Tanks is known to be grindier than Ships and in that sense Ships is better, but when it comes to xmas loot boxes Tanks is undeniably more generous and more sensible from a marketing point of view than Ships. (I would not have spent money on those boxes if I didn't know I was guaranteed to get 18,750‬+ gold from it) EDIT: I'm not trying to convince you guys to play WoT, I'm just pointing out that WoWS loot boxes are clearly inferior; WG should hand out guaranteed doubloons just like WG did with Tanks. We should be outraged
  4. Wargaming has made premium Lunar New Year containers available in the Arsenal for doubloons. Seeing as I am sitting on a treasure trove of them I decided to buy the first two bundles. Lets see how I fare.
  5. Noticing many of the CC videos on the subject didn't showcase the drop chance of the ships (as they already have them) I decided to drop some coin so you all can get a taste of what they might have inside. Judging from my usual luck, I didn't expect much.
  6. The pumpkin containers have recently come out and I was looking to buy them. Every once in awhile I would buy the pack of 40 for 90$. However, previously I bought the 20 pack of for the British DD missions. Honestly no one really likes the grind and I wanted to start at T8. It took 11 containers to get to the T6 DD and the 2/3rd last container to get the T7 DD now honestly I felt like there was no point in buying more since the drop rate was so bad. So I tried normal UK containers and never got it. I learned several things. 1. The loot drop values were most likely drastically scaled differently than previous events. 2. The secondary prizes were unrewarding. 3. The prizes were unimaginative. Get a couple signals get a couple camos. This is practically only good for the starting player. If someone has three years in the game there is literally no point. Now back to talking about the premium Halloween containers. I was ready to spend the 90$ to get the 40 containers and get a chance on getting those sweet doubloon compensations for the dup camos. However I read their posts and in one of the final sentences they gave a “terms of contract” no dup camos and can only be gotten once. Therefore you would not get the compensation. For a beginner it does not matter but if you are a veteran it is once again pointless. So essentially WG is shooting themselves out of players willing to spend money so they are in a way, cause the opposite effect of what they want to happen. People who get compensated less are not going to willing buy containers. this also will effect future sales and player opinions. If the last two containers sales were awful what should we expect of the Christmas containers? The first year was great, second year was meh, so this year I expect it to be bad. British containers were bad, Halloween containers were bad what should we rationally expect? This leads me to “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” There are a few people who will say “I don’t care” there are many people who will go “I’ll pass”. finally back to the containers being unimaginative. Truly we can think of better things to put in either than flags and camos. What about 100 premium consumables or unique permanent ship flags that people have been wanting but never were able to get? If you have the flag then you won’t get the duplicate. You could maybe have 10 point commanders. 1 day to 7 day premium time. Just the current system is so monotonous that the fun factor just isn’t there.
  7. So i have been thinking about the British DD lootboxes and how some people get all the missions and others get none of them let’s say within 20 containers Notser and Nozoup said similar things about loot box implementation. WG released the metrics on supercontainer drop Chance and the drop chance of certain items a while back. Why can’t they do the same for Premium loot containers and normal loot containers? I think transparency is warranted. Unless profit blinds us all.