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Found 9 results

  1. BTLST is looking for new members. BTLST is an active active World of Warships community that has been around for a year. We have a core group of guys that have been playing for years together and are looking for new members. We are very active in Clan Battles and want to expand to having multiple divisions. What you can expect as a member of BTLST: A fun casual environment where people learn to play together both individually and as a group. Our own Discord server Clan Battles: We have at least 1 group of members play Clan Battles every night. Training Sessions A great group that is always willing to help grind or offer suggestions on anything you may need help with. Requirements: Benefits: 1. Game Activity: Must be active in-game at least 1 time a week. 2. Discord: We like every member to be in DIscord while playing so that we can division up. Isn’t this why you join a clan in the first place? We are looking forward to adding to our ranks those who wish to take part in a drama free environment and get the most out of what Warships will have to offer. If you have any questions you can reach out to anyone below and they will be happy to help answer any questions. Contact: Jemichaud Thraxx99
  2. Tankman_Tim

    Looking for a Clan

    Hello all, I am looking for a active clan that groups for divisions Communicates over voice chat while in division."I HAD A BAD Experience!!!" 18+ please Just because sometimes I curse at my mistakes only have 341 battles 50%WR" if that even matters " Random battles Like playing Battleships,Cruisers.Can`t play Carriers or Destroyers I plan on playing mostly at night eastern time 8 or 9 pm till 1am
  3. West Coast World of Warships, and World of Tanks player looking for a Mature West Coast clan of like minded friendly civil players! I have several Tier 10's in Tanks and Ships. And am still grinding. I am currently in : [_1st_] 1st Infantry Division (NA) in World of Tanks [AK] Armored Knights in World of Warships. Interested in Platooning, Strongholds, and possibly Can Wars when time allows.
  4. CAPCO is recruiting new members for Clan Battles. Are looking for active player with at least tier 8 ships and discord. We will take any tier if you are active and want to play we are more than happy to division with newer player to help them learn and grow. Only rules we really have is that your active and use discord. This is are second season of Clan battle everyone that is able to play them gets to if there online. We don't require you to run any certain ship we switch out all ships and allow rental ships so everyone get the chance to learn the game play and to experience different ships. We are a laid back clan that like to chat with each other on discord and have fun. We run the weekly ops together as well as ranked battle. We division with each others to help complete missions and to help tier up your ships. Happy to give tips and share information to help make the game more fun. We are also interested in letting another clan merge with us we can take at least 25 player. It is getting harder to find new player that stay with the game. There is a lot of smaller clans that are missing out on the rewards of Clan Battles because they don't have enough players logging on to play. So if your one of those clans you can message me to talk about a merger or just coming over for the Clan Battles we have no problem if you just want to join for the Clan Battles and then go back to your old clan. We are easy going and just like to play if we can help others get in the Clan Battles for the rewards then we are game for that. IF INTERESTED IN JOINING US JUST MESSAGE ME IN GAME OR SUBMIT AN APPLICATION TO CAPCO. THANK YOU, DEADWOOD95

    Looking for a clan

    Hello everyone, Im looking for a clan. Im just looking for one that isn’t toxic, active, and won’t pressure clan battles with me. Also to be accepting to all ages! I mainly run Russians! Looking forward to meeting you Thank You
  6. (UCS) is a NA server clan, and a team of Captains made up of all ages, and backgrounds, veterans of service, fathers and Children. We are currently seeking clan members that want to be part of our team. Canidates should be willing to be part of our clan battle seasons, and be willing to take part in team play activity associated with World of Warships. Our members enjoy the game, and a large percentage play on a daily basis. if you are looking for a clan to learn and grow in, WE are it! Apply today and our recruitment officers can promptly process your request.
  7. The following information and considerations were originally posted on another thread and in response to that person’s query regarding searching for a clan. However, since that thread was a specific person’s search thread, the useful information was extracted from that post and placed here in it's own thread so that it could be used as “General Info” for the GREATER GOOD of *anyone* who happens to be searching for a clan to call “home”. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The information below is very insightful and can be quite useful to players who are seriously looking for a solid and stable clan organization! It provides some very helpful advice, as well as a bit of clarity on the various clan procedures (and their often-used confusing double-speak)! Anyone willing to be a "good clan member" should have the ability and the willingness to read through this information, and then have the self-discipline to follow-through to completion the "probationary period" or "Recruiting Process" of whichever clan you decide to choose. Enjoying life in a clan isn't as simple as making a post and hoping for the best. In fact, a "looking for clan" post could yield poor results because: FEW RECRUITERS READ THESE: Most clans post a recruitment message, and wait for applicants to come to them. Relatively few clan recruiters come here every day to see who has posted. Recruiters like it much more when potential recruits come to them. RECRUITERS WHO DO READ THESE OFTEN WANT SPECIAL THINGS: Those who read "looking for a clan" are looking for a specific person to fill a hole in their clan roster. The chances of you being that person are poor. TROLLS WANT TO POUNCE: There is a good chance that a hater will ridicule you and your post, just so people will pay attention to them. Any attention is valued by trolls, even negative responses. I've seen veterans with great stats get hammered by trolls here. Running into this can sour you on the entire game, so beware. A CLAN WHO WANTS YOU MAY BE UNDESIRABLE: You might not mesh with the clan's style and culture for innumerable reasons, but you might join anyway, just to try them out. The results could be bad, again souring you on the game. Instead, it is recommended that each player "do their homework" and read the first two or three pages of this forum's clan recruiting posts. You'll learn a lot about the different types of clans, Slowly build a list of "possible" clans you can approach. Many clans will want to interview you, so knowing why you like a clan will impress them. You'll find that over half the clan advertisements you can forget about because your stats (battles fought, win rate percentage, survival percentage, average damage/battle, average XP/battle, top ship tier you can play, etc.) don't fit into their parameters. With the remaining clans, it is suggested (and recommended) that you note down these things: Clan abbreviation and name Web address of their recruitment post (for future reference) Web address of clan website (if any) Discord or Teamspeak server name/address Application procedure. Small clans just starting up will probably take anyone who applies. Most clans are larger, more experienced and sophisticated. Those will have a process, often involving an interview on Teamspeak or Discord, and perhaps a probationary period before you become a full member. It is certainly understandable for new start-up clans to want to build-up their membership, but if they focus on taking their time and conducting proper recruiting (an actual interview coupled with a "Recruiting Process" probationary period), the members that they will eventually take in will be a much better fit and provide the end result of longer-lasting and solid clan membership. Look through the list, prioritize them, and start contacting each one using their application procedure. Don't be lazy by simply clicking the "Apply To Clan" button in the game! How many clans to apply to at once is up to you, but it is recommended that no more than two at a time is the best "guage", and one by one is probably even better. I think you'll get more positive responses to that then you will by making a "Looking For Clan" post. It is recommended that you ask the clan OFFICERS (Leadership) when they are typically online, both weeknights and weekends. Being on at the same time, and having a chance to chat and division with them, will get you into the center of clan activities right away. If your gaming times don't overlap their times, you'll be stuck playing with the other "oddball" members, who could have a style quite different from the leadership. You could find yourself fitting into that oddball group, only to discover than the clan direction and policies seem to go in totally random directions - because you weren't around to contribute as those plans evolved. Clan recruiters sometimes duck this question by saying, "Oh, we have players just about around the clock, there's always someone to play with." This is a clan's "political doublespeak", and really means either, "I hope someone is on when you are," or "I'll say anything to make my recruitment quota for the month," and occasionally both! Another example is that you may game at an uncommon time, and have specific goals that aren't found in a clan that accepts someone with poor stats. Therefore, you might simply be in a "clan of convenience" - one of the Lone Wolf clans that gives you clan benefits, but has no special requirements and offers no special activities, voice systems or comradeship (hence the name "lone wolves"). __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Although not mentioned directly, the implied reference “to be wary of clans who only want warm bodies to fill their spots (clans who take anyone that applies)” is a very valid warning! Most clans that practice this type of recruiting and do NOT have a formal probationary period and/or personal interview most usually maintain a high turn-over rate (as well as on-going drama of various degrees). Try to keep ALL of these things in mind when you are looking for a clan and you will see much better results and eventually be much happier with your decision! It's a little more work than merely posting a "LFC" thread, but anyone who is serious... and worth their salt... should have the desire to conduct their search in a proper fashion! The BEST of luck and the GREATEST of results to you in your clan search efforts! See you out on the High Seas, captain!
  8. Rogueicedragon

    Searching for a new clan

    Hello, I am currently looking for a new competitive clan to join, I have put many hours in this game to perfect my skills as a player and i hope to not only preform well in your clan but also help the community and help new players who are in need of advice and make the game enjoyable for everyone. if you would like to see my stats here is a link to them: https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1006074960,Rogueicedragon/ btw i am 26th in the NA server with the Massachusetts just as a fun fact lol(might have changed by the time i have posted this but oh well)
  9. soulhunter1

    Task Force 16 [TF16]

    [TF16] Task Force 16 [TF16] Task Force 16 is a clan of friends who enjoy wargaming together. Goals: - Provide fun and content for our members. - Provide need specific training including: training to enhance tactical situational awareness. - Coordinate activities across all games we participate in effectively. - Most importantly, have fun! That's what we're all here for, right? What [TF16] is looking for in a recruit: - 18 years and up - Friendly, good nature players with a genuine interest in advancing the goals of the organization - A willingness to go above and beyond to make the clan, the game, and the other players and clans successful. - A high level of respect for others. What [TF16] offers: 1. Teamspeak 2. Website 3. Nightly divisions 4. Friendly and involved leadership 5. Internal Competitions and awards 6. Internal Rank Structure 7. We participate in all aspects of the game How to Join: Simply fill out an application, and someone will be in contact with you shortly. http://Taskforce16.us Join Our FB page at TF-16 FACEBOOK