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Found 3 results

  1. Under my Avatar it states I'm in Miami. Well, I just moved to South Carolina and can not figure out how/where to change my location info. Yes, I looked everywhere.. am I getting to old for this or is there no option to change the info?
  2. The commander skill "Radio Location" I'm trying to figure out the very specifics about how this skill works. There are clearly some undocumented things about this! Situation: When I'm using it on my dd and there is another dd. I get the location and know 100% certain there is NO other ships within 180 degrees between me and them. I'm tracking their location and then suddenly the location snaps 15* on the other side of an island. This make me ask 2 questions. 1. Does Radio location work when ships are behind islands? Or only when they are in line of sight? Why doesn't Radio location tell you when it has not gotten a response back (like a lost ping)? 2. Is there a frequency in which the location is updated? Say like every 30 seconds? If so why is there not a countdown/timer? The only specific detail I see about this skill is that it can't detect subs at max depth. Outside of that its a mystery. Love how WG keeps these games. All the videos on mechanics about WoWs are 5 years old. Almost everything has been changed and the team doesn't seem to be a in a rush to tell the community how the new mechanics work in deep details. Its extremely frustrating.
  3. WG, Considering that now I can barely spot a DD and rockets are ineffective maybe you ought to reconsider removing Radio Location from CV planes. I was just killed by a DD that I was trying to find but could not spot. Maybe this was your intention all along but this nerf kind of makes the CV feel helpless defending itself against DDs. The constant nerfs are starting to become tiresome.Thanks.