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Found 1 result

  1. Like I said, all my playing efforts on both Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to trying to achieve it. I even had one game as bottom tier in the Farragut in which I sank two battleships, torped and could have finished a third (I know what my mistake was there) and even took a solo cap; alas, the Sunday Morning Server Shenanigans ate the result. Allowing time to have something resembling a life in between, I was trying up to literally the very last minute this morning (I got into a Lyon game with it active; I got out of the Lyon game to find that the mission had switched). I even tried a few games in the Edinburgh last night. What did I get for this loss of my weekend? 1) Lots of practice in the Warspite; the XP I have on that ship is what I wish I had in my Iron Duke, but she's training my I.D. captain so there are some benefits there. Warspite is a fun ship, though she's going to be a fair bit less productive when I've finished grinding through all her boost missions. 2) The satisfaction of finishing the Farragut grind and moving up to the Mahan. I'll keep the Farragut; she's a useful tool to have around, even though I do now have a second T6 destroyer (Gallant) that I can use in Ranked if that's ever applicable again. 3) Finishing the Edinburgh grind, and THAT is something I thought I'd never say any time this year. However, Ranked Battles helped and premium camo certainly helped. Of course I'm 7 million short of the silver I need for the Neptune, having bought both the Dallas (whose upgraded fire control I unlocked in the 100 module grind) and the Mahan just this week. But the important thing is that Edin's my go-to ship for the permanent (Tier 8+) campaigns, and with her successor unlocked she will generate Free XP if I ever decide I need to convert it. 4) An appreciation of the Dallas. Sure, she's only five sixths (or more precisely ten twelfths) of a Cleveland with somewhat less heavy AA/secondary firepower, but she's actually starting to grow on me. Some ships are objectively good but I suck with them; others are objectively middling or worse, but I enjoy playing them and the grind is somewhat prolonged but not unpleasant. I may use her for today's Indianapolis mission. She is currently my only HE-capable light cruiser at Tier 6, and that's not a bad reason to keep her around. Looking forward to a T6 operation so I can see how she stacks up, but I have enough doubloons that I could buy her a perma-camo if I wanted. I just need that last little push that I'm sure a few gameas will provide. 5) An appreciation of perma-camo and how it can accelerate a grind, salvaging decent (for me) XP yields from even the worst failures. All in all, not a bad outcome from attempting a mission I feared I was almost certain to fail from the start. It's like dropping a bomb with a slim hope of killing Hitler, but it gets Raeder, Doenitz, Goering, Himmler and Goebbels instead.