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Found 2 results

  1. Today I noticed that four achievements I had gained in the past had vanished from my list of those acquired: three "Liquidator" achievements, and one "Save Commander Jenkins" achievement. It is one thing to not offer certain achievements anymore, but it is an entirely different matter to simply take them from those who earned them in the past. Why try to earn an achievement if WG just decides to take it away from you at some later date? This is wrong.
  2. I have to ask, since I haven't seen anyone getting one of those after the flooding rework, is it even possible for someone to earn Unsinkable/Liquidator anymore? With the way the system functions after the changes it seems far more likely for someone to die to torpedo alpha than getting flooded to death. I'm not criticizing the change, just that these achievements were designed with a different system in mind that's no longer in place. It stands to reason that maybe the conditions should be reworked to conform to the new changes.