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Found 1 result

  1. Posting this after a trial run on the WoWs reddit, and debating which section of the forum to stick this in (this is more of a resource I feel, it would just get buried in general - who knows, maybe it will even get pinned). Long story short, for over the past years I started compiling an excel document of all the paper ships in the game, as a matter of reference. A short description, date of design, and whether this was a fictional (created by WG) design or not. A list of what every paper ship is a useful resource for those interested, so I have prettied it up and pushed it out so more people can learn from it and for me to improve it. And with creating such a list, there comes the matter of defining what a paper ship is, and ships that begin to blur the lines. Therefore I find it important to clarify what I have defined a paper ship as, and so attached a small text box to each image of the list. Repeated below it is as thus; A paper ship here is classified as anything that did not enter service (commission), as well as including certain ships that were built and served that have had their gameplay and appearance dramatically altered by fictional changes. Only major fictional changes to appearance and the main armaments of the ship are enough to get the ship labelled as fictional/fake, if I was any more tough Paper ships range from; - Ships almost commissioned and completed (e.g. - Graf Zeppelin). - Ships laid down, but never completed (e.g. - Amagi). - Completed designs due to be laid down, but never were (e.g. - Montana). - Preliminary designs (e.g.- Charles Martel). - Specifications for a ship, but no design completed (e.g. - Zaō). - Fictional creations by WG (e.g.- Conqueror). - Real ships (and designs) heavily edited from specification (e.g. - Huanghe, Chester). - Fictional members of a real ship class (e.g. - Harekaze). Spaces marked in Orange indicate uncertainty. Fictional ships are chosen by deviation from the original design and navy practices. Nearly all ships in this list have more minor model accuracy issues. Semi-Fictional ships are ships that have significant historical design basis but also differ significantly. Additional input on any of the ships would be welcome, I'm not a student of every navy, and will have repeated a mistake or few from my gleaning. Individual lists for; Imperial Japanese Navy: United States Navy: Royal Navy: Kaiserlichemarine/Kriegsmarine: Imperial Russian Navy/Voyenno-Morskoy Flot: Marine Nationale: Regia Marina: Koninklijke Marine: Pan-Asia: Pan-Europe (Effectively just Svenska Marinen): Commonwealth: Special/Other: And the one huge list, that is better off opened in a new tab since it is too damn long at this point. Honestly it is just best used as a visual device to show how many there are. I've retired the format of the big list, it got too big, hence I've put all the national lists into something more reasonably proportioned. Everything in one massive image (This does include historical flags for reference, might change if needed): Edits: So apparently I need to play 20 battles to post, but downloading the NA client to do so sounds like effort for the time being. Also Carnot might be more on the fictional side of things due to the superstructure and potential hull size differences, but I cannot confirm this right now. Added all the recently added ships, as well as those from within the last year. @- mofton. Since last updating this thread, Plymouth has been found to have a different hull to Edinburgh, and is roughly longer, meaning it's no longer fictional, even if it still has a myriad of other inaccuracies on it. @- fro5ty. - Mainly going off Sanglune's work, but there isn't much to say otherwise. I hope Komsomolets is an unheard of conversion rather than the more well known one, but I'm not hopeful. @- Lord_Slayer. I'm not exactly sure where to put the two super-BBs (as they are temporary event ships which will be going away at some point), but both are fictional anyway (the hull sizes don't match up to anything known, though A150 has a lot of wiggle room in that regard). @- Lert. Unfortunately that is the case. I probably should add 1047-inspired for the Dutch 8-10 in a similar vein to Tillman-inspired for Vermont, but they aren't 'real designs' due to WG's fiddling/creative interpretation. The different hull dimensions put paid to that for Gouden Leeuw at least. @- ortheki. Originally this was my thought, but closer examinations of the 457mm armed early versions of Projekt 24 have shown that the in game Kremlin is using a later (406mm) hull, with 457mm/48 that are a bit of an unknown quantity slapped on it. Effectively making it a fictional combination of hull and turrets. @- AllardLiao117 - UP.41 was the export to the soviets by Ansaldo, while the Italians kept progressing with their own internal 9x 406mm Battleship of which UP.41 was based on. As such UP.41 had Soviet secondary armaments and a different armour scheme and torpedo defense system. Marco Polo is neither, the armament matches with the later stages of the indigenous Italian BB, but the hull seems to be more inspired by UP.41, and even it is different from UP.41 in a number of ways.