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Found 1 result

  1. Here is my Revised version of these DD splits as the older ones are locked due to certain events going on the forum so i am revising Them and Bundling them into one Post please leave feedback below compared to the current lines here are the features of each line Features of the American Destroyer line Each ship has: Two Shell types HE and SAP 2 Quadruple centerline torpedo launchers with less damage and but reload better than their quintuple tube siblings Will have better hitpoints than their main line counterpart at the cost of a higher detection range for most ships Consumable utility with multiple consumables to choose in different slots which are: Slot 1 Smoke Generator or Surveillance Radar (5km 50s) T8+ Slot 2 Engine Boost or Short Range Hydroacoustic Search Slot 3 Defensive AA fire or Repair Party (T8+) Features of the British Destroyer line Each ship has: Two Shell types HE and AP with the same characteristics as the Light Cruisers for the 4 inch gunned ships torpedo launchers with better range and reload better than their main line siblings with the ability to single fire them Will have worse hitpoints than their main line counterpart with the benefit of a lower detection range for most ships and 50 mm side plating from tier 7 Good Anti Submarine Performance with the Squid ASW Mortar on some ships from Tier 7 (not present on tier 8) Consumable utility with multiple consumables in different slots which are: Slot 1 Short Burst Smoke Generator Slot 2 Quick Long Range Hydroacoustic Search 30s duration 3km torp detect 6km ship detect 6 charges Slot 3 Engine Boost Slot 4 Repair Party (T7-8) /Specialized Repair Teams (T9+) Features of the French Destroyer line Each ship has: Generally average hitpoint pools for the tier with the same hull saturation mechanic as the main line Great concealment for destroyers of this nation Fast long range torpedoes with high damage Multiple Charges of Engine boost allows for quick escapes, which has the same characteristics as Le Terrible's Alongside Short burst Smoke and a Emergency Repair Party for patching up Battle damage Consumable utility with multiple consumables in different slots which are: Slot 1 Short Burst Smoke Generator emission time 15 seconds dispersion time 35 seconds reload time 50 seconds 6 charges Slot 2 Engine Boost 6 charges Slot 3 Emergency Repair Party (T8+) 4%/sec heal rate 10sec duration 75% ship hp restore 140s cooldown 3 charges (Basically supposed to be the british superheal cutdown to half the time) with the characteristics stated here is a view of the trees with the additions: Here are the British Destroyers Tier 6 : Partridge The Start of the line it ditches two torpedoes compared to acasta for Faster Firing guns of a lower caliber on the stock hull Tier 7 : Battleaxe From Partridge we are greeted by Battleaxe who lets you down on speed and is overall an improvement in the gun area Basically she's the unnerfed firepower of a black swan with torpedoes Tier 8 : Gurhka the odd ball of the line in a sense as it has the most gun barrels technically in both lines Tier 9 : Savage The gun count goes down significantly compared to the tier before like the jump from lightning to jutland due to the change to 4.5 inch guns Tier 10 : Gael The only paper ship in the line , it was to be an improved weapon class but its more of an improved savage its a secretive design and these are the only pictures I could find but if it was built it'd look similar to daring the armament specs are from wikipedia Onto The American Destroyers: Tier 6: USS Cassin A Mahan Class destroyer damaged at Pearl Harbour, the ship was rebuilt with Increased AA defenses and reduced armament to decrease topweight. Tier 7: USS O'Brien A Sims Class destroyer represented as commissioned, the ship was later rebuilt with Increased AA defenses and reduced armament to decrease topweight. Tier 8 : USS Porter A Destroyer Leader that was partially refit during the war with increased AA defenses (image is of the clark) Tier 9: USS Davis A Somers Class Destroyer Leader , Which was fully refitted during the war with dual purpose Guns to decrease topweight and improve the antiaircraft armament Tier 10: Castle A Allen M Sumner class Preliminary design that has two twin turrets on the bow and a single to the rear edit* a Model I made of What it would look like and Finally Here are the French Destroyers: Tier 5: L' Adroit Its basically an improved Bourrasque at tier 5 Tier 6: Le Corse Preliminary design for the Le Hardi class with one less turret Tier 7: Mameluk(5 Gun Le Hardi) This is a completely fictional destroyer who is just the Le Hardi but with X turret Switched to a Single Mount Gun Tier 8: Le Hardi looks like a 3 turret mogador and this ship is currently ingame in the form of zf6 in another form but it will be brought in the original nation it was intended for service in Tier 9: Lansquenet (improved Le Hardi) looks like a 3 turret Kleber and this ship represents the unfinished group of le hardis that zf6 was a part of that were supposed to have dual purpose mounts and two centerline triple torpedo tubes but for increased firepower over the previous tiers the mounts are two quadruples Tier 10: Maille Breze one of the t47 class destroyers , Maille Breze is basically a marceau lite except minus the speed(the lead ship of the t47 class is surcouf and that cannot be used since the sub is more famous than the dd)