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Found 2 results

  1. This is a video made to introduce World of Warships to someone who has never seen the game. It might be a good place to start for someone that likes to have a lot of basic information about something before they dive in. It could save them some confusion. Cheers Elo's Warships 101 - An Introduction (edit- oh and btw.. it is terribly long... I drone on for almost an hour to cover it all.. so you have been warned )
  2. Well I finally done it, after 38 Random Battles and 829 Co-Op/Operations I have my first 19 point Captain - Thea Kreutzer the Commander of HSF Admiral Graf Spee. I bought this ship on 2017-07-28 16:28:58, and I have love/dislike relationship with its Captain, see I has never into anime I wanted the ship because it was a Graf Spee. I have not used Thea, then put her back on, and turned off the HSF, BUT I have always came back to her. I still do not understand 90% of what she is saying, but this little ship with its wonky guns and deadly torpedeos has helped sink 1,101 ships and brought down 1,932 aircraft while helping our teams. I am going to thank some people now so it will most likely sound like a Oscar Speech now. 1) Wargaming for making this goofy little ship. I still love this ship, and if I ever get the chance I am going to get the non-HSF verizon. 2) @LittleWhiteMouse for her review of the HSF Admiral Graf Spee and answering my PM about Captain Builds for it. 3) To my 1st Clan Grey Wolf Gamers - @OtterWolf was the first player who tried to help when I started this game and I will never forget it. And @BrushWolf who has been stopping in on my Profile and checking on my progress. 4) To Old Salty Dogs Clan and their Commander @Daffyd9x, I started this Clan but I quickly realize I was not cut out to be in charge at work and then come home and be in charge in game. 5) My Current Clan - PvE Warriors Unite: @Kizarvexis, @Taylor3006, and @AdmiralThunder thanks guys for always being my backup, even when I am down on myself in this game. 6) And some of my friends on here: @WolfofWarship, @Gruntdog_3, @nina_blain_73, @USMCGal and all the rest of them for their help and support. 7) And to @Femennenly, @Gneisenau013, and @Radar_X for putting with all my Soap Box Speeches and my Rants. Well I am going to take a nap now, I woke at midnight and hammer out this last point for Thea.