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Found 1 result

  1. Now, isn't a whine thread, so all you popcorn folks shoo. I'm just genuinely wondering if it's my own perception or there's something I'm overlooking in the stats/armor arrangement between the two. Whenever I'm in the Colorado it feels like if any other BB 15in or greater (so most of them) chucks a round in my postal code I'm going to be taking full AP pen damage. No matter where or how they hit me or what angle I'm at. The amount of damage this thing soaks up is absolutely absurd. Thing is, it didn't feel that bad back when I was grinding through my Nagato. But they're both covered in the same awful 25mm plating. I understand how overmatch mechanics work, so no need to go through that. My issue is that it felt like Nagato did better at mitigating damage that didn't hit her bow than Colorado does despite no difference in their armor strength that I'm noticing. Am I just fooling myself, or is there something I'm overlooking in their stats?