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Found 10 results

  1. STANDBY FOR WORDS FROM THE CHIEF. Have you ever wanted to talk to a veteran? What about a World War 2 veteran? What about a Pearl Harbor survivor? What about a Pearl Harbor survivor, that was Navy enlisted, commissioned, became a Navy F6F Hellcat Pilot, and retired as a Captain after 26 years in the Navy and continues to serve onboard the USS Lexington museum? Well now is your chance! On May 15th at 4 pm central time Captain Bob Batterson will join us on the official World of Warships Twitch channel! If you would like to ask questions about Captain Batterson’s amazing career and life, now is your chance! But considering Captain Batterson's age, we would like you to submit your questions in this thread before Friday the 15th! Come talk ship with Captain Batterson with us! Come talk ship! Hope to see you all there, we will celebrate this amazing man and hopefully share some sea stories! Mahalo, -Hapa THAT IS ALL
  2. @ Min 55 of today's WOWS live stream. Its still live, the min will change until the stream is over I am at a disagreement with Mr Conway's opinion/bias narration on how the tier 10 match "should be" because "500k DMG that's excessive". I was disappointed with his POV. I think he was trying to say was, If it was a CV/Cruiser/DD who do 500k DMG then is "excessive". If a BB does it "perfectly normal", "working as intended". The reason a CV got 500k DMG was because BB have 95k to 105k HP AND heal. WIth 5 BBs to each side (Ref. the now infamous bias commentary CC youtube video "flying Shimakazies) Its still can happen again. Now for my point about the hot fix. Cruisers, can reach to 500k DMG. It has fire/HE pens AND some have good AP. However, thanks to BBs having the "alpha strike" capabilities (the only ship in the tier). One ship will not reach it DD, Torp DDs will never reach to 500k DMG, 3 years of torp/torp ships nerfs along with other DD counter measures. Gun DDs, They have a shoot but IMO they have to low HP pool to withstand, cruiser HE spam, radar, or other factors. It takes time with low caliber pew pew guns, to sink even one BB. BBs, Thank to all the help of upper MGT of WOWS over the years (Lowered Citadel, ETC.). Now that torps are no longer an issue (as in you dont have to change your BB cpt skills to adapt to the arial torps). BBs have a better chance of breaking 500k (and as of right now, the only capable class to do so). BBs have limited threats/workload then say a DD/cruiser. My argument, tier 10 is stale (I dont represent the majority, I represent people who want diversity game play in the tier). Nerfing the Haku is the reason why tier 10 BBs drivers dont play as a fleet. There is no reason to adapt OR play with your cruiser teammate when you just nerfed the CV/DD/cruiser torps DMG potential to the ground AGAIN. BBs, should not be autonomous/stand alone ship in a team game. The hot fix- I am just floored that a hot fix had "unattended consequences" (Quoted by Mr. Conway) To lower tier CVs. To appease the tier 10 BB population, its wiling to alienate/sabotage the otherwise great work the new CV and new CV cpts. To keep BBs happy ? Seriously ? Based on my experience with WOWS. If its torp related, the nerf bat goes way to far. Any other exploit, it take longer. This hot fix is one of many examples of it. Its unfortunate, the above circumstances are prevailing. I am not surprised, its disheartening to watch WOWS repeating their mistakes on a very hard worked CV rework...
  3. Working on getting my next BB the Colorado if anyone wants to hang out or play divisions stop on in the stream. Also will do another giveawy https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie
  4. Afternoon all hope everyone is having a good day. I was able to unlock the New Mexico and continue my BB mission to unlock the Colorado. Is the new Mexico worth keeping or should I be prepared to scrap it. Again new player with about 2 weeks playtime so far. Come share your thoughts and game experiences or link up and we can play some division games. https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie
  5. Still working on getting my tier 6 New Mexico BB. Over halfway there. If anyone wants to hang out or even division up stop on over. https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie
  6. So to celebrate my playing WOW for a week and all the help the community has given me I want to give back. Come hang out and if we get enough people maybe we will give away more! LOCATION: My stream live! https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie START: The giveaway begins at 7:00pm EST, on Friday August 10th, 2018. DURING: Between 7:00pm and 10:00pm EST, a random viewer will be chosen to win the prize of a create of coinage for World of Warships (4000 doubloons and 4,500,000 credits). We will give away one for sure and possibly two! You must be present in the stream and the time of the drawing to win. END: I will announce a winner during my stream. Winners will be contacted by my myself to claim the prize. https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie
  7. ScubaDoobie

    Day six as a new player

    We are back for day 6 of playing world of warships. New player no invite code no special perks. I have been enjoying the game so far and had lots a good advice given by people here and in the live stream. Yesterday was the first time the game felt like a grind for me. I have unlocked a handful of ships and have a few tier 4 ships. (Don't laugh lol) again i felt a bit frustrated yesterday grinding out ship XP to try and continue my progression. I started playing with some folks in some random games as a division which I enjoyed so hope to get to do that again today. I have not spent any money on the game yet and am still undecided if I will still playing it by ear. Thanks for everyone's feedback and hope to see you on the water or in the stream. https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie
  8. Day 5 playing WOW and still having fun. Come share tips tricks and advice for new players. Small stream support welcome just stop in and say hi https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie
  9. I am back for my third time playing this game and live stream the support and advice has been great so far so stop over and say hello and share in the fun. So far I think i have done ok but still so much to learn! https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie
  10. Would love some more experienced players to stop by say hello and provide some tips and there perspective on the game. Hope to see you in the stream. Everyone is welcome! https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie