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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all. Lone Wolves is accepting applications. This is a clan that will not have coms, will not division, will not participate on the global map but we will pool our oil for the buffs to all members. (You can do the above activities but none of them are required.) The clan for people with no interest in clans. Cheers. If you get rejected it is only because we are full please resubmit to the next unit in line, we will try to keep making WOLF clans until every solo player that whishes to join will have a slot. Also please use the clan search (in game) and check out who has an opening. Will get you in much faster. Check out posts near the end of this thread for available slots. 1: paradat has Lone Wolves WOLF1 2: Nimlee has created Lone Wolves2 clan tag WOLF2. 3 A similar clan by betawolf77 with the same ideals is: Lone Wolves - Beta Group WOLFB 4: Leovale has created Lone Wolves3 WOLF3 5: Dinger83 has created Lone Wolves4 WOLF4 6: bhartman007 has created Lone Wolves5 WOLF5 7: wtfovr has created Lone Wolves6 WOLF6 8: Deathshadow970 has Shadowolf WOLF7 9: Helldog318 has created Lone Wolves8 WOLF8 10: siobhanmurphy has created Lone Wolves9 WOLF9 11: weewow21has Lone WolvesX WOLFX 12: rangerdog1958 has Lone Wolves11 WOLFA 13. Optio_Praetorii has Lone Wolves 12 - Canis Lupus WOLFC 14. Carl has Lone Wolves D (Altasitus) WOLFD Allies: Other clans of like minded solo warriors. Our clans have agreed to help each other in no way. To not train or encourage or set schedules. gloom13 has Veni Vidi Vici VVV (Why not, Julius Cesar was wolf like....and some of the Romans wore wolf heads.. hmmm maybe a bad idea) TalonZahn has S0L0 ,clan tag S0L0 Stash512 has It's_Just_A_Game_Bro JAGB Clan is gone, folded into WolfX
  2. Doombeagle

    Wolf9 Now Hiring

    Greetings commanders, two members were recently killed and eaten for inactivity, so for a limited time, we have vacancies. If you are looking for the benefits of a clan without the background check and prostate exam the other guys put you through, come give us a shot. We have all the amenities: xp bonuses, ship discounts, comms if you want to use them, casino, brothel, and a free buffet. It's like Vegas when Vegas was actually fun. We have one rule: play every thirty days or the aforementioned killed and eaten comes into play. Other than that, play as you will.
  3. Greetings Captains. Just a quick heads up to all the solo players out there that never look in the clan section. Lone Wolves a solo player focused clan has just opened up our newest clan. Lone Wolves 12 - Canis Lupus WOLFC. All are welcome. Yes I know this is the general gameplay section but the players we are looking for will be here. Cheers.