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Found 2 results

  1. Bigs_Destroyer_of_Worlds

    Clan [WAKE] Is currently looking for players! :)

    Clan WAKE is looking for players who are interested in participating in clan battles and looking for a fun and competitive group of people to play with. We are composed of veteran clan players who decided to form our own and are willing to teach people new to clan battles and help you learn the ropes! We are looking for players that have at least 300 battles played in Tier X ships, and have a win rate of 51% or higher. Since we have a smallish clan, there will be plenty of opportunity to get clan battle time in. We currently have around 9 constant players for clan battles, but would like to get more to run the 2nd clan team! If interested, please send a request to WAKE. Thank you! -Bigs
  2. GlenIV

    Looking for a Clan

    I am looking for a clan of people to mainly chill with (preferably on discord but TeamSpeak will be fine) and to casually play with. I am still new to this game and consider myself a notch above a beginning noob (the same way a person who plays flight sims is slightly above the guy just learning how to fly (meaning I watched a few tip videos )) but just slightly. Mainly I am interested in a clan for the social aspect as well as someone who won't mind helping a new player get better at the game. It is very important to note I am still new I Only have up to a Tier 5 German Battleship